World’s Edge | Chimney Rock State Park | North Carolina

Winter storm Jonas blew through the Carolinas on its way up the east coast depositing several inches of snow along its path. It made getting around quite a mess for a few days, but finally I got brave enough to make some fresh boot prints at World’s Edge. Several others had made it to the first overlook, but I was the initial one to follow the game trail along the ridge to Judea Gap. I found evidence of coyotes, but otherwise it was a lonely, serene place.

Pine Tree Trail and Cascade Trail Loop | DuPont State Forest | North Carolina

Arriving before the morning sun had a chance to melt the fresh dusting of snow, I walked this short loop in the southwest corner of DuPont State Forest with the sound of woodpeckers filling the air… and not much else. It was quiet. A half inch of snowfall muted the normal sounds. I purposely picked this woodsy loop. Usually enjoyed by mountain bikers, I guessed correctly that I would have it all to myself on this day. So for two serene hours I strolled along Pine Tree and Cascade trails following rabbit and squirrel tracks and listening to the rat-a-tat of the pileated woodpeckers.