[Update : I got my internship but I still need money urgently !! //// ] 


Hello !! I am trying to apply to internship at Japan during Dec for 1 month and I am hoping to earn some money in the mean time ?? It will be much appreciated if you can’t commission to just share for me maybe? ;u; 

I am doing some Headshot sketch for $ 4 + $ 4 ( shipping if you want to have the copy // ) 

I am willing to do Fan art or OC !! 
and if I can’t I will let you know ! 

Please !! I want to earn a few before Dec ! And I can’t do digital fast enough so ;;; 

Contact me at !! 

Twitter @Raynef_san


Gmail : 

Sharing is much appreciated !! Feel free to DM me at Tumblr too ! 


If you’re not interested in this mind helping me share or buy my stuff ?