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oh hey look it’s that dead blog talking again

Been quite busy with real life shit - like coursework, looking at an internship in Japan and socializing with friends like a fucking normie that I am.

I haven’t touched gamedev in what seems like months - maybe it’s for the best considering I’m about as reliable with progress as a second hand parachute.

With that being said - this blog is still gaining followers and old posts still get liked/reblogged. So to all of those that actually care I will definitely return with some new things in not so distant future. Currently just too busy with other things because I’m not a NEET.

Much Love,

Suicidal papa loves you.


The last photos of Ise-city :)

These are miscellaneous photos of different places :D
I took the first photo on my way back from the Kawasaki district :)

The flower arrangement was at the Ryokan I stayed in :)
They took a lot of care to make the Ryokan look nice and to make guests feel at home :3

The next 6 photos are from the Ryokan as well :)
They had a nice, small garden which was very enjoyable to look at throughout the day :3

The building itself was quite interesting too and I was told that it had been built in 1908 and has been kept by the same family ever since (^-^)
I think this is very nice and I prefer this kind of hotel, Ryokan or Minshuku to big hotels and hotel chains :)
While the surrounding neighbourhood didn’t offer too many green spots the inside of the Ryokan offered a very enjoyable view of green plants that contrasted nicely with the wood of the building (o^-^o)
I enjoyed coming back there after spending the day walking around town and taking photos. It was refreshing to sit and watch the garden while reading a book, writing a postcard or writing a mail to my relatives :)

Another nice thing was the Suikinkutsu within the garden :3
It was very relaxing to hear it while looking at the garden :)
I didn’t know such a thing existed and they were kind enough to show it to me and I have been very happy to learn of its existence and it one of those things I wish to put into the house I’m dreaming of (o^-^o)

I hope I can go there again (*´ω`*)

The name of the Ryokan is Hoshidekan (No, I don’t get any benefits for mentioning them :)
I just feel that it would be weird to write about the Ryokan without mentioning its name (^-^)

I like bicycles and I enjoyed looking at bicycles in Japan :)

I also like old brick industrial buildings :D
I was surprised to find one of these and I like how it has a Japanese style roof but a European style brick structure :3
This building was close to my favourite spot for eating Bentou :D
It is close to the river flowing through the Kawasaki district and close to the Supermarket that I used to buy my Bentou at :)
There are more buildings like this one in Ise :)

Stuff I did this weekend ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ

I went to a old-timer vehicle show that took place in a small town close by :)
It was nice and I had some enjoyable tech talk with other motorcyclists :D
I even saw a Ariel square four in pristine condition which is like seeing a unicorn :o

I finished resawing more oak for more handplanes I’m going to make in the future (^-^;) I screwed up steam bending wood :D <=I will improve my molding device and try again :)
And I had a scarp piece of oak that I’m using to make another hammer with

Here is the beginning of a not so happy part so feel free to stop reading :)
I wish you a great week and sweet dreams (^-^)/

I feel sad for saying this but I think I need to give up on finding an internship in Japan (-_-) I’m running out of time. So right now I need to focus on finding an internship in Germany…. It might not sound that bad but for me this leaves a bitter taste.
I tried really hard and while I was prepared for failure I cannot deny that I hoped that it would work out and enable me to move to Japan.
It is not the first time I try to move to Japan either. I tried to go to Japan as an exchange student but this is next to impossible if your university doesn’t have a partner university in Japan and if you need to take care of everything by yourself (I wrote inquiries to about 80 universities and colleges in Japan asking for the topics of courses and about the procedures necessary to be admitted to the university). Most courses would have been very interesting but most were not accepted by my university which would meant that I have had to repeat those courses after returning to Germany.
So this feels like trying to win an uphill battle. 

I’m seriously considering to stop studying and to just move to Japan and to apply for jobs from there as it seems to be next to impossible to find employment as a foreigner who is not actually living in Japan.
I know this would be a shame to do as I’m currently in the last semester during which I need to attend classes (the next semester would consist of a 3 month internship and another 3 month to write my bachelor’s thesis).
On the other hand I won’t be able to obtain a working holiday visa after graduating during April next year. 
I’m not happy about this situation and to be honest I dislike studying or rather the way I need to study. I like learning new things and to understand something or to master a certain skill but I had to neglect many things I would have liked to learn to finish repetitive homework.
It would be wrong to say that I didn’t learn anything new but I’m often asking myself what I’m doing there.
I wish I had a project I could work on and apply the knowledge that I gained on and to hone my skill this way but I cannot afford to do this at home.
One of my big weak points is that I’m getting underestimated quite often. I just don’t look like what I’m and that I’m not good at advertising for myself.

