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The differences between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Obviously we see Anti and Dark as two similar beings because they’re both the evil counterparts or the demons of two great guys who are best friends. Though I think that they’re also very different for many different reasons. Let’s break it down a little and spot the differences, shall we?

Let’s start with Anti.

Antisepticeye, otherwise known as Jack’s evil counterpart or demon, has made many appearances already - even recently. His look can be interpreted however you want, but he has been portrayed a certain way on the channel for some time now. He seems to look exactly how Jack does whenever he appears. But during one longer appearance, he was seen with all black clothing (a black shirt and ripped jeans) and some ear gauges (you can see this in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video). You could assume that this is Anti’s regular style. We’ve also seen him with black eyes (also in the ‘Say Goodbye’ video) which could possibly mean that he’s a demon.

Anti’s appearances have been brief for the most part. He appears in the form of glitches in Jack’s face cam (you can see a lot of this in Jack’s ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s - Sister Location’ videos) and only stays for a few seconds, though his appearances grew gradually more frequent as the end of October got closer. The only video in which he’s made a longer and much stronger appearance is in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video.

A quick example.

Anti’s voice is also far from normal, as far as we know. It’s very distorted and sounds like there are multiple people speaking at the same time, all in different pitches. This kind of matches his glitchy appearances.

Another thing about him is that he’s very violent. In multiple appearances, Anti has been seen using his fingers as guns and holding them to his head, strangling himself, pulling at his hair or face or mouth, or with blood somewhere on his face. In the ‘Say Goodbye’ video, he even goes as far as making Jack slit his own throat. He’s displayed as a crazy character, even borderline psychotic.

Picture it this way: if Anti was given the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t hesitate. He would use all the pretty little toys he had and make it as enjoyable as possible - for him. He is merciless, violent and crazy and this could be due to Jack’s excessive amount of energy being manifested into something evil. His idea of fun is extremely dangerous, bloody and painful.

So, Anti is practically a psychopath.

Now, onto Dark.

Darkiplier, otherwise known as Mark’s evil counterpart or demon, hasn’t made nearly as many appearances as Anti. There were theories about him in Mark’s earlier videos ‘Don’t Blink’ and ‘Dont Move’, but he’s been nothing more than a theory since then. People came up with their own ideas and conclusions while Anti was around. But he has finally made an appearance in one of the paths you take when you go to Mark’s video, ‘A Date With Markiplier’ (to get to him you have to click ‘Pay’ and then click ‘Horror’. If you want to follow through then you have to click on ‘Freedom’ and finally, kill the guy on ‘Left’.)

So far, his attire is different from Anti’s. Of course, he was wearing the suit that Mark was wearing during the date, but it oddly seemed to suit him (pun intended). Already off the bat, this leads us to think that Dark may prefer cleaner or more professional attire as opposed to black t-shirts and ripped jeans. Another thing is that he seems to like wearing black eyeliner, unless that’s some sort of natural dark circle around his eyes. Either way, creep factor.

Dark’s appearances haven’t been as glitchy as Anti’s. There are a few moments where he’s seemed to glitch out slightly, but for the most part he’s more ‘stable’. Although, there does seem to be some sort of layering effect in his appearances or some sort of 3D filter - like there are duplicates of him. His stance is also very proper, with his hands gingerly held behind his back as he talks. That, and his appearances have been longer than Anti’s. He sticks around to even converse with the viewer, whereas Anti will only stick around for a few seconds in the face cam, just long enough for someone to notice him.

An example for Darky.

Dark’s voice is a lot deeper than Anti’s, kind of like Mark’s is deeper than Jack’s. Though, it’s almost abnormally deep for someone with Mark’s face. It’s also very echoey, as though he was appearing in a vision or a dream.

Now this is where the major difference comes out.

Unlike Anti, Dark looks very calm and reserved. He speaks slowly, carefully and clearly - as though he’s having a conversation with a colleague at work. He doesn’t seem violent in any sort of way and doesn’t imply that he wants to cause harm to anyone. It’s just that his entire demeanor and way of speaking is very … Dark. I guess he lives up to his name. Rather than being crazy and excitable like Anti, he’s just cold and intimidating.

Picture it this way: if Dark also had the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t go about it the same way. He would most likely use his words to slowly drive the person mad, to frighten them out of their skin. His definition of fun wouldn’t be to hear the person’s screams or see a gory scene - no, his fun is all in the scares. Sure, eventually he gets around to the torture, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes to make a mess, you know?

So, Dark is a cold, merciless killer.

