Turkey trip blog hiatus

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new recently, I have just finished my exams, and unofficially graduated!! (Our graduation ceremony is in November blehh) I’m going to Istanbul with a friend on Saturday morning (20/5) till 3/6 (we gonna spend ramadan over there my friend is stoKED), and from the number of posts I queued, this blog will be on hiatus.

I’m gonna have internet over there though and I will see if I have time to make posts/reblog while I’m there, but if anyone, esp mutuals wanna contact me feel free!!! I will still check here daily, and reply to messages, just not that much

Feel free to add me on instagram too coz Imma post photos over there. I opened one ldontwikeit recently as my personal one is now set as private coz irl people sucks. If mutuals wanna add me on my personal tell me on tumblr (or just reply under this post to lemme know) so I can accept the friend requests :) my personal one is called vivianisbored

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Hey I was wondering do you know any drama free, hate free Voltron blogs? This fandom, it's, it's getting to me. I can't personally deal with drama or toxicity and that's what the fandom just feels like a good chunk of the time. So, any advice or any blogs you recommend?

I have a ton of discourse, ship-hate, and drama-free blogs to recommend! But first, for a bit of advice:

  1. Be sure who you’re following, and what they’ll be putting on your dash. I know it’s tempting to follow a cool lookin’ blog on the spot, but a simple search of “discourse” or “hate” on someone’s blog before following has saved me a lot of grief. Also, people will often post in their abouts or descriptions if they are a discourse-free blog. Those are Good People usually, but make sure to still check what kinda content they post.
  2. If you see content that upsets you on your dash, either unfollow (if it’s one person consistently posting it) or find a way to block it. Things like XKit have extensions within them that enable you to block tags/keywords/urls (blacklist) and also to completely block specific posts (post blocker).
  3. Make use of the block feature. Especially if the person is being aggressive and/or harmful to you or those around you. You don’t have to deal with it. They’re strangers on the internet. Just block ‘em.

And now for the blog recs! These are all peeps that - to my knowledge - stay away from discourse and ship hate. If any of y’all would rather me not tag you, feel free to let me know and I’ll edit the post! Also, if you are reading this and are a hate/discourse free Voltron blog that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to reblog this with a self-promo!

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One last bit of advice: It’s important to remember that hateful people purposefully try and drown out the good. They scream over everyone else so sometimes it can seem like they’re the only voices. This is not true. There’s a lot of good out there. And I hope we all keep finding it.

Filipinos trying to explain their cultures to other people
  • Filipino: I would like to discuss the deep socio-cultural complexities of Filipino society to give context to this story. I am Filipino, so I see angles and bits in this story you may not have understood.
  • Filipino: What? I wasn’t defending him. I’m merely trying to give it context because its heavily written with his deep complicated ties to his culture that he still carried-
  • Filipino: What? Lola means Grandmother! We call every older woman Lola! If we call our elders by their given name its a sign of disrespect!
  • Filipino: We have laws in our country that protect their rights, whatever happened in this story literally CANNOT happen again!
  • Filipino: But this is a story by a Filipino Ame-

Look, I’m all for not exposing children to NSFW content but unless you take an active role in supervising your damn goblins don’t be complain about them finding it. 

Like seriously, if you can’t be assed to put on parent blocks, controls, etc. to make sure your child stays safe on the internet, then don’t complain about NSFW content existing. 

If they’re old enough to roam the internet without supervision, without blocks, etc. then they should be old enough to learn how to avoid nsfw material. 

Supervise your fucking kids because you had them, not me and I’m not taking care of some snot-goblin that I didn’t have. 

simply-a-storyteller  asked:

For the ask thing: Farmers Refuted, Helpless, Ten Duel Commandments, Who Lives/Dies/Tells Your Story?

6) Farmer Refuted - Are you a pacifist?

okay so it really depends? i mean i don’t like fighting. i don’t like hitting people and i don’t like when people hit me :O! but if someone starts hitting me or fighting me, i’m not gonna just stand by and let them hurt me, you know?? but if it’s over the internet, i just block the person and let it go.

