Welcome to the two great new members of the TMII team!

Content Coordinator:
Hi! My name is Alli! I’m a nursing student, a birth doula, a hedgehog mom, cheesecake master and lover of all things cute! I hope to be a Certified Nurse Midwife and catch babies allover the world. I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with reproductive health, babies, mamas, pregnancy, and birth control. I am beyond excited to be part of the TMII team and look forward to answering questions and education! Woo!

Video Intern:
My name is Maryja and I use she/her pronouns. Queer woman, pizza connoisseur. Probably a witch. Born under Cancer, so as a Moon Child I cry about a lot of things (like videos of small dogs). I’m really excited to be here at TMII, because I’m currently studying to be a midwife myself! I’ll be handling making videos, answering some questions, and getting your feedback on things. Can’t wait to get to know you all better!


Can I just say? I love my internship. My bosses and the workers are wonderful. There are two, from Japan, workers/bosses and they don’t think I’m not Japanese for being diaspora. My fellow interns are great. Plus, when we were talking about our target audience today my boss said we should view ourselves as cultural ambassadors between Japan and the US. That we should be respectful towards the art of Kimono and that we shouldn’t allow stereotypes people hold towards Kimono and/or Japanese Culture as a whole (ie Geisha, Sexy Geisha, Sex, etc) to be what people automatically assume when they think about those two topics.

My Life as a Cartoon Network Intern (and how I think you can Intern in Animation too!) (Reblog for artists everywhere!)

Over this past summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to be a Production Intern at Cartoon Network (I worked on Clarence; woo!)

Every once in a while I get people who either come up to me in person, or who message me on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. and ask me how I got the opportunity, and how they can intern in animation as well. Recently (Over the course of the last week or so) I’ve been asked a bunch, so I decided to create this massive master post in an attempt to get the information out to as many artists (and non-artists) as possible! 

I know a lot of people who feel like getting into the animation industry is completely impossible, (I should know, I felt the exact same way not too long ago) and I also know just how LITTLE references there actually are on finding an internship, and beyond that, the type of experiences that people who gotten the chance to intern have had. I told myself that if I got the internship, I would try to change that, and here we are! (A little late, but I really want to make this as helpful as possible)

If you all could please Reblog this to your followers I would love it! You never know who’s looking and hopefully, I can help people with my experiences! 

So to make it easier for people who don’t have the time to read all of my ramblings, AND for the sake of ease/reference; I’m going to break this post up into different sections: My Internship search My initial excitement/rejections - How I got the internship - My experience as an Intern and How Interning has helped me as an artist

My Internship search: 

Halfway through last year (My Sophomore year of college) I had decided that I would take a leap of faith and apply for some internships. I didn’t expect much of it, but my hopes were high because I thought I had at least a halfway decent portfolio, and my resume had some pretty okay animation experience on it (I’m the head of the only Animation organization on campus) and I’m majoring in animation so I had some 3D experience and 2D experience (which I’ve worked on on my own time, since it’s what I want to do) 

One of my biggest worries was the fact that I go to a state school: Southern Illinois University. The school is great, and I love it there, but I couldn’t afford art school, so I was very worried about how many opportunities there would be for me in Southern Illinois. Especially with the amount of amazing art that I see coming from people who go to schools like CalArs, Sheridan and the like. I was frustrated because I wasn’t there and felt like I would never get the opportunity to work in animation, which has been my dream since I could hold a pencil. Cartoons have changed my life, and they still do; but I was genuinely afraid that because I couldn’t afford a more art-related education, that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to tell stories like I’ve always dreamed. (But I digress) 

As I was saying: I was doing all of your standard (I want/need a job) searches to try to find something in animation: Glassdoor,,; stuff like that. FUN FACT: I’ve read every single Glassdoor review for both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every Job. All of them.

