Easily one of the most interesting Faustus interps I’ve seen recently was a local college production where the demons DIDNT just immediately, violently drag Faust to hell in the last scene.

Instead, as the clock was approaching midnight, soft music started playing ((Non Je Ne Regrette Rein by Edith Piaf)), and a spotlight fell on Mephistopheles, who had been standing downstage for most of the scene, hidden in darkness.

He walked across the stage, where the actor playing Faust was. He was kneeling, face in hands, openly weeping, and Mephistopheles helped him to his feet. And then they started to slow dance.

Mephistopheles was clearly leading, and Faust was just kinda slumped over on him, with his face buried in his neck, not really moving as much. And it’s all like, really genuinely tender? You get the impression that Mephistopheles is trying to make Faust’s last moments at least somewhat peaceful.

And then, as the song is getting to the last part, you see this circular red outline appear under them. It starts out really dim, but as the song draws to a close, it gets brighter and brighter. And then, during the last lines of the song, Mephistopheles let’s go of Faustus and steps out of the circle. And THAT is when Faust gets dragged to hell. The red circle starts to lower down into the stage, and you see all these hands begin to reach up and grab at Faust and at the edges of the circle. And Mephistopheles just watches. Calmly.

The stage closed back up. Faust is gone. Mephistopheles just kinda saunters over to Fausts bed and sits down on it. Then after a few seconds, the scholars come in and give their whole shpeal. However, when they go to leave, Mephistopheles gets up and follows them. Just as the Second Scholar is about to exit, Mephistopheles whispers something seductively in his ear. The scholar pauses for a moment, shakes his head, and leaves.

Chorus. End. That’s it.

The entire thing was an odd mix of tender and spooky, and it’s almost hard to get a read on what the director was going for. But I still thought it was incredibly cool.

How to learn languages by being lazy

So, today I’m gonna talk about how I learned 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, ASL, Libras, LSM) by being lazy as f**ck.

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to put your target language on your routine just as your native language. Then, here we go.

• Listen
Just as your native language, it’s very important to listen every single day on the language you’re learning. You can totally do it by listening to a song or a podcast itself.

• Talk
Make native or fluent friends in your TL (you can use apps/sites as Lingbe, Tandem, Interpals) and speak to them, sending audios and texts. A great way to practice almost everyday in a really cool way.

• Play
Playing games it’s also a awesome way: you’ll become kinda addicted to it, then yay, you’re practicing it everyday in a entertaining mode. This can give you hella vocabulary too.

• Read
Reading books (short stories on Wattpad can be great), quotes, newspaper and magazines is a good option as well.

• Watch

I’m pretty sure you love to watch TV shows, TV programs, videos on YouTube, so why not watch all of it in your target language?

You can totally watch your favorite program/tv show dubbed, cool videos and etc.

Tip: if you have Netflix, change the idiom of your profile and pum, it’ll appears lots and lots of movies and tv shows in that language. If you don’t, you can just search on YouTube the movie title that it’ll show.

• Write

Writing a diary (what happened in your day, how you’re feeling…) or stories or poems in your TL can help a lot too. Don’t worry about grammar or vocabulary mistakes, just write, you should do the corrections later.

These are general topics, there may be things that aren’t in your native language routine, so you can also modify this.

I hope this helps you guys, any doubts you can totally ask me! Greetings from Brazil! :)


seventeen × al1 tracklist posters


you know, this explains exactly how/when zeke and pieck got to paradis but kind of begs the question of what bert and reiner were planning on doing with eren for the like 29 days until the next full moon

hey im gonna start a lil series

i rate my fave interpretations of podcast characters!! so im starting with taako! because hes a beautiful boy, and people make him beautiful. SO my top 3 are:

1. @official-spec - BEAUTIFUL TAAKOS!!! Big pointy ears, full of emotion and v pure. perfect casual outfits, simply 10/10!! v nice taakos

2. @qnerdi - WOW!!! Lots of makeup,, big hair, and cute outfits! and to top it all off an adorable tooth gap! Such a sweet boy

2. @heyladswhatsup - God!! Green outfits and a braid?? And the sky blue highlights!! A truly magical taako.