Anti and Dark are very similar but also very different, which makes them that much more interesting to observe and analyze. The two of them working together would be the perfect recipe for a vengeful murder. Of course, they’re super fun to watch from afar.

Just don’t piss them off.

Dating Negan Would Include...

(Also, before you start reblogging this post and telling me I’m wrong and I’m sexualising the wrong type of character, remember that TWD is FICTIONAL and Negan is FICTIONAL, and whatever I want to make of him as a character is F I C T I O N A L.)

• Him insisting that you get on with the rest of The Saviours, but also being very adamant that you’re his.


• Him giving you rather rude and flirtatious nicknames, embarrassing you.

• Long, lip-biting kisses.

• He lets you practise with Lucille and loves to watch you attack walkers with her.

• Sensual yet rough love-making sessions, anytime, any place.

• You walking around in nothing but his shirt and underwear to tease him.

• Showering together… (Interpret that however you wish ;))

• Him grabbing and kissing you after successful kills or visits to other sanctuaries as his own little victories.

• Him whispering into your ear whilst you’re around people, filthy things he wants to do to you.

• “I fucking love you, you know that?”

• Him holding you and repeating apologies if he ever upsets you.

• Him stealing special items from other groups as treats for you.

• Him throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you, smacking your ass in the process.

But consider how far Sherlock has come. From his manipulation of Molly and her feelings for him in season 1. To carelessly hurting her in season 2. To working with her and telling her she matters in the end of season 2 and through season 3.  To this episode, where being made to hurt her is what he considers torture. 

Whether you think of it in terms of his specific relationship to her- the way he’s learned to respect her and his growing affection for her- or in terms of an example of how he relates to people in general. How he’s stopped disguising himself as a sociopath and become a good man. 

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Since you're accepting some requests, could you do intense Kagehina? Doesn't have to be sexy or anything ~ however you interpret it is fine ^^ Thanks in advance! I love your blog <333

I’m so sorry;; I’m not good at making…”intense” situations, I really wanted to make something serious but these dorks are…idk, making them furiously making out was being too hard for me, ahahah;;;; I mean! They’re so awkward, even holding hands must be intense, ahah… I’m sorry, thanks for everything!!!

This or That: Autistic Edition!

These are all open to interpretation!! Answer however you want!

  1. Ear plugs or ear defenders?
  2. Spicy or bland?
  3. Loud or quiet?
  4. Typing/writing/signing/etc. or speaking?
  5. Lots of clothes or no clothes?
  6. Bright or dim?
  7. Seek or avoid?
  8. Touching or no touching?
  9. Eye contact or no eye contact?
  10. Crunchy or smooth/soft/squishy?
  11. Vocals or instrumentals?
  12. Rough or gentle?
  13. Barefoot or shoes?
  14. Enclosed spaces or open spaces?
  15. Reading or audiobooks?
  16. Rain or sun?
  17. Lots of food or forget to eat?
  18. Salty or sweet?
  19. Body stims or visual stims?
  20. Long hair or short hair?

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Yuri Plisetsky Week is less than a month away! In case you haven’t seen the prompts, here they are. 

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so why don’t we go, somewhere only we know…

Lmao legit though, we got fucking endless accounts of how similar gay and ace experiences are, but y'all all wanna deny it. Then a character comes out as canonly ace, and y'all have tantrums because you think he was “coded as gay.”

Buddies. Pals. My guys. Open ya damn minds up and learn fucking something here. Queer coding is queer coding and it gets mistaken for different identities than intended all the time. Hell, behavior does in real life too!

So a character coded as “not straight” is going to read however the fuck you interpret them. And the only reason you incorrectly translated them and refuse to acknowledge the authors fucking writing characters with canon orientations is because you willfully and ignorantly misclassify non straight orientations as straight, because you’re a bigot. Grow up.


Welcome to M'gann M'orzz Appreciation Week!

With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, we thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

The Appreciation Week will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of March. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Each day’s theme is intended as a guide and can be interpreted however you like! And late submissions are totally okay!

DAY 1 (March 3rd): Favourite scene
DAY 2 (March 4th): Favourite quote
DAY 3 (March 5th): Favourite character trait (OR M'gann + colour*)
DAY 4 (March 6th): Favourite badass moment
DAY 5 (March 7th): Favourite relationship(s)
DAY 6 (March 8th): A fitting quote or lyric**
DAY 7 (March 9th): What’s next? (OR Free day)

* for example [x]
** for example [x] [x] [x], or you could use this as a fic prompt or to inspire some thoughts.

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