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Here’s a handy diagram about which studios own the rights to which Marvel superheros

Thisinfographic, by artist and writer Maurice Mitchell of The Geek Twins, breaks down where the movie rights to some of Marvel’s most popular properties currently reside, whether it’s at Sony, 20th Century Fox, or Marvel Studios itself. In case anyone didn’t already know, this is why a character like Spider-Man couldn’t make a cameo during that climatic Manhattan fight scene at the end of The Avengers, even though you know some Marvel exec was just itching to throw him in there. 

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Artist imagines what a bunch of dogs would look like as Marvel characters

Minnesota-based illustrator Josh Lynch has infused a level of cute into the Marvel universe, drawing portraits of dogs as different superheroes. Lynch put a lot of thought into which dog should portray which character and matched the personality and image of each for the best fit.

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Americans: Use this map to figure out where TV shows across the pond take place

As more Americans discover great U.K. shows, it can be difficult to understand exactly where it’s all going down—is Downton Abbey near London? In what part of the city does Peep Show take place? Where the hell is the Doctor going when he’s not on another planet? Tim Ritz designed the map after trying to explain to his wife where certain events were taking place in a TV show. 

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