Some internships are a lot easier to find: Nickelodeon, Disney, Titmouse

While some are WAAAAAY more elusive: Cartoon Network… 

This narrowed my search down from a bunch of animation studios.. to a handful. My candidates were: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and Titmouse. (All wonderful animation studios!) Now here’s where it gets interesting:

 My initial excitement/Rejections:

I didn’t hear back from any of them! NOT ONE. Which I learned after a very long, VERY stressful waiting period. (At this time it was early to mid April) Now; I knew that I was really too young to be applying for the internships, (I’m young for my grade so I was 19 at the time) And I knew that all of these internships specified that they wanted a Junior or above, but I figured since the year was almost over and I had good grades that MAYBE, they would let me slide. But I had no real experience working in animation, and although my hopes were high, they were also reeeeeeeal low. 

After waiting for the few weeks that I did, and not hearing a peep, I was dejected, frustrated, and I felt like there was no hope for me… Which leads us to…


When it comes to how I actually GOT the job: The answer I want to give you guys is that it was complete luck, and that by a series of random occurrences, somehow I was offered the position…. BUT, that’s only half true. Honestly, I worked really hard on making sure that I had as good a résumé as I possibly could: 

By that, I mean that I’ve worked really hard in school to get good grades/dean’s list/honors program, etc.; and I also started an animation organization on campus. (There’s a major, but there was a huge lack of enthusiasm and community within the program at SIU so I wanted to help to bring other artists and myself closer, and make great art while we’re at it) 

On top of that, I wrote (what I think was) a really good cover letter. But… Even with all three of those things, I don’t know if I would have gotten the position if it wasn’t for the internship coordinator at my school. I go to Southern Illinois University, and she pointed me in the direction of the Cartoon Network internship. (The Turner website isn’t like Nickelodeon, they only post internships when there’s a position to be filled)

LUCKILY for me, the Producer of Clarence (The wonderful Keith Mack) is an alum from SIU, so he connected with the internship coordinator (bless her heart) and I learned exactly when the position opened up. My resume and things got sent straight to him. I got a Skype interview a couple of weeks later, and I got accepted the day of the interview!

So I mean… Looking back, it was half luck, half hard work. 

It’s not like the grades and stuff really matter outside of college; Grades are just arbitrary letters, after all. But, I say that to say that I’ve tried to work hard in college even though I’m not at an art school, and that if you’re focused, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you’re good at; but how hard you work and the type of person you are. You can never go to college but be an amazing artist and an amazing person, and if you meet that ONE right person, or if you’re at that ONE correct place at the correct time; amazing things can happen; and I FIRMLY believe that. 

While I was at CN I was talking to someone (I don’t know if it’s best to call her out by name?..) But anyway she was telling me about how some of the artists are found at CN and she told me that Tumblr, YES TUMBLR. Is a HUUUUUUUUGE factor in the hiring of some people! So if you can… POST POST POST! Putting your art out there is the absolute best way to get seen. You NEVER know who’s looking at your artwork, and this website is an amazing platform for sharing, and learning about art. (And as a shameless plug: The blog Artists-Everyday is actually meant for just that ;) check it ouuuuut)

But moving forward; let’s talk about: 


The interview to be an intern at CN was both really intimidating, and really comfortable at the same time. I love animation pretty much more than anything, so the idea that a single interview could determine whether or not I got a life-changing opportunity was pretty much one of the most daunting things that I could think of. The fact that I was in southern Illinois RIGHT at the time that I would have had to interview really didn’t help either… It was really scary to me, because it meant that I wasn’t going to be able to interview in person. It was a Skype interview, (a group one at that) and it was my first time ever interviewing for a position online. 

Once I got past all of the initial fear, the interview was smooth sailing. They had already seen my resume and cover letter; so we really just spent a lot of time talking about casual things: my favorite animated movie, what my favorite episode of Clarence was, etc. It wasn’t like your usual interview where they ask “why would we hire you” or “what is your greatest weakness” and I really appreciated that. They weren’t robots, they weren’t the ANIMATION GODS like I was imagining in my head – they were actual people, who happen to love animation, and the interview reflected that. 

I learned that I had gotten the position the day that I interviewed, and I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to wait any more days, because at that point I was on fire on the inside. II don’t know what the hiring process was like for interns on different shows, so don’t take my word for how long it’ll take if you make it this far) 


There is no one word to describe how amazing it is to work at Cartoon Network. A lot of CN stuff is “hush hush” high security, and they don’t allow you to take pictures of the inside of the buildings - So I’m not going to say much, other than: It’s magic. Pure magic. But I will say one thing: Free food. AT ALL TIMES. EVERY DAY. 

