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Of course, it’s easy to trust God when the bush is burning, the waters are parting, and the mountains are shaking— it’s those silent years that are discouraging. But blessed is the person who does not interpret the silence of God as the indifference of God!
—  Erwin W. Lutzer, Getting closer to God

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A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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“Do you remember when we met all those centuries ago? Do you remember what you told me? ‘Keep your eyes front, I’ll watch the rear.’”

“But I didn’t. I couldn’t!”

“Oh, but you did! More times than you know. As long as you were with me, Light, I didn’t have to fear anything. I’m not scared…not even now…because you’re here

I thought at first that the reason Diana’s relatives used snakes as familiars and had snakes on their wands was because they were deceptive, which is true, but we also see young Diana practicing magic with one of those snake wands. They seem to be a Cavendish tradition.

It makes sense when you realize that the Cavendishes are a family of healers.

We use snakes wrapped around a pole as a symbol of medical care, but it originates from a biblical story. Many of the Israelites were dying of snake bites in the wilderness, according to the Bible. When they came to Moses, he worked out a deal with God wherein he would create a bronze snake pole and anyone who looked at the bronze snake would not die of poison.

(edit: apparently it’s a reference to the staff of Asclepius of Greek Mythology; I was taught that it was a reference to the acts of Moses and never had any reason to question it.)

‘welcome to night vale’ is such a great novel. two women as main characters, one a 19-year-old girl named jackie fierro and the other a single mother named diane crayton. the book never touches the subject of their appearances and as such they can be interpreted in literally any way 

(the one thing we know is that diane’s biracial). diane’s son josh is a bisexual teenage shape-shifter. the world is fantastic. the writing is fantastic. whimsical, hilarious, bittersweet, just,

Levels of Canon Appearance

Most Media: Characters have distinctive body types and races, color schemes, signature outfits, easy to identify

Homestuck: All races and body types are up for interpretation, only outfits are canon.

The Adventure Zone: Each character has a maximum of 1-3 features described. Everything and anything including those minor features is canon.

Pride month

→  Bisexual male-leaning Freed Justine

[Demisexual Laxus], [Pansexual Sting], [Bisexual female-leaning Cana], [Lesbian Kagura], [Gay Mest], [Bisexual Rufus], [Pansexual Gajeel],  [Demisexual Rogue], [Bisexual Levy], [Lesbian Flare], [Gay Erik], [Demisexual Natsu], [Pansexual Bixlow], [Bisexual female-leaning Meredy], [Bisexual Mirajane], [Gay Macbeth], [Demisexual Evergreen], [Bisexual Loke], [Demisexual Jellal]


“Do you remember, Fen’harel? When we were all together, soldiers fighting for the People. When we were not gods tearing ourselves apart…”

Finally, the Evanuris fanart I was working on for weeks is over! God it was hard but I did it! (even my computer crashed a lot because the file was too heavy)
Anyway, I hope you’ll like my interpretation of the elven gods. While drawing them, I had lots of ideas about their respective personnalities.
If you want to know more about them, just ask away! I’ll be glad to answer and draw as well! :)

So, from left to right : Sylaise, June, Fen'harel, Mythal, Elgar'nan, Falon'din, Dirthamen, Ghilan'nain and Andruil.

Just saw a post about how Accords failed Bucky, id est in Bucky’s case in Civil War.

and I am like no?? they did not?? they did not do anything as to Bucky actually??

It honestly just surprises me how people wright honestly thoughtful meta, especially in the sense of emotional analyses, even if I do not agree with their thoughts, but they just interpret canon completely backwards??

like Accords honestly had nothing to do with Bucky. first of all, the whole situation with “Winter Soldier blew up the UN” was handled completely without any influence of the Accords. They were not ratified - that was what the meeting was for and it was interrupted by an explosion. Therefore, the Accords are not in force. Moreover, the anti-terrorist unit’s deployment is a procedure under national and international law as it is. People can say whatever they want, and however sloppy was the execution of the situation in the movie, but Bucky Barnes was caught on camera near the building in the time-frame for the explosion and it is absolutely logical that an anti-terrorist force was sent after him. Of course, considering he was not caught on sight with a bomb in his hand, the order should be capture and not shoot to kill, but the thing is - it is NOT because of the Accords. You can blame the terror fever in the world right now or, what is more likely, the directors’ desire to up the stakes and create more drama, but it was not held under the Accords for its execution to be blamed on them.

Secondly, we actually know near to nothing about the Accords. There were some tidbits in the Agents of SHIELD, but they actually contradict the things set forth in the movie. The Accords, as they were presented in the film, were about the Avengers, not about superpowered being in general. They were meant to manage the Avengers and make them accountable. Were there any provisions about other superhumans? What was in the Accords concerning mind-control? Brainwashing? WHO KNOWS. WE NEVER ACTUALLY SAW ACCORDS IN PLAY IN THE MOVIE OH MY GOD. We do not know the world with them at all. Steve, Sam, Bucky and T’challa were arrested because they violated international and domestic law, not the Accords.

So, no, the Accords never failed anybody. They never even got a chance.