What forensics kids are like based on what events they do

Extemp: super into politics and economics. Probably spends too much time reading/watching the news. Will try to talk you into doing extemp. Do not let them.
DI: not as depressed as you might think. Actually generally pretty upbeat. Brutal. Know exactly how to make you feel bad for them.
HI: class clowns. Generally funny people. Make a lot of interesting facial expressions. Probably has a hidden dark side that they try to cover with comedy.
Poetry: Watches too many Button Poetry videos on YouTube. They’re seriously just really obsessed with poetry. Will probably try to get you to watch/read their fav poems, say no unless you want to cry. Very in touch with their emotions.
Prose: two types; the kind who really really love doing prose, and the kind that got forced into it by their coach because they’re also doing poetry. Probably likes Edgar Allen Poe too much. Often into some really dark shit. Probably writes sometimes but is super embarrassed about their writing.
Oratory: really good at proving a point. Gets A’s on all their English assignments. Will quote Gandhi or MLK on your ass. Knows too many statistics. Probably obsessed with one specific topic (aka the thing they chose to write their oration on).
Inform: you know that one kid who knows too many random facts? That’s them. Usually into technology. Kind of weird. Has one area of interest that they’re super into and know everything about.
Impromptu: good at doing things on the fly. Probably does all their homework assignments an hour before they’re due. Knows a lot about pop culture. Will do really ridiculous things in round like rap an entire song or make super weird comparisons.
Duo: do not come between duo partners, they will end you. Gods of blocking and choreography. Scarily in sync. Share many similar viewpoints. The ones who wear matching outfits should not be messed with under any circumstances.
LD: nerds. Like seriously, they’re just super fucking nerdy. Either they’re really bigoted cishets or they’re extremely queer. Probably write their cases the day before they need them, and sometimes go into rounds completely unprepared but somehow will still manage to do well.
PF: they don’t know what they’re doing. Ever.
Congress: probably overly educated on the political process. Loyal. Stand by their beliefs. Feminist as fuck. Good at convincing people. Like to be educated and will ask you questions if they know you know a lot about a topic.


Я решила подобрать для вас сайты и приложения для обучения. Этот год должен стать насыщенным и продуктивным! Вперёд, ребята! К новым достижениям, преодолевая лень!📚

🌲Forest: Stay focused - помогает избавиться от телефонной зависимости. Позволяет сосредоточиться на деле, уроках, работе, спорте и прочее. На этой же орбите - 🏠Sleep Town. Здоровый сон - это реальность!

🐺FoxFord - курсы платные, но обладателям спец-паролей будут бесплатны…

📔Photomath - сфотографируй пример и получи решение. Математика ближе, чем ты думаешь!

🈯Hello Pal - учи и практикуй языки, общаясь с иностранцами.

🐯LanguaLeo - изучение английского языка проще, чем вы думаете, Дорогие Читатели моего блога.


👓ПостНаука - интернет журнал о науке.

📖КиберЛенинка - научная электронная библиотека.



📗NewToNew - просветительский медиа-проект.

⌚UniWeb - ведение бизнеса (большинство первых лекций бесплатно)

💻Khan Academy - огромная база видео-уроков на более, чем 20 языках.

🏢Learning Space: The Open University - все материалы разделены по возрастным и тематическим группам, лекционный материал можно загрузить с сайта на свой компьетер, а тематика предлагаемых курсов достаточно широка.

Сайты для изучения английского:

☕English Tap - тесты для практики английского языка.

📟Watchengo - видео на английском с сабами( кто не в теме - субтитрами)

📘Puzzle English - английский на слух

📱 - сериалы на английском с сабами.