Working there is one of the most creatively satisfying things I’ve ever done in my life. The people, the atmosphere… it was all so inspiring. I’ve learned more in those past three months than I have in the last two years, and It’s all because I was surrounded by so many people who are better than me. People, who I might add, are some of the greatest, nicest, and most helpful people I’ve met in a long time. Plus, Cartoon Network really goes out on a limb to take care of their employees. 

I got to sit in on voice actors doing their recordings, I got to see storyboard pitches, I got to see animatics and assets for episodes that were unaired, and it was all being created right in front of me by such PASSIONATE people. 

I EVEN GOT TO MEET TOM KENNY. He remembered my name… 

As a production intern you get to see the logistic side of things: and you really grow to appreciate Production and that side of the industry, because without the production team, there would be no show! Even though I want to be a storyboard artist, I now know more about the industry and Cartoon Network as a whole, and it makes me feel much more connected to the shows that I watch on television.

One of the other biggest things about the program is the fact that I got to take storyboard/character design tests for practice, and I got the chance to pitch a show to the studio, in front of the Clarence Crew and even some really important executives! which was an AMAZING opportunity that I learned a TON from. I got amazing feedback, and I had to push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before. Mentally, artistically, and personally. 


It’s possible. Being an intern at an animation studio is possible. Getting a job in animation is possible. Making friends in animation, and actually feeling like you belong to something you’ve dreamed about since you were a child is POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, it doesn’t matter if you’re afraid, and it doesn’t matter what you look like. People are drawn to people who are genuine; and if you love animation, or production, or storyboarding or character design, and you work hard and try to really open yourself up artistically; you CAN do it. Take it from the 20 year old black guy who loves anime, video games and cartoons. You can do it. 

I don’t know how many people will see this or how helpful it actually is; but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share this info with your followers, and on top of that if you guys EVER have any questions about my experiences or need me to clarify anything for ANY reason you’re absolutely welcome to contact me! 

I know how many people would love to intern, and I know (from experience) how DREADFUL It is to find conducive information about how the process works and how YOU can get an internship. 

Hope you guys stuck with this post till the end, and like I said if you ever have any more questions, (hell, or if you even want to share YOUR art with me… I’m always open!) 

TL;DR:                  This Gif Sums it Up 



HI HI i HVE BEEN GETTING LIKE A TON OF ASKS about my first day as an intern at Cartoon Network and so I’m going to tell you all about it ok ok ok ok


ok so first we had orientation, it was really great! I met this other girl who liked SU a lot so we got to talk about that. there were like 20-30 interns there for this semester, and as I found out, I am The Youngest One as I’m just a freshman & this is my second semester at school.

The office!! is!!! so!!! cool!!!!!!! and everyone is so!!!!!!!! nice!!!!!! and they all!!!!! love!!!!!! cartoons!!!!!!!!! Steven Universe stuff was all over the place. They have a bunch of devices to test out games and they have them named after the characters from the shows, and when I saw the iPad labeled “Pearl” i was like . o m f g

then i got my desk, and when my boss came back with my name plate, HE PUT PEARL ON IT IM SO PLEASED HE KMEW HE KNEW 

There’s several other interns on my team specifically (working on QA for mobile games) but I’m the only one who hasn’t interned here before. I can’t go into any specifics but our team’s job is to test all the games CN makes for all different devices and make sure they work. We work with the producers to make sure we can track and get rid of all the bugs in the game. So a large portion of my day is going to be spent playing video games. It’s a REAL JOB IM SCERAMNG

my boss toured me around different parts of Turner and the rest of the campus (they call it a campus even tho it’s not like, an actual, school) and all of it is???? so incredible???

