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anonymous asked:

I'm female ?, clumsy, queer, lanky, (indecisive!!) slytherin (?), feminist, and an artist. I'm a little bit insecure so I'm always indecisive about everything.I am incredibly awkward. I use self deprecating humor as a coping mechanism. I love harry potter and I'm secretly in a ton of fandoms. I have a variety of interests. I enjoy classic films, vintage aesthetics, reading, wasting my time all over the internet, and procrastinating. Light brownish hair and grey eyes. Who would you ship me with?

I would ship you with Fred Weasley! He loves how you can love multiple things at once, and you two can get very creative when it comes to pranks and such.

the life cycle of a college student
  • stage 1: shit i did so bad last semester i'm gonna study extra hard this semester and make all the notes
  • stage 2: eh fuck that there's plenty of time
  • stage 3: oh shit the work's mounting up but i can still do this i have a month
  • stage 4: 1 week til exams and i havent started fuck fuck fuck
  • stage 5: *oh look a butterfly/internet/food/procrastination*
  • stage 6: day before the exam and fuck sake i still have 70% of work left to do
  • stage 8: you know what fuck this shit i might as well sleep not gonna learn anything 4 h before test
  • stage 10: shit i did so bad last semester i'm gonna study extra hard this semester and make all the notes
The Boy In Apartment 3B

Summary: Prompt- the heat is out in person a’s apartment and the land lord shoves em in person b’s room next door for the night. Idk I think it’d be cute.

Genre: So much fluff, slight AU 

Warnings: implied homophobia 

Word Count: 2k 

A/N: this was such a cute prompt and really fun to write so thank you anon. I hope you like it… all feedback is appreciated pls (also, i know how horrible the title is and im v sorry) 

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BTS Magic Challenge Day 5

Hi everyone! I didn’t get around to posting day 4 for this challenge yesterday, so here’s day 5! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #backtoschoolwitchcraft

A Spell for Motivation

Stop procrastinating on Tumblr and motivate yourself to do homework and study with this techno-witchcraft spell!

What you’ll need:

A Tumblr account

What you do:

Open a text post. Type:

“I hereby motivate myself to do the following activities:


-Complete my homework


-(insert any other activities that you need motivation for here)

May I remember that these activities will be beneficial to me due to the following reasons:

-Will help me get better grades

-(List other reasons that are important to you)

When I see posts involving the following things, I will be filled with motivation to stop procrastinating and do the above-mentioned activities:

-(List things that you see posted about a lot. For example, I would list witchcraft, feminism, Harry Potter, and studyblr, since I see a lot of posts about those things.)

Though the internet is often a place of procrastination, the internet shall be my motivator. The electricity of my computer/phone will charge me with the motivation to succeed, and the endless stacks of Tumblr content will form a ladder to lead me higher on the path to educational success. So shall it be!”

You may wish to put a disclaimer somewhere to keep the post from gathering negative energy. FIll the post with your energy, and publish privately to your account. When you see the subjects that you listed, you will be filled with motivation to do the activities that you listed. 

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Don’t forget to tag your posts with #backtoschoolwitchcraft !


thegentlemangamer  asked:

What are your worst distractions? What's best at keeping you from doing the thing you know you need to be doing? How do you deal with it?

The answer to the first two questions: Twitter specifically, the Internet in general.

The answer to the third: I write longhand, with the computer off. That helps some. I try my hardest to leave the computer off as long as I possibly can. I turned my smartphone into a dumbphone that doesn’t receive mail or surf the Internet. I leave my iPad in a drawer. I try and jog before getting on the web. I aim to read 30 - 50 pages before tweeting anything, before looking at Huffpost or Tumblr.

I’ve discovered the longer I put off engaging with the online world, the less interest I have in logging in and tuning out. It’s most appealing as a tool of procrastination. When there’s no longer any reason to procrastinate, the Internet loses its drug-like allure. At that point, if I do connect, I feel like I’m doing so in a healthier, more proactive way: to have a little social contact, or to find something out, not to waste time or avoid my life.

Animator Interview - Disney Animator, Daniel Klug

Name: Daniel Klug

Tell us a little about yourself. (We know there is more to people than being an animator.):

Well, I’m more nerd than anything else - a child of the internet, video games, and Saturday morning cartoons. I love all forms of media and I have an unending thirst for storytelling and entertainment. Animation in 3D is a perfect blend of engineering and artistry, so naturally I was drawn to it. For fun, I’m usually programming or playing games.


Daniel Klug - Frozen Animation Reel from Daniel Klug on Vimeo.

