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gogu ur like an internet cryptid u post some blurry pic of a half eaten cheesecake reblog something five times then disapear for a day and half

this is so specific did i actually do that

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You said to Takashi that your parents won't let you call the authorities over your friend because they think it's silly...what's stopping you from doing it anyway?

Well, for starters, I can’t drive so I can’t go to the police myself, I don’t have a job or my own income yet, I graduated High School, but Common Core was too hard for me, so I’m not in college yet, my parents are nosy as hell and I have turn off the email notifications for stuff like my Twitter so they don’t see if I post anything “inappropriate”, and lastly, as I said repeatedly before, I don’t know anything any other info on @dongelmeister‘s whereabouts other than his Tumblr account and his Know Your Meme account

They think it’s silly to file a missing person report for a person on the internet who hasn’t posted in a long time (and in fairness, they’re not completely wrong, since I have little info to go by when it comes to @dongelmeister). I was hoping that one of the people I know on the internet could help with it instead (I’ve even tried to find a hacker, believe it or not, but I’ve had no success with that as well). 

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to help, because I’m tired of running into dead ends with reblogs and likes which don’t do anything other than make me want to drown myself more than I already do.


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura


I had this post queued for 3 am and I think it literally broke my blog, like it said it was deactivated and I was in a panic a good 20 minutes, so that was fun. The original post is lost to the void, but my blog is back and now you get my dumb jokes during the light of day.

My original comment was something about Bokuto ending up in Kuroo’s armpit, I don’t know.

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