I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. OH WELL. HAVE MORE POSTS FROM MEEEE. I’m also a little bit tipsy now so here goes my best attempt at eloquent wording before I hop off to bed. 

Balu’s magic hands keep improving with every artwork she completes. Hot damn ;uuu; Ho man, thank you so much for turning Engine into a custom. <3

Also thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday today! Kess’ art, Megs art, Sen’s pet gift, and Nim’s icon gift were no less appreciated and spectacular. ;u; I love you all. <3 


Technically a WIP piece of a reference sheet of Isra’s dragon, Acid/Poison Mantella, hatched last year on Noveltellus. I don’t have enough of his profile view to show off (It’s fully lined and has some faint highlighting going on)

I’ve been awake like…35ish hours right now at this point? Was streaming almost the entire time (But had to restart the stream due to net trouble, boo.)

Like his name suggests, he’s based on a wild array of mantella dart frogs colorwise, with a lot of pattern liberties taken :’D (These three frogs specifically: 1 | 2 | 3 )

(Will be more obvious on his body and have more area to show at once lol)

He’s also loosely based on a JP Dilophosaurus *IE, the spitting one, and yes I know they didn’t really have the fan or frill but it’s still cool anyway).

Mantella is a nasty mean thing, but Isra sure loves him! :D 

EDIT: Omfg the first version clipped the edges of his sails! I have now fixed it!

Edit 2: I forgot to save png with the shiny crystal layer turned on, went to delete my reblog to go fix it AND…Ended up deleted the original post instead of the self reblog. Good job me. This is a repost because I’m a big dummy. yay for fixing the errors at least?



WIP- Mantella, from Noveltellus (Dragon RP- Come check us out!) for Isra!

-Shading /HL almost done! (Plus a teaser of Mantella’s face markings from the side, frill omitted*

© (ShoresOfTheShadowlands / VoicesOfTheDistantSea/ Senaru-FR)

Wait til I add the highlights to his body :’D That’s just the shading atm! (He’s very shiny/slick with toxins on his skin)

@silmaneero  (WHY WONT YOU LET ME TAG HER?!)

note: May need to click on the side view to see it bigger/ see details


Also please allow me to present the only ripple / shim / smoke Coatl dragons currently on the AH.

Vino -  black ripple / mulberry shim / shadow smoke M  (300k treasure)

Aster - purple ripple / sky shim / storm smoke F  (250k treasure)

If I know you I’ll do an automatic 50k discount on Aster.  If I don’t, send me an ask or a fanmail and we’ll talk.  Vino is firm, sorry, I’m considering keeping him so to be willing to let go of him I’d have to get full price.

anonymous asked:

I cant believe I actually usedto look up to you art wise but your just an art or design thef! that ice dragon you posted in that last ask reply is SO OBVIOUSLY based on Sempermemor @ tumblr's ice dragon! I bet you arent as original as you claim to be. Even the background color on your post looks PRETTY darn close to the ref sheet posted by the dragon's creator on Sekkai! you should be ashamed of yourself. So much for following a creative person, I'm out of here

Ok I have had a really shit tastic day already today. I missed my first train, and then on the next train I got on I got to witness something I wish I could bleach out of my mind. I am not in the mood to tackle or combat stupid people looking for a fight and being a troll in general. You have no facts straight, your grammar sucks major donkey piss, and you clearly do not know anything about anything.

The #1 reason you are wrong is because the first time I posted my ice dragon back when I was streaming it live and updating posts as I was working on it. The last updated image prior to today was posted on 2-28-14. Why is that important, you wonder?

Because Semper’s adorable black ice dragon baby debuted on Sekkai at this time: 

Posted: Mar 8 2014, 10:52 AM
I had to go digging for this post because when the ask was sent I had no damn idea what even the hell you were talking about. Let’s compare this, shall we? Below is my dragon design, made independantly before the first image of Semper’s Verglas was posted online. I had not spoken to Nherva at any time in the last year, and I don’t chat with Semper or anyone on Sekkai all that often. There was NO WAY I could have known about Verglas’ design prior. this is my design:

-With Ice v.1 | -Without Ice  (full images)

External image

External image

and below is Verglas, drawn by Nherva, character owned by Semper:

|full size here|

External image

The reason the backgrounds are a similar color is because, like even Nherva mentions in her post, the color shows off the ice transparency well.

