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“According to the story, an unheard-of new arcade game appeared in several suburbs of PortlandOregon in 1981, something of a rarity at the time. The game proved to be incredibly popular, to the point of addiction, and lines formed around the machines, often resulting in fighting over who played next. This was followed by clusters of visits from men in black. Rather than the usual marketing data collected by company visitors to arcade machines, they collected some unknown data, allegedly testing responses to the psychoactive machines. The players themselves suffered from a series of unpleasant side effects, including amnesia,insomnianightmaresnight terrors, and even suicide in some versions of the legend. Some players stopped playing video games, while reportedly one became an antigaming activist. The supposed creator of Polybius is Ed Rotberg, and the company named in the urban legend is Sinneslöschen (what seems to be a slightly incorrect German translation for "To have erased your mind”), often named as either a secret government organization or a codename for Atari. The gameplay is said to be similar to Tempest (ashoot ‘em up game using vector graphics), while the game is said to contain subliminal messages which would influence the action of anyone playing it.“ -Wikipedia

note: sometimes i scare myself and want to sleep with my mommy but i’m like no god dammit you’re a grown ass woman can you act like it ugh it’s the worst 

after a long day of putting up with naruto and then being hounded by his equally annoying son for training, all sasuke wants is to drop into bed beside sakura and sleep for at least two days. she laughs when he complains about them and then she shares her own stories about her own day and at some point they start kissing and sakura is smiling against his mouth. but before anything interesting can happen, their bedroom door slams open and their daughter launches herself on the bed and shoves herself between them.

sasuke groans because this bed is definitely not made for three people. especially not two grown adults and one preteen girl.

“mama!” sarada yells as she pulls away the blanket and settles in at sakura’s side. she grabs her and looks utterly ridiculous considering she’s hardly a child anymore. “mama, i need to sleep here tonight.”

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On May 31 2014, in the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a cyclist riding past a forested area was shocked to discover a young girl screaming for help on the side of the road. She was bleeding heavily from nineteen stab wounds, and was “one millimeter away from certain death” according to the criminal complaint made to police. Despite the seriousness of her injuries, the victim survived and told investigators a bizarre story. 

The night before the near fatal attack, she had been invited for a sleepover at the home of a twelve year old classmate, along with another friend. The three girls - who were in the same grade at the local school - spent the night, and the next day the two friends lured the victim into the woods under the pretense of playing hide and seek. There they pinned the frightened girl down and stabbed her in the chest, abdomen,  legs, and arms. They then left the victim to die of her wounds. 

When the two girls were apprehended, they claimed the attempted killing was a sacrifice to “Slenderman”, an Internet urban legend popularized by the horror fiction website According to the legend, Slenderman is a faceless, tall humanoid figure who stalks and kills children in wooded areas. The two girls claimed to be followers of Slenderman, and believed they would meet him if they murdered for him. Both girls were charged with attempted first degree murder and will be tried as adults.

The victim required six hours of surgery and organ reconstruction, but is apparently recovering well and has returned to school.

The Magnus Archives ‘Binary’ (S02E25) Analysis

Between a very nice, very creepy story and a solid ending scene (that’s been a long time coming), this was a very good entry into the series.  It furthers the meta plot on at least one and possibly even several fronts, and we finally get a reason for something that’s been bothering a few of us for a while.  And that reason is both satisfying and horrifying.  Come on in to hear what I think of ‘Binary’.

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The Holders Series is an internet urban legend. It is a set of stories based on obtaining 538 magical items that, when brought together, will destroy the world. Most of the stories begin as such: “In any city, in any country, go to any halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself ‘The Holder of ________.’” The stories each have their own disturbing vibe. Here is one of them:

In any city, in any country, there’s a halfway house where certain Objects wait. There were once 2,538 of these Objects, but 2,000 were lost.

They are kept by The Holders, and the remaining 538 must never come together. Ever.

They objects could be anything: a music box, a scalpel, the silence of a room in which no one has spoken for countless years. When brought together, these Objects will bring about unimaginably horrific consequences. Few know the details of those consequences. Will the Objects are gathered together, will they bring about the end of the world as we know it? The end of the universe? Or will it be something far, far worse– something we can’t even begin to contemplate?

This is one way to find the Objects: Locate an institution that seems like the sort of place an Object might wait. It could be in your hometown, or it could be halfway across the world; but whatever your choice, go there and do not hesitate to walk in. At the front desk, tell the attendant that you wish to visit The Holder of the End. The attendant will appear frightened, but he will do as he is told. He will take you to a cell hidden deep in an otherwise ignored section of the building.

