My mom has a serious internet addiction. The cable and internet went out last night during the storm and she has been texting me all day.
Mom: 12 hours no tv or internet. Oh my. What to do lol.
Me: Oh no. Sorry
Mom: Damn wind.
Mom: I have done a ton of cleaning and decorating without tv or internet. Don’t tell dad. lol
Me: Why is he against decorating?
Mom: No he may tell them to keep it off all week lol
Me: Lol maybe
((Hour Later))
Mom: Tv and internet just on. Thank goodness I am exhausted. Lol
Me: lol the horror
Mom: Brat. pfgggg

Criminal Minds withdrawal...

its tuesday… yeeey!…

usually ill be a little crazier than normal and be all,…


butt for this week and week after, there are no criminal minds episodes… 

f#$%^&* this s%^&!!!!!! Why is this happening!!! WHY?! 

soooo before i start assuming fetal position, rocking back and forth whilst foaming at mouth, screaming “i want serial killers!”,… *ahem*

i ll just re-watch some episodes and hope that that will satiate me…

because i dont need more reason for people to call me the weirdo.

aaaaand maybe be all “girl gamer” to divert my mind from cereal killing addiction… maybe a little classic! some Crash Bandicoot and Kingdom Hearts for my nostalgic heart~ 

ciao ciao!

i seriously hope none of my neighbors will ever get to read this… cause if someone dies around here, id definitely suspect#1… and im not sure if jail cells here have wifi… cause i get internet withdrawals too…