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Wants to post a headcanon concerning a part of canon I have some issue with (aka the last half of the series), but hesitant cause I’m probably going to come across anti something when I’m not.  Ugh…why does my brain HAVE to figure out an answer to all of canon’s oddities.  Add on if you haven’t watched the show well….huge spoiler.  I don’t tag them this long after it ended, but still.  Its one of the few plot twists or what have you they ever did that actually surprised me.

Dear Internet Please Read

I really hate putting this here, but I decided to. I have been having many people take my edits, my music, my poetry, my photos….and using it as their own…or posting it with anonymous text…saying that they found it on the “internet.” Everything that I POST IS ORIGINAL CONTENT (I specify if it is not). Everything that I post has taken lots of brainstorming, lots of thought, and I have paid money to buy converters, processors, recording equipment and lots of work to figure out how to make things possible.

My music and videos that you take 1 song can take up to 150 hours. It also takes part of my soul. This song has 19 different instruments. It was 12 pages long….and I put all of the notes in manually.

My photos that you take can take up to 5. 

My “stupid” gifs (I know they are stupid) can take up to 3 hours….not including brainstorming which can a long time as well.

My poetry takes up to 10 hours to get right. Even though it is #Blindspot related I have had to dig deep into my soul. For example, this poetry below It was about “Roman and Remi”, but I had to write about my own brother to make it work. This poetry was actually about his fight with crippling depression.

Please if you want to use my stuff please at least add who made it. I know I do not own Blindspot in any way, but I do own the time I made my edits and music. I am now forced to watermark everything….which will take a lot longer for edits and I really hate to do it. Please internet be kind.

Much Love,


[TRANS] 170427 Non-fan Guy praised Kim Jaejoong’s politeness at Coldplay Concert

Viva La Coldplay: Lucky guy who sat behind Kim Jaejoong at Coldplay Seoul Concert talks about polite JJ

He was sitting right in front of me, I thought he was very handsome person with blond hair who does applied music. He was with a friend and told me he was sorry that he accidentally took a photo of me while taking a selfie. I told him it’s ok, then let’s take a photo together. After that we enjoyed Coldplay Concert and left. I found out later he was KIM JAEJOONG… I made his instagram posting and internet news articles. I saw a celeb with my two eyes but couldn’t recognize him. Very sorry. World becomes one with Coldplay!!!
Photo Credit: Internet News LOL, the guy holding the camera behind (Kim Jaejoong) it’s me

Source: Naver
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213
Shared by: JYJ3



Presenting the full size clay Cherry from 2TallTales!

This has been my project I’ve been working on and off on for the past couple weeks and I finally got the time to finish him. I think he has to be one of the most complicated figures I’ve ever made, rivaling even Ink Sans, but it was so much fun recreating each little detail. Hopefully I’ll have a full size Vanilla figure made soon to complete this group!

2TallTales belongs to @thenoblescosplay and @2talltales

elementarrry  asked:

Despite my awkwardness over the internet, your post encouraging new followers to introduce themselves convinced me :P So... hi Munira *waves*. I'm Leti, a third year Chemistry undergrad with a soft spot for physical sciences and a bad habit of procrastination (hence why I'm not doing any work now ...). I enjoy reading your tumblr because I can relate to a lot of things you post (#scienceundergrad life) and because your profile pic literally lights up my dash :P

YAY!! Hi Leti (that’s such a pretty name!)! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words! Good luck with chemistry and the studying (now get back to work :p)

xx Munira

obviously the Dynamic itself is a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, etc., but the concept of the Dynamic as a distinct pattern isn’t really new, at least in internet time - people were posting about it a good two years ago, maybe more. there’s been a lot more discussion of it in the past few months, yeah, but it wasn’t like it was invented in february 2017 alongside robert pope leonard.




Libro y Performance/ Book and Performance

Una obra clave para el arte post internet. A través de una performance y un libro impreso, Coburn narra la historia de un periodista digital que escribe sobre las tendencias en las redes sociales. A medida que la historia avanza, comienza a sentirse aturdido ante tanta verborragia. Esto representa una fuerte crítica hacia la tecnología digital como un componente más de las transformaciones sociales y económicas en el mundo.

A key art work for post-internet art. Through a performance and a printed book, Coburn tells the story of a digital journalist who writes about trends in social media. As the story progresses, he begins to feel stunned by such verbiage. This represents a strong criticism of digital technology as one more component of social and economic transformations in the world

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