Сайты для поиска иностранцев для общения и практики иностранного языка:

🎒Sharedlingo - языковой обмен

💼Interpals - языковой обмен онлайн

📑Omegle - поговори с незнакомцем

Сайты по изучению иностранных языков:

👬Lang-8 - изучение иностранных языков

👭Chineasy Shaolan - изучение китайских иероглифов. (Этот сайт я не пробовала использовать, но, возможно, он действительно хорош)

👫 - изучение корейского языка. (Им я и пользуюсь)

Другие сайты:

📰 - Проект Байхоу

🎲Brain exer - упражнения для тренировки мозга.

📋30 Day Chellenge - коллекция 30-дневных челледжей

📄 платформа с огромным количеством курсов разного направления

📝Title Maker - То, что нужно для писателей! Если кончились идеи для статей, Добро пожаловать сюда

Я очень сильно надеюсь, что помогла вам. Теперь вы знаете где искать информацию, чему доверять. Я подбирала весь материал, основываясь на личном опыте. Доверитесь ли вы мне?

❤Жду ваших отзывов❤

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100 Forensics Asks

So a few days ago I reached 100 followers and I am beyond excited. So what I did with this excitement (instead of working on my POI), I made 100 Forensics Asks! Feel free to ask me for answers and/or reblog for your followers!

1. Favorite Debate event to compete in?
2. Favorite Debate event to watch?
3. Favorite I.E. event to compete in?
4. Favorite I.E. event to watch?
5. Have you been to Fall Champs?
6. Have you been to Spring Champs?
7. Have you been to State?
8. Have you been to Nationals?
9. Best DI piece you’ve seen?
10. Best Prose piece you’ve seen?
11. Best POI piece you’ve seen?
12. Best Poetry piece you’ve seen?
13. Best Duo piece you’ve seen?
14. Favorite tournament memory?
15. Least favorite tournament memory?
16. Favorite piece you’ve ever preformed?
17. Favorite Impromptu/Extemp topic?
18. Favorite resolution that you’ve debated?
19. What’s on your getting ready playlist?
20. What’s in your speech bag?
21. Favorite suit?
22. Skirt or pants?
23. Hairstyle on tournament days?
24. Tie or bow tie?
25. Favorite tournament shoes?
26. Favorite coach you’ve ever had?
27. Favorite comment on a ballot?
28. Least favorite comment on a ballot?
29. Who do you usually stay in your hotel room with?
30. How many tournaments have you been to this year?
31. Night before a tournament routine?
32. Least favorite thing about your favorite event?
33. Favorite thing about your least favorite event?
34. How much do you eat at tournaments?
35. How much do you eat after tournaments?
36. Favorite tournament snack?
37. Favorite type of room to speak in?
38. Best compliment received?
39. Weirdest compliment received?
40. Favorite physical award you’ve received?
41. How many people are on your team?
42. Can you name everyone on your team?
43. Opinion on pantyhose?
44. If you could watch any round of something you aren’t entered in, what would it be?
45. After tournament attire?
46. Do you have any forensics crushes?
47. How early do you usually wake up for a tournament?
48. How many pieces have you done since when you first started?
49. One thing you wish you could do, but can’t, in forensics?
50. Favorite tournament weather?
51. Where do you write down your “coaching session” notes?
52. Have you ever gone over time?
53. Favorite line from a speech of yours?
54. Go-to example in Impromptu?
55. Favorite campus for a tournament?
56. Is your debate team more liberal or conservative?
57. How calm are you at tournaments?
58. How calm are you when you’re waiting for breaks to be posted?
59. Do you have any objects you wear/carry with you for good luck on tournament days?
60. Favorite part of awards?
61. Least favorite part of awards?
62. How much do you use your phone on tournament days?
63. Has a phone ever gone off in a middle of your round?
64. Farthest you’ve traveled for a tournament?
65. Shortest you’ve traveled for a tournament?
66. How many times do you practice a week?
67. Do you like doing research for speechies?
68. Would you rather have a black book or visual aids?
69. Most oddly sexual speech you’ve ever seen?
70. Longest debate you’ve witnessed?
71. Weirdest/Funniest resolution?
72. First or second speaker in parli?
73. Aff or Neg?
74. Tournament you’re most looking forward to?
75. Friend’s piece you’re most looking forward to seeing?
76. How many coaches are at your school?
77. Do people around you know the term Forensics (in terms of Speech & Debate)?
78. Best “confused about which forensics” story?
79. Best “so bad it was good” piece you’ve seen / heard of?
80. Post-tournament routine?
81. Favorite duo paring: guy/guy, guy/girl or girl/girl?
82. Has anyone else done your piece the same year you did it?
83. Best advice for novice speakers?
84. Why should people join Forensics?
85. Do you really shut off your phone before a round starts?
86. How often do you cry during tournaments?
87. Best reaction after seeing you broke?
88. Favorite round of finals?
89. What color are your nails for tournaments?
90. Tournament hair routine?
91. Tournament makeup routine?
92. Favorite tournament day breakfast?
93. Have you ever accidentally cursed during a round?
94. Song that reminds you of a tournament?
95. Favorite van ride games?
96. If your team had a motto, what would it be?
97. Gum or mints on tournament days?
98. How has forensics impacted your life?
99. Why did you join Forensics?
100. Are you glad you did?

