Aaron Swartz’s Father Says Son Was ‘Killed By The Government’

Internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz was “killed by the government,” his father told mourners Tuesday during his son’s funeral in suburban Chicago.

Swartz, who help create Reddit and RSS, the technology behind blogs, podcasts and other web-based subscription services, was found dead Friday in his New York apartment. He was facing federal charges that alleged he illegally gained access to millions of articles from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer archive.

He was killed by the government, and MIT betrayed all of its basic principles,” he said.

Swartz, 26, was facing charges that carried a maximum penalty of decades in prison. His trial was scheduled to begin in April.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz had no comment about Robert Swartz’s remarks, Ortiz spokeswoman Christina DiIorio-Sterling said.

Swartz’s family also lashed out against prosecutors Saturday, saying the death was “the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach.

Swartz’s case highlighted society’s uncertain, evolving view of how to treat people who break into computer systems and share data not to enrich themselves, but to make it available to others.

Tim Berners-Lee, who developed the World Wide Web, and Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, director of the Safra Center for Ethics where Swartz was once a fellow, both spoke at the funeral.

We felt the indictment was nonsense and that he would be acquitted,” Berners-Lee told the newspaper after the service.

  • demi lovato: *writes a song about feminism*
  • demi lovato: *stands up for bullied and mentally ill people*
  • demi lovato: *pays for other people's treatment*
  • demi lovato: *goes to Africa to build schools*
  • demi lovato: You don't need to paint your face like a clown to look beautiful.
  • demi lovato: You don't need a thigh gap to be sexy.
  • demi lovato: *exposes internet activists because some of them don't even know what it means*
  • demi lovato: *is sober, clean and healthy*
  • demi lovato: *talks about sensitive topics (self harm, religion, wars, drugs)*
  • demi lovato: *supports lgbt rights*
  • demi lovato: *gets banned from Russia because she believes in equality*
  • demi lovato: *gets called fat by thousands of people every time she comes on Twitter*
  • demi lovato: *gets dragged every time she says something because people are too lazy to read the whole interview*
  • internet activists: Demi Lovato is so problematic. ://
Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump
Agency employees are turning to Signal and other incognito forms of communication to express their dissent.

When the government wants to suppress all dissent, encryption is your friend.

For guides on how to communicate securely, see our Resources page.

More to come.

hi everyone! i’ve recently started the journey into veganism, and this time i am 100% committed to staying that way. i’m doing everything i possibly can to keep on my track. so, i am looking for vegan friends! if you are a vegan please please private message me and we can chat. if we make a good connection maybe we could become friends! (i don’t want to force friendship) please help support me in being a vegan for life! thank you!

 Demi Lovato recently said:

‘’I considered myself a feminist before it was cool. Now everyone’s claiming it’’

and we should definitely talk about this. 

People called her a ‘’white feminist’’ but Demi didn’t lie when she said that. Feminism is becoming a fancy word that people like to use just to look trendy but they don’t know what it means.  We should not be happy because everyone’s claiming it because, claiming it, and knowing what feminism is actually about, are two completely different things. 

Now this is what Demi was talking about:

This person tried to call Demi out (not to mention that #WomenAgainsFeminism tweet is fake, and can be considered as character assassination)

but let’s take a look.

Everyone’s claiming it, but not everyone knows what it means and what it stands for. So before you attack her, Internet feminists, think about the situation and ask yourself, do 70% of these Internet activists actually care about the issue? And is Demi really a white feminist because she called out white feminists? Y’all are constantly talking about her tweets about makeup, but did she lie? Was she wrong because she said that girls don’t need makeup to be beautiful? Did she say ‘'Stop wearing makeup’’ ?? No, she simply said ‘’You don’t have to paint your face like a clown to be beautiful’’ 
Also, before talking about her ‘’Fuck your thigh gap’’ post, read this. 

Demi has her own Scholarship program where she pays for other people’s treatment, she’s openly tweeted about wars, religion problems and lgbt community, she’s always telling girls that every body type is beautiful and you want to discredit her just because you misunderstood her tweets/quotes?

No, it doesn’t not work that way.  

FCC victory for open-Internet activists

After more than a year of heated public debate, the FCC has passed “net neutrality” rules that will regulate broadband providers in the same way as public utilities. The move ensures Internet providers won’t be allowed to grant faster access to companies in exchange for a fee. - NBC News

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Most of you wont care after a few months

No body get me wrong, spreading awareness of anything is not a bad thing, but all these people raging about this kony guy, are just annoying, they did the same shit for katrina, japan, and now this, but nobody post about our country’s problems except the ridiculous occupy bullshit, our country has sex slaves, children dying, homeless rate increasing, but i dont see anyone posting and ranting about that. yes spread awareness of this asshole leader, but get off the bandwagon of just him, look into other things that actually affect you. 

