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oh OFCOURSE Cez-senpai…(sorry if it took long)

oh…. which reminds me…. which little bean?

this innocent little bean?

or this other cute little bean?


Yeeeeeep no regrets on asking that question… =)

PT!tale is by YOU XD

TH!Palette is by @starlumen

Goth is by @nekophy

Pallete is by @angexci



This is the advertisement from the 1975 newspaper that I had to have. And pull up a seat and you’ll find out why…

This ad was created by Local Trademarks, a company out of New York that was founded in 1925 and ceased operation (due to mismanagement, according to a former sales agent for them) in 1975. What they did was created cartoon-based advertising and mascots for small-town businesses. Some of them they created especially for a company, while others they made kits of and sold the kits to whomever wanted to use them. Businesses would sign yearly contracts to use the mascots and advertising created for them; the business would get a batch of ads like this one to hand over to the local weekly newspaper, only requiring a little customization to brand the buyer.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen “Tall Tales”. Usually when I come across Local Trademarks’ work, it is on the kit works like Bill Ding (hardware), Cy Cology (a Will Rogers style guy that went with any random business), or The Fuel Kids (gas/oil). There were also Market Boy (groceries), The Everwells (drug stores), The Little Plumber (plumbing), and dozens of others.

Now, what I’m not getting here is the fortune cookie ending that has little to do with the story. Yes, wife had to knock husband over the head with a rolling pin to get him to go out to their anniversary dinner, but the last panel doesn’t make any sense other than to give the ad’s message about the mechanic.

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Hey so, do you do like, shout outs or something like that? Because a friend of mine (who is being stubborn and won't ask themselves) is working on this cool back story for Rex and has some pretty cool OC clones! "Aliit ori'shya tal'din (Family is more than blood)" is the title by Lamker on FF and AO3 if you could give them some more love please! (also has tumblr but not sure if I should say anything about it) Thanks!

Of course I will! This is such a sweet thing to do for your friend!!

Aliit ori'shya tal'din (Family is more than blood) by Lamker

I have the direct links here:

AO3  and/or FF 

He is the captain of the 501st Torrent Company, under the command of General Skywalker and Commander Ahsoka Tano. But, how did he come to this position? What was like he before? Who were his friends, his batch? Rex used to be a lot different than he is now… 

Things I want before the end of 2017:

A girlfriend

An internet best friend that lives close enough to meet up with

A girlfriend

Someone I can do cute shit with

A Ggggirlfriend

Like ten cats to snuggle

A GiRlFrIeNd

Some new hot and spicy memes to bring me joy


Early 2000s Internet things that everybody remembers, but nobody talks about:

  • Smug Neopagan webcomics
  • Surreal, hyperviolent Flash cartoons that everybody was sure were Deep, but nobody could agree what they meant
  • Misheard lyrics
  • That period of about two years where everybody and their dog had a web forum, then realised that moderating a forum is hard
  • Colin Mochrie

This started as a joke but then I kept drawing :’)

The Breath of the Wild/ Aladdin crossover that no one asked for, but that I needed. Sidon is Aladdin, Great Fairy is Genie, Riju is Sultan and Link is Jasmine.

I need a Prince Sidon cover of Prince Ali to exist NOW.