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i'm dyyyyyyyyying to know your opinion about mic drop choreo. it's so agressive n intense. also, tae really improved a lot of his dancing this comeback, im so impressed!

sorry @bst/tomorrow move aside MIC DROP is now my fave bts piece :))

listen ok that piece ended every single dance career out there like forsythe who? ricky dillon? travis wall? succ that good old bts dick bc they came IN for ur careers and decimated every single person out there holy shit

  1. overall, the choreography is incredibly intense like u mentioned. it hits hard w no breaks for the audience and the dancers themselves. visually, a masterpiece. choreographically, a bigger masterpiece. (and, to be noted, there are some parts where i don’t like the steps, but that’s personal preference lol) 

  2. i would like to give the chorus three thousand platinum diamond gold stars bc it’s choreo is perfect  , like. it looks good on the dancers, but it isn’t overly complicated . the movements fit the music and the way things are executed ..bts did well to accommodate to the style of hiphop they’re dancing. it’s something most people miss, but i caught and really appreciate it

    i wanted to pick out some timestamps for people to watch, but the whole fucking thing is good like i’ve never been this invested in one of their dances ever? i’m not even joking if i was taking this as a class i’d be screaming the whole way thru the chorus

    it’s hit after hit after hit after hit and there’s no break for my Ass god all the choreo is fucking perfect there’s nothing else mr. son could’ve put in there to match the song that well

  3. the only way to describe MIC DROP is “hot”. it’s sexy but in a careless, locking attitude, and bts plays into a new style really well. they fit seamlessly into the genre, and i think this is the concept they were looking for during debut, but couldn’t find it. it’s nice to see a more mature group tackle a darker concept

  4. the opening to that dance is the best bts choreo i’ve ever seen, sorry :// it’s hot and smart it has a Feel to it that i can’t quite describe but fits the vibe that bts was going for (0:00-0:13) idk what it is about it that makes me put it on loop for 23min but ??? it’s so satisfying to watch

  5. the transitions were impeccable. the way they played w levels and differing moves for every member within the group formation = nut after nut after nut after nut

  6. i would also like to point eyes to the costuming bc that shit was flawless during this performance: i hope they keep it up. their clothes were actual dancewear, so i could see the movement thru the body. it projected choreo in a flattering manner, and the “mix and match” style of old hiphop was super super super super super super super tasteful.

    gold fucking star to min yoongi’s outfit especially. i’m dying to get my hands on those pants bc h o l y s h i t did they look good when he was moving. they’re baggy in a good way….it enhanced the choreography Well

  7. 0:55 - hoseok walking off but still dancing is smth to notice. it’s probably a personal correction he gave himself to account for camerawork, so instead of slouching off in the background, he continues the movement in order to uphold a performance aura. otherwise, he will look sloppy and not ready for the stage

  8. seokjin and namjoon improved the most imo. U can see them finally filling out the counts and adding extra interp into their dancing + way less stiff. i thought they wouldn’t do well w this dance because it’s slow, but they just proved me wrong