As you walk the halls, you will hear the voice of someone talking to himself. You will not understand the language, but you will also know that it is not a language you would ever wish to understand.

The talking might cease. If it does, stop and say aloud, “I’m just passing through. I wish to talk.” Should the silence remain, leave immediately. Should the voice resume, continue onward. The cell, when you finally reach it, will be a windowless room, and a person will stand in the corner, speaking the language you do not understand and holding something in his arms. The person will not respond to anything you say– unless you ask, “What happens when they all come together?”

The person will look you in the eye and answer your question. You may not wish to know the answer, but once it has been heard, it cannot be unheard. You may lose your mind in that cell. You may disappear. Or, you may choose to look upon the object cradled in the person’s arms. Your death will be in that room. 


Creepy-Portraits, intimate examinations of some of my favorite Creepypasta protagonists. 

I rlly like website urabn legends and internet urban legends like. Not that they were made on the internet but like “the red room” and other spooky 1s. Do u guys have spooky internet urban legends

Youtuber Headcanons
  • Yuugi: Poppin’ Cookin sets, vintage toys, light-hearted Duel Monsters technique videos, makes subscriber specials at least once a month
  • Atem: Competitive game streams uploaded in whole, Con videos, Videos of Yugi making videos of Poppn’ Cookin
  • Jou and Honda: Weird flash game streams, Windows Destruction, basically Joel and Vinny; Ordering gross pizza for charity
  • Anzu: Con vlogs, cosplay tutorials, anime dance flash mobs
  • Kaiba: CritMagnet style PWNAGE, only less memes and more dragons, and "What would happen if we BOILED an iphone6 in COKE?"
  • Mokuba: Dances to pop songs in his room and rants about Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bakura: Cr1tikal. Just Cr1tikal
  • Ryou: Disneyworld Vlogs with Yuugi and friends, urban exploring, excitedly talking about the Magical Kingdom in 90% of his videos
  • Marik: Creepy top 10 lists, Deep web exploration, and does analysis on Internet urban legends
  • Yami Marik: Makes deep web videos

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What do you know about cockroaches (not just the house kind)? Or maybe better yet, what should I know about cockroaches?

Well there are about 4000 species worldwide and they will someday rule this earth. Treat them well now because they’re only about 6 steps away from being our overlords and I’m only partially kidding!

I know you’ve heard about their ability to resist the affects of nuclear radiation. That’s actually something common to many arthropods! I think what people should talk more about is their ability to flatten themselves to near paper thinness to survive being crushed! Or their ability to recycle their urine indefinitely to avoid needing a steady source of water! Oh or how about the displacement of their nervous system that allows them to be able to survive weeks headless! (and yes that’s a scientifically tested fact, not some internet urban legend!)

There are about 70 species in the US, about 1/3 of which were introduced from other countries and as I’ve already stated that they are incredibly hardy. This is likely the reason why they’ve existed unchanged since the early Carboniferous period (Nearly 350 million years ago). There are 5 families. 3 that we are fairly used to: Blattelidae (German Cockroaches), Blattidae (American Cockroaches), and Blaberidae (Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches). And 2 that most people have never seen; the Cryptocercids (sort of like termites) and the Corydiids (sand roaches).

Cockroaches hold the record for being the fastest terrestrial insects! The hairs on their legs and cerci are attuned to low frequency sounds and even minute vibrations will activate the escape response that makes them so difficult to sneak up on.

Cockroaches are also the most common household allergen next to dust mites! About half of people with Asthma are allergic to cockroaches (and don’t realize it because their doctor isn’t an entomologist and never had to take an entomology course in Med School). Some people have allergic reactions that can lead to anaphylactic shock. Furthermore proteins that make up the allergens themselves are just as hardy as the cockroaches. They can persist through ultraviolet light, dramatic ph changes, and even boiling water remaining potent for decades.

Few people respect these creatures for the remarkable, noteworthy organisms that they are. I wish more people could acknowledge and respect that certain organisms can be interesting, admirable even, but at the same time unwelcome as guests in your home. They’re really cool but I choose not to hasten the day that they take over the world by providing them my leftovers and my kitchen as a place of harborage as they bide their time! 

I really want a paranormal!Inuyasha AU where Kagome’s all obsessed with those weird stories from the part of the Internet that advertises urban legends and missing/dead persons who disappeared under odd circumstances and has always wanted to investigate them for herself.

So one day when she hears about people vanishing in the Aokigahara forest (look it up it’s freaky as heck) she decides to go investigate for herself and somewhere along the way discovers the existence of the youkai world, and finds that all the strange vanishings are linked to people finding out too much about the youkai world or venturing too far in and never coming back

Idk I just really want a creepy Inuyasha AU