internet went down last night

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Scout quick question, what cons are you going to be going to? :3

i’d REALLY like to be able to make it to jaxcon and vegascon! those are on my list for now, but i haven’t done any ticket buying yet for jacksonville’s. i’m pushing that one really close right now (can’t believe it’s already like, a month away. yeesh! but the weather here is so unpredictable right now that traveling by plane makes me nervous!)

otherwise, all con plans are blurry. i’m going to be really busy until may, and then after that it is a mystery!

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How does one be as awesome as you? Seriously, you’re everything that’s good in this world except maybe garlic bread.

aw, thank you so much! it’s sweet of you to think that. but it’s true, the purity of garlic bread is unbeatable

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wtf I TRIED I really wanted that destiel charm ( and not because of me I’m not actually a shipper but I wanted to gift it to a friend who really does) ohh im soo sad. :0 :’(

i’m so sorry!! i’ve been working basically since i got up to right up until this moment, and i’d really love to be able to get the next wave of charms up on saturday. definitely should have ordered more of these charms, though! i was just nervous at first because it’s been a few months since i’ve ordered from zap!

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