This is my Frozen animation reel. You can find more of my stuff on my Vimeo page.

Where do you work and how long have you been there?

Walt Disney Feature Animation. Almost 3 years now. I started working here on Wreck-It Ralph.

What are some of your past jobs?

Previous to Disney, I joined Rhythm&Hues in 2010 for their Animation Apprenticeship program. I got my start in film working on Hop and Alvin & the Chipmunks 3. Before that, I was in the commercial industry doing motion graphics, FX, and design work.

Where did you do to school?

Self taught up until AnimationMentor in 2008. From there, while at R+H, I continued my education with iAnimate and then Animation Collaborative. Collab was in-person, which meant I had to drive from LA to Emmeryville every Friday night for 15 weeks to take that class. Believe me, it was worth it.

What made you decide to be an animator?

Storytelling is my biggest drive. And no part of the process gets closer to telling stories with emotional beats than animation. Once the characters start moving, the story is alive.

What is your favorite part about being an animator?

The work is absolutely rewarding and extremely difficult. I thrive on challenges. I love solving problems and I have a fascination for acting. Animation is the perfect blend of technical and artistic expression.

What’s your favorite kind of animation?

I love going to the theater to see giant robots fighting - it’s my guilty pleasure. But my number one would be that perfect blend of cartoony and hyper-natural movement. Somewhere between Tangled and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs would be the sweet spot for me. But seriously, Pacific Rim is pure ambrosia.

What’s your software preference?

Maya is such a powerful tool if you learn how it works. And I mean, deeply. In the past 2 years, I’ve been teaching myself Mel and Python and learning the Maya API. I’m able to write tools to help the entire pipeline. Other studios tend to use proprietary software, so I’m not sure how customizable they can get. Maya is a fantastic framework to build upon.

What does your workflow look like?

It’s very reference heavy with a huge push toward caricatured physics and posing. I use ref for nuance and natural, proportional timing. But then everything else is pushed into the style of the character and film.

How do you prepare for a new shot?

I really try to understand the purpose of the shot first. What it means in the film and why the character is making the choices they are making. Once I understand things from the character’s point of view, acting choices tend to seem natural and easier to come by. It’s easier to know what is the right choice and wrong choice. Then I shoot a lot of ref, trying to get that nice timing and efficiency. Then it’s deep into blocking.

What is the aspect of animation that you struggled with the most and how did you move past that struggle?

I struggle a lot with the rigs. There tends to always be something I want to do that the rig doesn’t do naturally. So, I break the rig over and over again. Unfortunately, there isn’t an elegant way past this problem unless you remodel the character on the fly.

What are some of the ways you manage your time so that you can get everything done in time?

Sometimes, the shot is going to go longer than anticipated. It’s the nature of the beast. The best thing I can do is to keep the communication going between the supes and the producers about my predictions of when the shot is going to land.

What are some of the things you look for before you declare your shot complete?

I never declare my shot complete. That’s entirely up to the director and production. There is always soooo much more I would love to do to my shots before they are pushed downstream. I would love to take a fine-tooth comb to the whole thing and make sure all parts are moving in perfect concert; never starting or stopping at the same time, yet maintaining a relationship in movement and energy.

What’s your favorite animated movie, short, and game?

UGH, this is a tough question. There isn’t a king of the hill in my mind, but the top three would be: The Incredibles, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Wreck-It Ralph. Shorts-wise, I love Burning Safari and Octopodi. Game: Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 2, Half Life 2, and WoW (still recovering).

What do you do when you get animator’s block?

Take a walk, get Starbucks. Ask friends what they think of the shot. Watch some movies, surf the internet, procrastinate, then suddenly get a flash of inspiration. That seems to do the trick.

What do you use to get inspired?

My life is filled with art, movies, and video games. I’m never short of inspiration.

What is your favorite experience as an animator?

Every time I final a shot where the director sees it and says, “Wow. That’s awesome. Let’s watch it again.”

What are your favorite animation resources that other animators might find useful?

You can get a ton of helpful scripts and tools from a place like And animal reference from

How do you take your Chipotle Burrito?

Burrito Bowl with no rice or beans, extra veggies, carnitas, sour cream, cheese, guacamole. Smothered in chipotle tobasco.

If you could direct a project, what would it be?

A Disney-Animated spin-off Star Wars movie. I don’t even care what character it’s about. A guy can dream.

Do you have any advice for students and animators trying to find their break?