I went to lunch with some of the other interns and co-ops and it was so fun omg, we also had!!! froyo!!!! and this food from the cafeteria!! and they have food trucks that come and im GLad

i miss froyo i want froyo rn

today the dress code was business casual but from now on out it just is like, casual casual, like jeans and stuff, so I am just going to go after my classes in the morning, grab something to eat, and then go to work until 6 every day!!

ok so YES i got to go to a meeting and that was really cool, where the producers were all talking about stuff they were working on, and then I tested video games for the rest of the day. I WAS SO , AHAPPY, AND IM JUST REALLY LGAD,

and basically that was my first day!! I’m so tired and happy and I can’t want to go back again tomorrow!! I’m so excited to learn everything I can! I’ll try to take more pictures!!! I LOVE U THANK U
How to find STEM Internships!

Hi everyone! I remember feeling that panic of knowing I should be applying for internships, but not knowing where to start finding them. So, I decided to write up ways I found the internships I ended up applying to! Hopefully, this post can help reduce some of your panic. :)

Summer NICKternship applications are open!

Join us in Burbank for three months of fun, learning and of course MAKING CARTOONS!

When people think about an internship, they envision getting coffee, running errands, and slaving away behind a copy machine. But an internship at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio includes networking with studio artists and producers, having lunch with top executives, going to free movie screenings, taking practice art tests, attending intern classes, and much, much more!

Visit our website to learn more or click here to apply.

01.01.2016 | Happy New Year! It’s time to start planning January. I’ll be attending a Winter School on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation January 7-14 and I must find the time to study because I have my Strategic Studies exam on the 19th. It’s going to be hard but I can do it! I’m still looking for a place to stay in Geneva and they are all so expensive! Also, it’s official: I’ll be a UN intern starting January 25th. 🙈
So yes, January is going to be a VERY busy month but I need to keep going!

Day 3 of Cartoon Network internship !! !! ! ! !

HEY guys day 3 was The Best Day Yet of my internship! Today my fellow interns (who are like, veterans and I’m just The New Guy) kept encouraging me to talk with some of the producers (who are on our floor). CN is great because everyone is really open. Like I can walk up to anyone’s desk and introduce myself and start talking even though I’m just an intern, which I really appreciate.

So anyways I eventually got to meet this producer Zach who is (really) the producer for Attack the Light! It was like, REAlYLY cool, at first i was all nervous but then it was just awesome. He already knew about me because my boss told him about all the SU videos on my YouTube and he’d already watched some, which I was like !!!!! um11!!!!!!! o

(by the way both of those pictures in this post are like, what you see when you arrive on the Cartoon Network floor and get off the elevator and stuff. spot the steven in the painting :o)

Zach answered lots of questions I had about the production of the game. He got to work with Rebecca (yes, thE rebeccA), and Ian, and he told me about the voice over and dialogue, etc. plus other stuff about Grumpyface studios (with whom he also worked)

ANYWAYs I ended up getting to talk to multiple producers and so i am really glad that the other interns ended up encouraging me to talk. I can be outgoing but like, in situations like that, I can be really apprehensive, haha. I got more stuff for my desk ordered so I will show you once it is beautiful. WILL kEEP U POSTED THANK U LOVE U BYE

Want to literally design Tumblr?

We’re looking for a smart and motivated intern to join our product design team for the summer. Together with engineering, we invent and design everything across our mobile and web apps. 

If you have experience designing and prototyping user interfaces, obsess over the tiniest of details, and want to collaborate with the people that make this Tumblr thing happen, we’d love to hear from you.

Read more about Tumblr internships and apply here.

Teen Who Worked In Corner Shop For 10 Weeks To Afford Christmas Presents Told He’s On Unpaid Internship

A teenager who spent 10 weeks before and after school working in a shop to save up for Christmas has been told he won’t be getting paid. 

Jay El-Leboudy, 15, had been working mornings and evenings in his local Londis for over two months in a bid to save up for gifts for his family.

However, when he came to collect his overdue wages he was told by the boss that he wouldn’t be getting them – as he was on unpaid work experience. 

Furious mum Zoe Buckwell said the store’s owners – who were family friends – had arranged an internship with the view of taking him on part time.

She says he had been working two days a week at the shop in Canterbury, Kent, since. 

