You know, it’s like every time Hiro Mashima has a good idea with Fairy Tail, he destroys it.

Originally, Taurus was supposed to be quiet and proud, a very serious warrior, and he was instead made into a joke pervert that is repeatedly cast aside.

Edolas adventures were originally supposed to suffice with Edolas magic weapons instead of the Earthlanders’ natural magics. Nah, throw that out and just give the five or six main members their magic back with no real attempt at an explanation.

Sting has Fairy Tail cornered at the end of the Grand Magic Games? He could knock them over by breathing near them? Obviously it makes sense for him to surrender–after all, he can’t beat these five pathetically worn-down wizards who can barely stand.

Doranbolt, enough said, but for the sake of clarification he’s a good guy on the Magic Council instead of its regular cast of assholes. Make him a Fairy Tail member at the last minute–and fuck logic and sense in the ass while you’re at it.

The Oracion Seis gaining their freedom and joining Crime Sorciere? That’s a great idea! Instead of leaving it at that, let’s turn it into the most vile thing Jellal has ever done on-screen and ensure that I will never, ever stop hating him.

Crime Sorciere are supposed to come help out against Tartaros! Sounds good–instead, let’s have them do absolutely nothing to help out at all. After all, Jellal’s got bitches to pimp slap, which is much more important. Doranbolt did more to help, and all of his friends got murdered the day before.

The Shields of Spriggan are originally supposed to number at five or six. LET’S GO WITH TWELVE INSTEAD.

Irene is a “High Enchantress” and can enforce her will over pretty much anything she likes, transforming it and reprogramming it to her will, from the landscape to its weather patterns. Better jam her into the dragon backstory for no reason and have Erza do her thing again!