10) Helpless - Do you believe in love at first sight?

nope! i think you can be attracted to someone when you first see them? and maybe when you’re first talking, there’s a little spark, but.. as far as being in love.. i think you gotta know someone for that!

15) Ten Duel Commandments - Do you have a motto or code you live by?

rivers know this: there is no hurry. we shall get there some day.

46) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - What do you want to be remembered for?

it’d be nice for people to think of me as someone who was just… exceptionally kind? i try my best to be as nice as possible without letting people walk all over me, you know? but.. i don’t know. 

White Rabbit - Twenty Four

The reply came just before they finished up the following day, Penelope rushing out of office as Alice and Spencer were getting ready to leave.

“We have a reply, it’s signed off ‘Eric’ and it was sent from Rylon County public library.”

The team followed Penelope back into her office, gathering around the computer screen to read the reply.


When I reported back last night that I’d received a message claiming to be from you, the elders were shocked. Lewis however, wasn’t.

Lewis was broken when you’d left, but then he remembered that this was part of the natural occurrence of events. A dream reminded him that this is what was meant to be and he told us all that you’d be back. That you needed to leave to learn that Wonderland is where you were needed.

I guess he was right.

We can come for you and your new husband in two days time. The same place we picked you and Rebecca up from. 11pm on the 21st of the month.

We’ll see you then.


Hotch re-read the email and then stood up straight, looking from Alice to Spencer, and then back to Alice.

“Two days. That doesn’t give us a lot of time to prepare you Alice.”

“Prepare me how exactly? I’m the one that’s been around these people before, I’m the one that has lived there for nearly five years.” she was indignant in her response and Spencer placed his hand lightly on her arm.

“He means to prepare our back story. If we’re married, we need to know certain things about each other and we need to learn to behave a certain way towards each other.”

Alice nodded, accepting what Spencer was telling her and turned back to Garcia at the computer.

“Are we replying now, telling him that we’ll be there?”

Penelope looked to Aaron, waiting for his go ahead.

“Reply, they’ll be there.”

Over the next forty eight hours Alice and Spencer rehearsed their stories.

The decided that he would have been her therapist, one her sister had forced her to meet with when she’d turned up out of the blue after five years missing. They were keeping Spencer’s name the same to avoid any confusion or potential slip ups, and Penelope and the other technical genius’ had put an internet block on his name; any searches for him coming from anywhere other than police departments would return details of a Dr Spencer Reid, the psychiatrist. One who had controversially married one of his patient’s eighteen months ago after treating her for three years.

Hotch and Rossi observed the pair interacting together, throwing random questions at them both, questions they might not expect but would have to think up answers for on the spot. Alice never faltered once, keeping to the same story she and Reid had created between themselves and coming up with believable answers for parts of the story that hadn’t been pre empted. Their body language towards each other reflected that of a married couple, two people comfortable in each other’s presence, although it seemed like Spencer had a slight edge on Alice.

Both Aaron and Dave noted the edge and appreciated that it gave the relationship that touch more realism, if Alice HAD been a patient then perhaps there would have been some manipulation going on, on Spencer’s part. It would be an unethical relationship and that slight hint of control that Spencer exhibited and Alice let him have, made it seem more believable, more passable. After all, she’d been manipulated by a male once before. It very much seemed like they’d been born to play these parts against each other.

When they went back to her home late at night, they’d fall into their separate beds completely exhausted.

They didn’t tell Ellen and Robert what the plan was, Alice had made it clear that she did not want them to know until after they had left on the 21st. She was an adult, she could make her own decisions and this was one of them. Alice did not want to deal with her sister’s fit when she realised what Alice was planning to do. So Agent Hotchner had agreed with her to have an Agent fill her sister and brother in law in after they had left to go to Rylon County where Alice and Spencer would check into a motel room to await 11pm.