Yes, they’re both dragons, yes they are both ice dragons and they even do share some body features that…well, associate with ice, which isn’t a super unique idea.  Before today I had even considered making my ice design dark in base color but I think I’ll be steering clear of that, lest some twit point and scream like a banshee.

I probably had more to write here but to be perfectly honest I’m not sure I care right now.  I didn’t take any design from Nherva or Semper, and super anon person, you better not go run over to them pointing reverse fingers about one of them taking the design from me, because neither of them did. I may not talk to them all that often but I really doubt either of them would take a design from me :\

And I don’t want you as a follower anyway, there’s the door, take your rude ass out and don’t let the door hit you where the dog should have bit you.

As for all my REAL loving followers, I’m sorry you had to see me in a bad mood. :C

EDIT: All of these are sold derp sorry I’m so slow at updating this stuff. :c

Skydancer babies ohmy! I got THREE gorgeous little buttons, all male, out of my first clutch!

Lemon/Denim/Platinum, either for sale or trade!

Banana/Sky/Platinum, also for sale or trade!

Banana/Steel/Ice. Not sure if I want to sell this one or not, I would have to be sorely tempted because hnnnnng so gorgeous!



Time for another round of lair cleaning!  Send me an ask or fanmail about any given dragon you’re interested in and I’ll give you a 4k treasure discount off their listing, as an apology for having named them all already.  Alas, I’m done with being bummed out by people who buy my dragonkids off the AH and never name them.

None of this batch is priced over 20k treasure right now, so add in the discount and you’re getting some pretty cheap dragons.

In addition to these I also have a handful of babies who haven’t aged up yet up for sale at the back of my lair, have a look if you’d like!

Elsa - fire iri / stone shim / orange circuit F Skydancer  (Elsa’s dad is named Tranquil and her brother is Owain whoops I got my Dragon Age all over my internet dragons.)

Garnet -  white tiger / blood shim / blood basic (XYY!) F Pearlcatcher

Incense -  caribbean iri / leaf shim / thistle crackle M Tundra

Myrrh -  goldenrod iri / teal shim / denim crackle M Tundra

Tanzanite -  splash iri / spring shim / denim crackle F Tundra

Data -  navy iri / midnight shim / black underbelly M Guardian  (Note for ReBoot fans: Data is the spawn of my OTP dragons Bob and Dot.)

Esta -  sky iri / teal shim / denim underbelly F Pearlcatcher

Mabli -  royal tiger / storm shim / violet underbelly F Tundra

Vaille -  spring iri / purple shim / charcoal crackle F Fae

Webster - steel iri / lavender shim / royal crackle M Fae

fuckmeleowhitefang  asked:

HEYYY How's your art been doing lately? ouo

xD I honestly haven’t done anything in about a month because I’ve been on vacation. (I have to go home soon though and finish some work for aywas though |D darn.)

-looks through folders- I’m almost positive I have doodles I didn’t post or something, and I might have worked on that ice dragon since the last time it was posted so here’s some of those. I actually finished scaling the main body, so that’s a start!

-With Ice v.1 | -Without Ice  (full images)

External image

External image


External image

I’m not sure I posted this one at all, to be honest, I was a bit shy since I’m still practicing with bipedal creatures. It was originally intended as an SCC on Aywas (Since it has no human anatomy and has paws and stuff). I think I’ve only shown it to Ryou to be honest XD


[full birddragon here]

External image

now this one I’m 100% sure I have not shared xD It was done shortly before I left for out of town, and I’m pretty fond of it!

*Artwork shown belongs to me and is not for anyone’s references. Do not claim my work as your own, sell it, make sculptures based on it, or trace it, or do anything with it at all. *