Dark Comfort

After seeing all of you sending in asks about comforting Dark after seeing/hearing about WKM. So, I thought I’d spread some love. After reading this ask, I wanted to write a small thing about it

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You were away on a holiday. Somewhere Dark knew there wasn’t any internet and barely any service. He had once been concerned about that aspect. Being unable to contact him if something happened, or talk to him in general. But as of now, with what that idiot had posted on his channel, Darkiplier was more than relieved you had no access to the network. 
Dark spent his time sorting through his emotions. The empty house seemed to echo with the voices in his head. He knew it wasn’t healthy, staying still, spinning the cane between his fingers. But you had made this a home, for the both of you. He felt safe here. And Dark would never admit it, but he was scared of his emotions. Reliving that nightmare had caused a ripple in his mind, releasing those feelings of betrayal and misery. Dark needed you. But you weren’t home for another day.

On the morning you came back, Dark had barely moved from his spot on the end of the bed. His mind racing with how to explain himself to you. How to even begin telling you about what he did and how it all came together. 
When he saw your car pull up he was already moving towards the front door. He reached it just as he hauled your bag inside. 
“Hey, sorry I’m late. The traffic-” You grunted with the force of the hug. Dark had yanked you into his chest, arms winding around your like iron cages to hold you against him. You felt the tension in his body. And as he buried his face into the crook of your neck, you knew something awful had happened. 
“Dark?” You asked. dropping your bag and curling your arms around his waist. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” 

How could he explain this to you? About what happened to Colonel? To his friend in the mirror? Nothing he could say would let you see him the same way again. 

Dark didn’t know what to say. His shell was splitting just thinking about the videos. You felt the surge of energy, his body flickering and beginning to vibrate the more red and blue that started to show. Frowning, you leaned back enough to look at him. His eyes were down cast, soft in their gaze but no warmth you were use too. Taking his hand, you eased out of his arms and took him to the couch. Where you sat down and Dark collapsed next to you. Almost instantly, his body was pressed against yours.  Curling around your frame with your fingers still tightly intertwined. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” You asked, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair. He sighed and shook his head. Melting into your hand and leaning against you. 
“No. Not yet.” He said and you nodded. Dark then shifted to lay his head in your lap. Still curled against you, like a cat, as he pressed his face against your stomach. His eyes closing as you started to filter your fingers through his hair. Massaging scalp and tickling the back of his neck. You continued this for a while, even started to talk about your trip. Dark said nothing, but you knew he was listening. He was glad you were here to distract him for a time now. The cane was still in the bedroom. Laying on the bed covers, waiting to be revealed to you. Half of Dark wanted to stay quiet. To keep it from you. But he wasn’t so naive to think you would never be exposed to the internet after you returned home. Dark knew you enjoyed Mark’s videos and watched them when he wasn’t around. So you will find out. 
Dark sighed heavily and reached over to grip your hand. His eyes widened as you intertwined his fingers with yours, squeezing gently. 
“There’s something I need to show you.” Dark said in a quiet, but eerily flat tone. “But, I need you to know when it happened, I was… not myself.  I wasn’t the man you know. And it will take alot of explaining.” 
Your eyebrows furrowed in worry. What was so bad Dark was hesitating to tell you? 
But you nodded and Dark stood. Keeping his hand locked with yours as he led the way into the bedroom. When you stepped inside the room, Dark released your hand and picked up the cane. Turning to you and holding it out for you to see. 
“I was not always Darkiplier.” He said. Eyes glued to the object in his hands. “I was once a man named Damien. And…I did something horrible by your mortal standards. I do not regret it. And I need you to understand that my story is a dark one. And you must keep an open mind that I am a being of hate and darkness. I feel nothing after that day. Only vague memories of the emotions that I will share with you.”