My hope was that I could go to Japan to conduct the internship and use this chance to speak Japanese and English but due to the amount of work that I have to do for university my Japanese is stagnating and this only serves to make me feel like I’m stuck and not being able to continue on my way.
After studying for some time now I feel like it serves to close more doors than it does open…

All I can do right now is press on and try again and again.

Sorry for being so negative but this has been troubling me for a while now (-_-)
I’ve just reached my personal deadline for my applications to Japan and this sparked a lot of thoughts.

Sorry for my ramblings and whining (>_<;)

I wish everyone a great new week and that you feel like things are making progress (^-^)/


More photos from the Geku in Ise city (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

I like these tiny shrines that are set on gravel :3
I kind of expected a tiny deity to peak out from behind the house at any moment :D

I like those classic Japanese lanterns :3
One day I’m going to make one myself but right now I have other things to worry about (^-^;)

I think these photos capture the essence of the Geku complex quite well (^-^)
It really feels like a place that is not directly touched by humans and like the buildings grew just grew there :3

The last 3 photos are from a shrine that doesn’t directly belong to the Geku :)
I passed it on my way to the Naiku (the place Amaterasu Oomikami is enshrined in :) 
I enjoyed exploring these hidden places in Japan and this shrine was very nice.
It was full of tine porcelain Inari (fox gods or fox messengers :)
Foxes are symbols of fertility, mystic figures and messengers for the gods in Japanese folklore :) 
One of my favourite features of Japanese shrines are the Torii and I like how the form of Torii varies from region to region and sometimes even between shrines :3
Japan really has a very diverse and rich culture (^-^)

You might recognise 2 of these photos from an earlier article :)
I decided to publish them again in this post because they kind of belong to it

Things about me :)
I’m currently very busy learning for exams and writing letters of application to companies in Japan so I cannot do too much in my workshop (^-^;)
I hope so much that I can secure an internship at a company in Japan :)
The problem is that I need to write my bachelor’s thesis during the internship or else my graduation would get delayed (>_<:) but most companies I applied to were not willing to support a bachelor’s thesis during a 6 month internship (-_-)
I need to write 3 exams next week and another one during the following week :)
Today I started dimensioning the Dai for a Japanese jointer plane that I want to build ans I started making a Japanese spokeshave but since I didn’t spend too much time at my workshop I didn’t make too much progress on both (^-^;)

I wish everyone a great week and good nights with sweet dreams (^-^)/


I received a Uchinuki Nomi \(^-^)/
I’m sorry but I don’t think there is a western counterpart to this kind of tool so I cannot provide you with an accurate translation :|

It is used to squish the wood at the end of a mortise :)
This way you can reduce the risk of breaking or cutting through the end of your mortise and exposing the tenon. Since I didn’t have one while making my toolbox I just used a piece of brass :)

I needed to straighten it, to redefine the sides and to fix the wobbly handle :D
Since the “blade” is not hardened it is enough to file it and it took me about 10 minutes to straighten and reshape the blade :)
I think the handle didn’t belong to this tool and was just putt on the blade by the seller who wanted to make it more attractive to potential bidders :D 
Fortunately they didn’t use Epoxy on it and I just tapped it off of the blade and put some oak shavings on the tang, drove it back into the handle. Since the tang is not square on these I needed to add slim pieces of wood to the sides to fix the sideways wobble :)
All in all I spent about 30 minutes on it and now I’m quite happy with my purchase (^-^)

I started fixing my Shakuri Kanna as well :)
The blades are awesome but the body twisted pretty badly and because I straightened it it lost too much thickness and became too narrow to be used :|
I glued on some oak veneer but I might need to add another layer…

This is another case where a milled block twisted so baldy that it required a lot of work to get into a usable condition :D
Riven blocks are much more stable but hard to come by if you are on a tight budget :D

Last week was very busy so all I did was resawing some wood and selecting wood (^-^;)
I made a 3D CAD model of my toolbox as well but I’m not sure whether I’ll make any drawings of it since it takes some time to do so but if anyone would like to see actual drawings of the parts and the final assembly just leave a comment and I will try to make it happen :) <=It might take a while because I need to work on assignments as well ;)

I received another rejected for one of my applications which means I won’t be able to take an internship in Japan (-_-) This makes me kind of sad. I tried very hard but it feels like engineering is just the wrong subject to study if you want to move to Japan…
Anyway my mind is made up after I graduate I will move to Japan and apply for a job while being there :)

I want to go to a oldtimer vehicle exhibition this weekend so I’m not sure how much progress I’m going to make on my woodworking projects (^-^;)

I wish everyone a great weekend and success (^-^)/