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  • ✦ Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms

It was particularly hot today – boiling hot even. Los Angeles was always famous for being hot during the summer. The whip-holding prosecutor was on a case with Agent Lang; a star among every other agent in Interpol, having the highest successful arrest rate.

They were standing a little apart from each other, looking for clues when she caught with the corner of her eye him rolling up his sleeves, revealing his forearms. The heat was probably getting to him. She couldn’t help but stare at him for a while, however. Why? She had no idea. Perhaps it was because she wished to say something to him? Who knows.



Ok so I was cough researching I mean reading up on some stuff beecause I wanted to know details on some press concert David played on the 20th December 2003 on the Bahamas


I found something that is serious gold. You all know the pic above but do you know the commentary?

“A triumphant DB and Iman shortly after winning a traditional piggy-back race backstage at MSG just last week. The couple beat two teams from Interpol, as well as David Byrne on Meg White and Jude Law on Lenny Kravitz.”

And like this is not some troll alternative image description as one might think at first???? All of these people were actually there?

So there you go, the tl;dr of this is that this is scientific proof, David Bowie and Iman are adorable as fuck, doing piggy-back races and stuff they’re so cute I’m gonna scream

Edit: Guys I did a very important poll on the subject please vote what you think :D

dagNotes: tumblr is *white* dildos

Tired of reading posts where people attempt to justify standardizing/quantifying various narratives of oppression and privilege to compare “racial” groups in order to argue which groups are more or less privileged, hence, more or less oppressed. This isn’t going to cut it and for one very important reason. Quite frankly, it’s a white man’s game. As such, it’s reactionary and regressive.

If we’re speaking of privilege in communities of color in the US, then we’re examining individuals (and the communities they represent) who have been interpellated as white subjects. To use those interpellated subjects as if they usefully represent actual communities of color, in other words as well-defined minority communities, reinforces the white power structure. Why do we insist on objectifying–using quantities and percentages–to talk about oppression, or worse “the oppressed”? I think it makes it easier to ignore history, for one thing, and easier to cultivate a proper, unambiguous, and standard civility for traditionally white scientific discourse about society as a whole.

How can we compare Asian-American experience(s) of oppression and privilege to Black experience(s) of oppression and privilege without necessarily standardizing their experiences as a standard minority experience (SME) thus privileging the notion that communities of color are monoliths of ethnic experience organized according to dominant white modes of observation. White power helps creates an SME that permits comparison across “color”. White power literally counts on it. We criticize this attempt to standardize narratives of experience when we see it in colorblind discourse, don’t we? Why not everywhere it’s implemented, then?

In my opinion, this standardization becomes more problematic when we consider immigrants and immigration.

Because I keep seeing this shit in the Duran Duran tag…

It’s not ripping off Duran Duran. It’s called “interpolation” and it’s a musical technique that’s been around for awhile, mainly used in r&b and hip hop, when rather than sampling an old piece of music you take the melody from the original song and incorporate new words. It’s a win-win for old artists because they get writing credits and hella paid and their classic work is introduced to a new generation.

If you don’t believe me here are the writing credits, marking the first and probably only time that Duran will share songwriting credits with the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte:


Dreams Money Can Buy. Drake, round 3.