interracial couple


Enrico & Tia 

Sometimes it gets so hard to be away from him. Sometimes it’s so hard that I can’t breathe. Sometimes it’s so hard that I just want to scream and drench my pillow with tears. Sometimes it’s so hard that my heart aches to be in his arms. All I want is to be with him again. All I want is to come home to him everyday. All I want is for it to get easier.


I am so ecstatic about this commercial!

Not only is there an interracial couple, which is fucking great as heck, but she’s black. And not like light skinned with straight, long hair. No. She’s dark with natural hair. This is very important. First of all, let me say I’m happy that interracial is not just represented by a black guy and a white girl, but it’s the other way around. Black girls do not get enough love, especially from white guys. We’re always “pretty for a black girl” and never just pretty. And look at her father being supportive of this! He’s tryna make shit happen, but he’s also like “not too much shit”. And it’s her father, of all things. Stereotype shot in the face.

Dark girls! Natural hair! Supportive parents! Interracial couple! Present father! White male and black female!

When car commercials do a better job than all of society.