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trans boy tsukishima cutting his hair short very early in his life (because he knew very early). trans boy tsukishima with a much better fashion sense than other boys his age (because he has to pass but he's good at it). trans boy tsukishima wearing a binder but privately thanking every god he knows that his breasts were small to begin with. trans boy tsukishima only being out to his family and yamaguchi (and he has yamaguchi under pain of death not to tell, not that yams ever would tell anyone)


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wtf. rei headcanon broke me goodbye forever

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i’ll kill you for that rei headcanon. i am in pain

rei praying and praying and begging any and all deities that may exist for him to not be ugly anymore

rei surrounding himself with beautiful things in the hope that their beauty will rub off on him and make him marginally less ugly

rei having difficulty interacting with his peers and thinking that maybe if he were more beautiful, or at least less ugly, ppl would want to be his friend

rei giving up on becoming beautiful, focusing instead on cultivating beauty around him, until one day he discovers that a butterfly’s cocoon can be made of more than just silk. it can be made of water and determination and relays and just because he didn’t realize he had been wrapped up in the confines of one doesn’t mean he isn’t able to emerge from it, beautiful and happy and free

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little baby lev with a little baby crush on yaku, asking him excitedly how was his first day of high school how was volleyball club did he meet any cool new people

and yaku saying yes, with a smile on his face the likes of which lev has never seen before, and telling him about this boy he met named kuroo who’s got crazy hair and a shitty smile and such an amazing sense of humor and they’re in the same class and volleyball club together and not being able to wait until tomorrow to see him again


yaku calling lev right after school one day a few months later and saying he has something important to talk to him about and lev being so excited to hear what it is until  yaku says do you remember that kuroo guy i’ve been talking about (yes of course lev does bc kuroo seems to be all yaku talks about these days) well guess what lev we’re dating now


how little baby lev’s heart breaks when he hears that and how he works so hard to act as if nothing is wrong bc he really is happy for yaku he really is

no he really is

(he is happy for yaku, he’s just sad for himself)

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bokuto/kuroo + akaashi/kenma double dates though


bokuto and kuroo usually go on rlly high energy exciting dates normally but akaashi and kenma are more chill usually

i just imagine them like out at some eatery and bokuto and kuroo are probably making terrible jokes and “oh ho ho"ing and probably trying to start a food fight and everyone’s staring but akaashi and kenma are used to it so kenma just ignores them and texts akaashi even though he’s right there at the same table bc it’s too much effort to try to talk over the terrible two and akaashi just apologizes to the waiter like "i am so sorry”

and kenma and akaashi probably have their legs tangled underneath the table and keep smiling at each other and rolling their eyes

and kuroo and bokuto probably tease them about how cute they are

they go to a movie and akaashi and kenma try to sit far away from kuroo and bokuto bc they actually want to enjoy the movie but to no avail bc kuroo and bokuto insist on sitting behind them and bokuto throws popcorn at akkashi and kuroo talks loudly about how cute they are and then they all get kicked out

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4 for kuroo, 1 for lev, and 8 for yaku

#4. the emoticon they’d use most often (Kuroo)

this is rlly hard bc i am so basic when it comes to emoticons like half the time i have to look shit up

uhhh i guess the winky face?


#1. 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod (Lev)

“Barbie Girl” - Aqua
“Beautiful” - Christina Aguilera
“I Choose You” - Sara Bareilles
“Shake It Off” - Taylor Swift

#8. what they wanted to be when they grew up (Yaku)

A doctor, but he’s too squeamish around injuries/illness so he had to discard that pretty quickly.

finding out monique likes lions was the best day of my life bc do you realize how many sticker sheets i buy just for the hippos that have lions on them i’m gonna send her so many lion stickers one day she’s going to get a giant package and it’s just going to be filled with never ending lion stickers she’s gonna hate me so much

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fuck off

every time lev sees them together (and he sees them together a lot bc apparently just seeing each other at school and at practice isn’t enough, they have to also apparently spend ever waking moment with one another), lev’s stomach twists and turns. he tries to push it down and away and ignore it, because yaku seems so happy, looks so happy, is so happy

that sour, awful feeling in the pit of his stomach feels entirely justified though when yaku calls him at almost midnight one night and says that he and kuroo broke up, and lev vows to himself to hate kuroo for as long as he lives for breaking yaku’s heart, even after yaku and kuroo make up and go back to being friends

but it’s so hard for him to hate him once he joins the volleyball club and kuroo smiles that same shitty smile that yaku used to swoon over, and says how good it is to see him again, and he’s happy to have him and how he’s sure lev will fit right in

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tips: character will take short steps, will try to walk heel-toe instead of toe-heel like you’re supposed to, feet will probably be too far apart, there will be a lot of wobbling and ankles suddenly giving out and tipping them sideways, etc. etc.

you’re….supposed to walk toe-heel? I’ve always walked heel-toe…….