So… This is my daughter Chloe. We ran into @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye at #Disneyland yesterday! She is a huge fan of theirs and was absolutely thrilled to meet them. She watches their videos all the time and wants to be a YouTuber when she grows up. I took this picture and posted it to my Instagram account BadWolfJen. Apparently I accidentally made her famous, because this picture is everywhere now! Haha. I just want to thank them so much for taking time out of their day to pose with her. It meant the world to her. ❤ #JackSepticEye #markiplier #septiplier #internetfamous #Instagram #matterhorn #YouTubers #thankyou

From time to time I have to leave town for various piercing related work, and you all know I would never let somebody work at the studio unless I felt 100% confident in their piercing abilities and customer service skills. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing friends who are extremely talented piercers work at VBA when I’ve had to leave town, and one of them is Adam from WAY Body Arts in Santa Cruz. 

While I was attending an APP meeting last month, Adam covered at the studio. He did this helix piercing on our client Kendra (almost a month old in this picture). They chose this anatometal threaded cluster and it looks absolutely fantastic. 

Thank you for stopping by to let us take a photo Kendra! And thank you Adam for helping out at VBA. The Monterey clients love you! 

Fuck your obnoxiously edited pictures, fuck your starbucks cup, fuck your face, fuck your selfie sunday, fuck your country concerts, fuck your embarrassing ability to justify being shady, fuck your urban outfitters tribal shit that a million others have, fuck your hatred for weed but obsession with Lindsay Lohan and every other failed teen star, fuck your holier than thou attitude, fuck your need for recognition and fame on the Internet, fuck your profile pictures, including those 600 likes you pray to, and motherFUCK your true religions. Girls are becoming robots. I see the same thing erryday.

I think…I think I’m a meme now.  I just saw somebody on use one of my Caboose pictures as a reaction image macro. 

I think this officially qualifies me as “Internet Famous” right?  I suppose I shall now be known as “That Caboose Guy From The Internet." 

Also, I think this entitles me to the right to flip tables and shout "I’M INTERNET FAMOUS I DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT.”


Ok so excuse the impossibly shithouse filming. But just have a listen to this, onboard skids with @bucknadrift in his spastic, internet famous 33 GTR. #nissan #skyline #r33 #gtr #rb3025 #borgwarner #gforcetransmissions #4speed #nascargearbox #hydraulichandbrake #haltech #racepackdash #skids #drift #burnout #drifting #secretdrift #xmasbash #internetfamous #yesthisisthatonethatgotpulledover #import #jdm #downshiftaus

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