This journey through life is difficult only because WE make it that way. The challenges of each day I release so that I can focus on the ME that Hod has in mind! Many thanks to my coach and mentor @shanelcoopersykes for your guidance and wisdom. I am truly excited to meet my destiny. I am taking the next step with my business and the #InternetIncome Course with Shanel Cooper-Sykes, is not only to guide me as an entrepreneur, but as a WOMAN. I found that the miracle statement offered in the Manifesting Miracles course spoke volumes to my spirit… Here it is: I, Shavonnah Jenkins am believing for a miracle in my body, business, and relationship. I let go of all stories or illusions that will blur my vision. I am expecting increase. I am creating a breakthrough. I am one hundred percent in alignment with Gods purpose over my life. I am a loving, giving, and happy woman. I change lives. I am amazing business woman and will be an amazing wife. AMEN.

When you have all the books your internet mentor mentions to go get and you havent read neuther one.. my spirit is so convicted right now.. I will start reading.. @shanelcoopersykes .. would probably fashionably & Gracefully tell me about myself right now. #FinaciallyAble #Convicted #IwillDoBetter #Smh #HaveaHadThemForYears #ManifestingMiracles #AcceptingMyDopeness #ElevateYourLife #InternetIncome #ShanelCooperSykes #FemaleMentor #GetYourShitTogether #Lol