She told The Canterbury Times: “Jay worked nearly every day during half term.

"He always made the effort to be there on time and worked way past 9pm, which was the time we agreed.

"Ten weeks on, when Jay was working twice a week 5.30pm until 9, he hadn’t received any pay.

"He was hoping to have his money in time to buy Christmas presents.”

One of the stores owners told the paper he had never agreed a wage. 

He said: “I said to her [Jay’s mother] that he’s only 15. The law says he’s not allowed to work and because we sell alcohol, he’s not allowed in lots of areas, but he is allowed to follow people around.” 

A fundraising website has since been set up for the 15-year-old. 

(Credit: Flickr/Alan Myers)


You guys know Ian Jones-Quartey from his work as co-director from Steven Universe, but for a while now he’s been working on OK K.O. and the game just game out and its FREEEE

You guys should definitely download it because it’s awesome and huge and YES. I didn’t get to work on this one personally because when I started at Cartoon Network they had already pretty much finished this up, but a lot of my co-workers worked a ton on it and it has super awesome reviews.

But YES this is a really awesome project from a guy who played a huge part in Steven Universe, and you can watch all the shorts and play the game for free, and its really great, and YES so you should do that

Marry Me.

Originally posted by syouaremycryptonite

Fandom: The Internship

Pairing: Mild Stuart x Reader

Warning: Bullying

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  A oneshot where Graham constantly belittles you at work and, one day, you get the courage to stand up for yourself and humiliate him in front of everyone at Google. This gets the attention of your best friend Stuart and as soon as you approach after your spiel to Graham, he’s rendered speechless by your verbal badassery and just says, “Marry me.”

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I was dreading this (I know i have bee saying that about a lot of things lately).

I was not dreading it cause i expected it to be boring or cause I am not interested in psych. No. I was dreading it because even doing psych questions, specially those about anxiety and depression, were triggers for me. So I was dreading having to be in the department, with people suffering from the worst of my nightmares. I remember when i first got depression and I couldn’t get out of bed and I was so scared of ending up in the psych ward. I remember when I had my first panic attack in public (in front of my mom, no less) and I was so worried that I would get dragged down to the ER. I was not looking forward to this.

And the department hasn’t disappointed me so far. On our first day, out 3 of the patients who were assigned to me, two had brief psychotic episode and one of them was schizo-affective. 

Patient one had recently gone through a divorce and had tried to kill herself after having broken down the TV at home and throwing things around at people. When I spoke to her, she looked me in the eye and said, “Why would he do this to me? Why would he leave me? I spent my whole life taking care of him, why would he leave me for her?” 
I stared at her. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to run, as far as I could and as fast as I could. But i had to stand there, take a full history and explain to her that we were admitting her. When I asked her if she had any questions, she said, “Yes, I do. Why me? Look at what he has done to me, now I am crazy. Why me, doctor?” 

The second one was OK. Then there was the patient with schizo-affective disorder. I took brief history since she had been there for a while. I asked her why she thought she was at the hospital and she said, “I don’t know doctor. I feel like I am going crazy. But I am not crazy. Whyis this happening?”


I hid myself in the bathroom for half an hour that day. I couldn’t take it. They were all in so much pain! So many patients who were discharged but families never came to take them. Why, because they have a psychiatric illness. Would they do this to someone who broke an arm? No! Most of the patients were either divorced or never married, no friends and only few family members visiting them, barely every other day. And then we have those patients in the medicine wards where two or three family members want to stay overnight with their loved ones. 
I sat on the bathroom floor and cried. Wept. I just couldn’t.

People with bipolar disorder are capable of having a normal life. But I net so many patients who told me they couldn’t get a job because their medical records says “Psychiatric illness.” One patient with OCD told me, “You think that doing the thing over and over again with make it stop, make things better, make the thoughts go away. But they don’t. It only makes everyone else go away; my family, my husband, even my children…” And then she broke down crying.

So I want to give a should out to all the psychiatrists and specially psychiatry nurses out there. You lot are awesome! I don’t know how you have the emotional integrity to tolerate this day in and day out but honestly, hats off to you!