There was a time I was working at R+H and I just knew that I wasn’t going to have a good enough reel to get me a job after the contract. So I enrolled into an online school to keep learning and keep growing - at a rate faster than I could at work. People told me I was crazy because I was already working. But here’s the thing: You don’t ever get to a point where you “deserve a job because you worked hard.” At the end of the day, if your shots aren’t entertaining, or your execution is lacking polish, your entire reel is easily dismissed. It’s a subjective industry and very difficult to pinpoint what exactly people want to see. Work hard to make shots that are special and appealing. My advice would be to keep learning and keep animating. Oh, and an easy point to make: if you are still learning mechanics or even how to polish, stick to shots that are short. Like 6 seconds max. You’ll learn just as much in a 100 frames as you will in a 500 frame shot. And you won’t be stuck for months working on the same shot. Finish short shots and move on.

Switch off your internet

Procrastination at its finest is found on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, Youtube, games, news websites, shopping websites ect. All of this is just so tempting, especially on those days where studying feels harder than normal anyway. You need to be strict with yourself and switch it off. At the end of the day when you have finished your work you can surf the web as much as you like. Tumblr is great way to empty your mind at the end of the day, but it needs to be left until the end of the day. And if you’re really concerned use a queue to keep your blog active.

 Don’t compare your self to others

Until recently, this was a major issue of mine. ‘I am working harder than him/her, how is s/he getting better grades?’ - One thing to remember is you may never know the truth of how hard your peers are working. They might either exaggerate how hard they work OR tell you they do nothing when really they work their bottoms off. Yes, even your closest friends might feed you lies about their studying. Focus on your own achievements and your own progress. I might get a B+ on an essay whilst friends of mine come out with an A-. Often they blow it off likes its nothing, or sometimes they appear to be be disappointed with the grade. This is becasue they know that previously they have done better and that they can do better. But for me, if previously I was getting a B and I have improved my grade, why should I be sad they got a higher grade when I am improving? Celebrate YOUR achievements, and don’t let anyone else bring you down!! There is always someone proud of you, my family are always so happy when I tell them my grades, and I have found my lecturers are also extremely supportive and will make me feel good about the grade I got, regardless of how well anyone else did. 

 Know what you are being tested on

Listen to the hints your lecturers give you throughout the year about what may or will be on the exam. Learn the marking scheme so you know what they’re after and ask questions if you want to clarify what is happening. Make sure you attend the revision lectures. Revision lectures can be so useful its as good as cheating. Hints and tips from your lecturers during these sessions can save you time and boost your grade. Missing them is a terrible idea, no matter how comfortable your bed feels that morning. 

 Attend everything (and listen)

I have friends who only turn up half the time, and they do not know their stuff like I know mine. This too counts for people who turn up to lectures and spend the entire time on Facebook or playing games or doodling. What’s the point of turning up if you’re not going to listen. No amount of catch up can replace the usefulness of a lecture. Your lecturer will explain things in more detail than you can get from a book and you are much more likely to retain the information if you can think back to the lecture itself. This, too, goes for seminars or tutorials. They may not feel as useful as a lecture, but a lot of learning goes on in these sessions and ideas will flow like in no other situation. I often find the seminar questions are the same as they exam questions. I missed many seminars in my second year of uni, and this year I was kicking myself after I needed some information I missed that day. Seriously, no matter how nice your bed may feel, you are paying to learn, don’t waste it. University is expensive, do a quick sum of how much you pay per hour and you’ll think twice before hitting the snooze button!


Do your readings, turn up to your seminars/tutorials and participate. Ask questions, express your thoughts on the subject, be challenged by others and challenge them in return. Take a note book and take basic notes of what’s being said. Participating in seminars reinforces everything you have learnt and raises your confidence in expressing what you think. We all have our off weeks where our brains do not want to function. But try your best and you will see results.

 Learn that asking the right question is as important as answering the question

This is something one of my favourite lecturers said to me one day in her office. She told me this is one of the most important thing that students don’t understand. During this year (my final year of uni) we have had to come up with our own essay questions. My lecturer was telling me that asking the right question is key to a good answer. It sounds obvious to me now, but before she said this I’d never thought about it.

 Learn that thorough editing is important

This year I’ve been told by three separate lecturers that what has stopped me achieving the top grade in my work has been my editing. One even said the most irritating thing for a marker is poor editing. I generally thought I was good at editing because I had good grammar and spelling. But I realised there’s a lot more to it. It’s all about sentence structure, not using more words than necessary to make a point and having everything link together effortlessly. Asking for help on this will be beneficial if you’re struggling. It’s the only way I got better. It will also help to critically read the work of scholars in your field to see how your work needs to look and read.

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