Got on a rant because somebody online defended working for exposure as part of “how it works.”

Back in the day, maybe the only way for an artist to get a break was to be published in the New Yorker, or play at a popular venue.

NEWS FLASH: Hey, there’s this cool new thing that lets you reach out to billions of people. It’s called THE INTERNET.

I’ve never gotten anywhere by doing a job that promised “exposure.” The jobs that increased my reach were also the ones that paid me the most. Why? Because those clients not only have the means and influence to help you, but they also CARE about your success. 

Whether you’re a painter, a musician, or drawing cat butts on the internet, don’t screw yourself and your industry by working for free. You don’t need exposure. Anybody with a tumblr or a bandcamp page is reaching more people than a free gig could hope to offer.

You need money to pay your rent so that you can quit your job and have time to make more work. <3

P.s. If you do have the means and influence to pay an artist, but don’t. Fuck you. Eat a cat butt *

hello, mon petites dummies

so things are a bit crazy in chez ofgeo right now, new job and springtime and travel things coming up, and ALSO sometimes i do this thing where i experience a kind of cognizant dissonance about like ~my internet persona~ versus ~who i actually am as a person.~ they’re similar enough that it can be confusing, except of course that Internet Me doesn’t have any of the messy, crooked aspects of Off-Internet Me. this is not a bad thing. humans are messy! i don’t mind being messy. i just think that it’s important to be … aware of what your mess is? aware that there is a mess? and that you can’t, like, engage in the ~performance of You~ with … like, yourself. i know me better than that. THERE’S NO FOOLIN’ THESE EAGLE EYES, LADY. I SEE THROUGH UR LIES.

anyway, sometimes i catch myself being like “haha i’m soooooo cool because x people follow this blog and ask my advice about things and tell me i’m pretty all the time,” and while those things are great, and i appreciate every last one of you, they’re also, you know, skewed, because of the Internet Me vs Off-Internet Me Conundrum, which i have so far not fully figured out how to navigate.

like, “i told everybody to be kind, which means i am a good person,” i say, as i don’t consider my friends’ feelings while making plans. NO, SILLY RABBIT. THAT’S NOT HOW THAT WORKS, and also, trix are for kids, etc.

so THE POINT OF THIS MISSIVE IS: i’m just gonna take a couple weeks to like, step back from the tumblr for a wee bit. i’ll still be on twitter, because i’m ultimately a product of my generation and social media is how i make sure the whole world knows my Very Important Thoughts That I’m Having Right Now About Bagels, or whatever, but probably this blog will be pretty quiet. i have some stuff in the queue, but i’m not sure when that’ll run out. 

I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL MOONBEAMS! remember it’s okay to have flaws, and it’s good to try to recognize them.


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17. a fact about my life

I was incredibly athletic and physically fucking ripped until my mid-late teens like I was a hella athlete who used to win competitions (especially high jump and 100m sprint like make way for this determined beam pole) and I did three different types of dancing for 8 years, and fencing and martial arts and swimming and I did horse riding for fun and then competitively for 3 - 4 years and I miss all of it so much, especially dancing like I dont know why the fuck I stopped doing all of that because I was so good at it and now I’m just a wheezy miserable blob who fears staircases and steep hills like what the fuck happened son

What offends GamerGaters about the autoblocker, aside from the fact that a woman found a technical solution to a social problem, is that it denies them the ability to impose themselves on targets. The idea that the women, people of colour, and queer folk who’ve comprised the majority of GG’s targets might be able to curate their online spaces and have certain discussions only with those of their choosing is repugnant to many GamerGaters. In the absence of genuine legal recourse, the worst thing you can do to a bully, harasser, or troll is ignore them after all.

I think one of my biggest problems with the people who keep asking for ‘dark loz!!!’, is that they act like they’re speaking for every single fan. They’ll be like “We want dark zelda!!!” And “We want a grim story!!” And “We want mature themes!!!!” Its like, bitch no, that’s what you want. All I want is for Nintendo to make the great game they intended to make.