Don't believe me, when was the last time any of you looked into japan and how its still fucked and really, no one should even be living there. 

How many of you know the homeless rate in america, or the number of our children being abducted and forced into sex slavery.

Or the huge drug war just south of our borders that is growing more and more everyday.

Yes, Spread about Knoy, let people know, hes a monster and should be stopped, but spread about whats happening in your backyard too. 

HOLD. Despite a couple of these pictures being terrible representations of what they’re supposed to represent but it’s the idea that is important and it’s a side effect of the internet activist trend, the fact of the matter is this concerns people under the age of 25, most of which are on the internet and many of which would reblog this with a sense of righteousness but if they truly wanted to rid their world of this discrimination they would only have to eliminate when they exit cyberspace and enter back into their social circles and especially during school hours. 

On top of that, stereotypes are not bad, if it weren’t for them our species would not be where it is right now. They are all more than likely based in a good amount of reality. It’s the ignorant and derogatory use that is the issue.

Why are internet activists being messy again? Barbie started a campaign and everyone’s allowed to participate. They asked for suggestions and Demi asked for a curvy doll? She wasn’t trying to steal the spotlight, she wasn’t shading anyone. How the fuck is she a white feminist when she’s not even white? How is she racist, when she has Africa tattooed on her arm? Her boyfriend is Latin? She’s half Latina? She went to Africa just to build schools and woman empowerment center? She’s not afraid to raise her voice and talk about sensitive topics so if you’re saying that this wasn’t the right time for her to tweet that, you’re wrong. That was the right time for her to speak up because she’s been waiting for that curvy Barbie doll since 2013. Just because she asked for something doesn’t mean she’s not happy for Zendaya. She didn’t say ‘’I want my own Barbie doll!!’’ she said there should be a doll with curves, and she’d like to be a model. Y’all are so problematic, Demi is (unlike you) actually doing something for our society.

India's Internet activists have a SOPA moment: no "poor Internet for poor people"

My latest Guardian column, ‘Poor internet for poor people’: India’s activists fight Facebook connection plan, tells the story of how India’s amazing Internet activists have beaten back Facebook’s bid to become gatekeeper to the Internet for the next billion users.

They’ve been assisted in this by Facebook’s own stupid mistakes, to be sure, but all credit is due to them for refusing to settle and for rallying mass support to the cause of Net Neutrality in India.

The interesting question for me is whether Google – who have been sneakily supporting Facebook behind the scenes – will seize the opportunity and deliver devices and services that help Indian Internet users get around the corrupt and greedy phone companies that got into bed with Facebook.

Here we have India’s SOPA moment: an unexpected, unprecedented uprising that’s caught the popular imagination, terrified one of the largest companies in the world, made politicians and regulators take notice. Why aren’t we supporting them in what they’re asking for? Why aren’t we just saying, “The alternative to Facebook as internet gatekeeper is no one as internet gatekeeper?”

India’s activists didn’t need our help. They never blinked.

Facebook came back for a second round, with the Free Basics rebranding, right around the time that the independent Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) put out a short, cogent consultation paper asking pointed questions. It’s only 11 pages long, and it ends with four questions, and you should read it – it’s just the kind of thing you want from an independent expert agency.

No one at Facebook appeared to read it. The company mounted a charm offensive, featuring long, soulful letters from Mark Zuckerberg in the national papers, roadside billboards, multi-page newspaper adverts, floods of SMSes. A total media blitz aimed at getting people to respond to the TRAI’s paper and say they endorsed Free Basics. They really pulled out all the stops – some Indian Facebook users reported that merely scrolling past the ads pleading with them to weigh in was enough to trigger a status update saying they’d endorsed the idea.

It worked: Facebook got millions of comments into the TRAI. But unfortunately for Facebook the TRAI paper hadn’t asked, “Do you support Free Basics?” So the entirety of Facebook’s astroturf army was discarded as unresponsive to the questions raised in the paper. The TRAI’s chairman explained: “Consultations by the TRAI are not opinion polls; we are not asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We are asking why you think it is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, because that helps us in formulating the guidelines”

'Poor internet for poor people’: India’s activists fight Facebook connection plan [Cory Doctorow/The Guardian]