Sharon Leal & Paul Becker,interracial celebrity… Beautiful we specialize in interracial dating services.It’s OK to color outside the lines.Hope you will like it.

Not the best picture but it just cracks me up because of the height difference. Plus I looked super young on this particular day because of my hair so I can only imagine what people were thinking lol. Anyways so we went to watch insidious at the cinema which is a 15+ film and I got asked for ID. I was insulted because I look young but not 15!!!! I AM 20 YO. Plus the guy was obviously an idiot because why would a 15yo be making out with a much older guy in public.


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Meeting the Mother-in-Law | Part 1 | My Experience

Check back tomorrow afternoon for a fully subbed discussion about what it was like for Jae to tell his family he was dating a “foreigner”/black girl. We also talk about my experience thus far with his mom and in Part 2 Jae gives tips on what you can do to prepare for meeting your future (Korean) MIL.

Part 1 will be up tomorrow afternoon. Part 2 will be up on Thursday evening. 

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I am so ecstatic about this commercial!

Not only is there an interracial couple, which is fucking great as heck, but she’s black. And not like light skinned with straight, long hair. No. She’s dark with natural hair. This is very important. First of all, let me say I’m happy that interracial is not just represented by a black guy and a white girl, but it’s the other way around. Black girls do not get enough love, especially from white guys. We’re always “pretty for a black girl” and never just pretty. And look at her father being supportive of this! He’s tryna make shit happen, but he’s also like “not too much shit”. And it’s her father, of all things. Stereotype shot in the face.

Dark girls! Natural hair! Supportive parents! Interracial couple! Present father! White male and black female!

When car commercials do a better job than all of society.