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Reaction no. 268: When you’re working on a group project.

you’d think that with jane not even having a cameo in thor: ragnarok the mandatory horde of hateful misogynists that resurrects after every marvel movie wouldn’t have risen against her again yet here I am finding jane foster hate in the jane foster tag at every turn like it’s fucking 2013 again


Asshole disrespecting my boundaries that I have in place to keep myself AND my partners safe.

J: This guy is all kinds of disgusting and should be avoided at all cost! The fact that he went to the extent of trying to make you feel paranoid for having a boundary that keeps all parties safe made me want to reach through the internets to punch the fucker!! Nope! Don’t let the virtual door hit you in the ass on the way out.

My opinion on Joss Whedon has fluctuated to say the least. I am partly of the mind set that people who drag Joss Whedon for stuff he did over a decade ago are being a bit extreme. Not that the problematic stuff he did isn’t problematic. But I do think people who are maybe a bit too keen to hate on Whedon don’t acknowledge that people do change. A lot of the stuff Joss has been accused of based off his work pre-Cabin the Woods & Avengers (Buffy, Firefly, that Wonder Woman script) doesn’t seem to be present in most of his more recent work.

He is (partly) responsible for Agents of SHIELD, which has 3 kick ass and interesting female characters, two of whom are women of color. And the only reason anyone demanded a Black Widow movie was because of the Avengers. Plus, I don’t think it’s fair to focus only on the problematic elements of anyone’s work and ignore the progressive stuff in their work.

That being said…

That doesn’t mean we should just shrug his problematic stuff under the rug just because he makes good stuff. I love Firefly, but the way he treated Inara’s bisexuality mainly as a joke, and the mere idea of what he planned to do to her in a  later season makes my skin crawl. Just as one example. But most importantly, for a man who prides himself on being a feminist and for being progressive in his work, he hasn’t really acknowledged or addressed any of the criticism of his less than progressive work as far as I know.

That Wonder Woman script has been floating around the internet as a punching bag for, what, a week? And yet Joss, again, s far as I know, has yet to address it. He hasn’t apologized for it, or said that he would have fixed the blatant sexism in further drafts, or even defended the script. And he can’t not know about it at this point. And let’s not forget: Age of Ultron is his most recent project. And while some of the problematic stuff in that film was exaggerated, it was still far from perfect. The Avengers may have been 90% white people and Loki might have called Nat a c*** in another language, but at least it didn’t white wash two of the most famous Jewish/Romani characters from the comics and make them volunteers for in universe super Nazis! And how did Whedon go from ‘Natasha tricks a trickster god like a boss‘ to ‘aha man fall on boobs‘?

Joss, in my opinion, is far from a bad writer. He’s probably one of the best writers working today when he’s on point. But he is definitely a problematic one. His more problematic stuff is behind him, but he’s got a long way to go. I know this may seem blasphemous, but I think we should give him a chance with Batgirl. It could be brilliant, it could be bad, but it could be worse. This is the same studio that asked Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2. Though if he screws Batgirl up, that may be his credibility gone for good. OK, no it won’t, he’s a white guy in Hollywood with a huge following who works in the superhero genre. Whatever.

Bottom line: I do think we should let bygones be bygones, but only when Whedon has proved that he deserves a second chance.