On the morning of the 21st, Alice hugged her sister and Robert tightly, surprising them both with the strength of her embrace. During the drive to the hanger where the jet was kept, Spencer observed Alice wiping away a tear, the first sign of her struggling that he’d seen since she’d made the decision to go back in.

“I’m fine,” she sensed him watching her.

“Are you sure? We still have time to pull out, we can think of another plan, it will just take longer. But if you feel the slightest doubt that you can’t do this, that we can’t do this together, then we won’t.”

The car pulled into the hanger and came to a halt. Spencer spying the other Agents, the rest of his team who had been so painstakingly seeing to the rest of the plans, collecting and testing the equipment that would allow Alice and Reid to communicate with the rest of team over the next few days, putting in place back up plans and fail safes for if something went wrong. But nothing would go wrong, not if they played their parts correctly.

Or at least that’s what Spencer constantly told Alice.

“I’m fine. Spencer, when this is over and done, you’re going to lend me those Harry Potter books you offered to me okay? And I’m finally going to finish the story.”

Dr Reid nodded at the woman sat beside him, the woman who for the next few days he was going to be responsible for keeping alive as she was thrown back into a life that she had so desperately worked to escape.

“Alice, I’ll not only lend you the books, but we will sit and watch the movies back to back.”

“All eight of them?”

“All eight of them.”

you want to talk about mccarthyism? try going to a school that consistently policed books to the point where literally no brown authors are allowed, that insulted your intelligence when you read books by an atheist author or about the theory of evolution, that literally wouldn’t let you go to class if you wore sweatpants instead of leggings, refuses to let you speak your language, etc. 

getting told you said or did something discriminatory is nowhere near the inconvenience of having oppressive structures control every aspect of your life. it’s the internet. you can block, ignore, and do whatever you want, but you cannot expect a lack of consequences.  

my favorite fuck boy story is when some guy added me on snapchat and sent like 5 dick pics in a row with no prompting and i just responded “wow…” and he was like “well aren’t you gonna send anything back? i’m not a free dick pic machine, you bitch!” and i said “there’s not exactly a shortage of mediocre dick pics on the internet” and then he blocked me.

evercrest  asked:

How exactly can I get back into the habit of writing? I used to write a lot but when my free time plummeted to zero I stopped for obvious reasons. I'm now in the situation where I could write a few hours per day but I can't get into it. I have several plots finished but I can't get back into doing the deed. Every time I sit down with the intention - be it writing the prologue or a random scene I like - my brain goes into "nah"-mode.

Identify the reason why you don’t want to write. Maybe plotting makes you lose interest, so try pantsing instead. Maybe you’ve spent so much time on the plots that you feel like you’re obligated to write them, over actually wanting to write. Start a new project. 

Map out your free time, and come up with an achievable goal, be it writing for a certain amount of time per day, or a certain number of words today. My daily goal is 2,000w on the stuff I need to get done. I start writing at 9am on the dot, and try finish before noon. 

Remove distractions by blocking your internet, writing on a shitty device, or leaving the house. I use the Freedom app and pre-schedule blocks of time where my internet will be cut off from all 3 of my devices.

Take it slow. You can always up your goal later. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself now. 

Don’t give up. If you sit down and plan to write for 30mins, write for 30mins. Don’t give up because the words aren’t coming naturally. Just write, anything. Or sit there and think about writing. Dedicate that time to writing. 

Antis:hey you’re content is harmful and triggering to us, it’s giving us panic and anxiety attacks and we can’t go into the main tags

Shalashits:uM that’s not OUR problem,,,it’s called the internet,,,just block us if you don’t like it,,,it’s dumb for you to tell us what we can and can’t post

Antis:ok here’s a list of people to block–

Shalashits:this is BULLYING, this list is giving me anxietY,,,you have to tailor YOUR list to my needs. If you don’t it means you’re HEARTLESS,,,who would post content and just NOT care how it affects people

Antis:ok so does that mean you’ll stop posting CP?


Antis: ok so we’ll put you on the list–

Shalashits:NOOOO!!! why don’t you care about how this is making ME SPECIFICALLY feel???