I want to make a movie about speech and debate but do it like a nature documentary.

NARRATOR: “The large gestures and colorful voices are part of the interper’s intricate mating routine.”

“Here we witness escalating aggressive maneuvers between debaters competing for dominance.”

“The wild extemper is often seen scurrying to collect sources in preparation for a long, cold draw.”

What forensics kids are like based on what events they do

Extemp: super into politics and economics. Probably spends too much time reading/watching the news. Will try to talk you into doing extemp. Do not let them.
DI: not as depressed as you might think. Actually generally pretty upbeat. Brutal. Know exactly how to make you feel bad for them.
HI: class clowns. Generally funny people. Make a lot of interesting facial expressions. Probably has a hidden dark side that they try to cover with comedy.
Poetry: Watches too many Button Poetry videos on YouTube. They’re seriously just really obsessed with poetry. Will probably try to get you to watch/read their fav poems, say no unless you want to cry. Very in touch with their emotions.
Prose: two types; the kind who really really love doing prose, and the kind that got forced into it by their coach because they’re also doing poetry. Probably likes Edgar Allen Poe too much. Often into some really dark shit. Probably writes sometimes but is super embarrassed about their writing.
Oratory: really good at proving a point. Gets A’s on all their English assignments. Will quote Gandhi or MLK on your ass. Knows too many statistics. Probably obsessed with one specific topic (aka the thing they chose to write their oration on).
Inform: you know that one kid who knows too many random facts? That’s them. Usually into technology. Kind of weird. Has one area of interest that they’re super into and know everything about.
Impromptu: good at doing things on the fly. Probably does all their homework assignments an hour before they’re due. Knows a lot about pop culture. Will do really ridiculous things in round like rap an entire song or make super weird comparisons.
Duo: do not come between duo partners, they will end you. Gods of blocking and choreography. Scarily in sync. Share many similar viewpoints. The ones who wear matching outfits should not be messed with under any circumstances.
LD: nerds. Like seriously, they’re just super fucking nerdy. Either they’re really bigoted cishets or they’re extremely queer. Probably write their cases the day before they need them, and sometimes go into rounds completely unprepared but somehow will still manage to do well.
PF: they don’t know what they’re doing. Ever.
Congress: probably overly educated on the political process. Loyal. Stand by their beliefs. Feminist as fuck. Good at convincing people. Like to be educated and will ask you questions if they know you know a lot about a topic.

It’s funny how when forensics folks refer “interpers” or “debaters” or “extempers,” there’s the oddly general yet vaguely specific personality that accompanies the particular event.

Sometimes, I like to imagine what it’s like in other groups, like marching band members shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Pfft, that’s a typical piccolo for you, amirite”

Forensics Asks

Prose- What was your first tournament like? 

Poetry- What were the nicest and meanest comments you’ve ever gotten on a ballot?

Duo- Would you date anyone from forensics? Your team or another?

Inform- How did you get involved in forensics?

Oration- Have you ever cheated or lied somehow? Have you ever caught someone else cheating?

Extemp- Have you ever pulled an all nighter before a tournament to prep? 

Impromptu- What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you in front of a judge?

IDA- Who is your best friend in forensics? How did you become friends?

HI- What is your favorite forensics memory?

DI- Have you ever cried because of forensics? Why?

Congress- Do you have a forensics rival? Who and why?

This is self-indulgent and reaching as heck, but hear me out.

Below the cut: A headcanon about one of the meanings behind “It’s Raining Somewhere Else”, Gaster & Sans, the Grey Monster Kid NPC, and me probably reading too much into umbrellas. 

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