In the absence of a functioning Internet, you:

A) Do your work because what else do you have to do? Besides it’s only for two weeks.

B) Eh, there’s still the TV and your large collection of box sets and movies.

C) Arrange alternative access, even if it means buying tea when you have a perfectly functional (and free) kettle not 5 minutes away; further compounding your dwindling finances?

D) Socialize, invite your friend round to stay. After all misery always loves company.

Answer B, C, and D; who says you can’t multitask. There’s a perfectly good University with free wifi to use to shop for red boots and your Birthday presents. There’s no rule you have to buy tea, resist if possible, partake if not. The TV will nicely occupy your evenings and if your feeling a little focused, there’s still the classic games on your laptop to split your attention. And seriously need you ask about D?