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Reaction no. 268: When you’re working on a group project.

[Richboykat]: …. Do you ever suddenly feel the need to punch someone you don’t even know in the face?

[Richboykat]: IDK who I even feel like punching in the face. I just feel like someone needs it…

[Richboykat]: Today’s probably a good day to stay inside.

I have always hated exercising just for exercising’s sake. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t work out, and I’ve always been perfectly content with my sedentary lifestyle. But, man, I’ve now found an activity-involving-exercise that I actually really enjoy, and the bone-deep exhaustion after coming home from it each week is just so fucking *satisfying*. I finally understand why people are always saying that exercise makes you feel good.

Social Justice Avenger

Words: 738
Mentor!Steve Rogers x Reader
Reader is known to mouth off a little when it comes to social justice and human rights. After a particularly rough bashing on social media, she goes to Captain America for help. 

It was a Saturday. There wasn’t much going on at the compound. Bucky had taken a small group into town for a mid-day bar crawl. Tony had an even smaller group out on a mission that wouldn’t last more than a couple days. You were glad for all of this, because it meant there was hardly anyone around. As a general rule, you liked to be around the team, but not on this Saturday.

You stared at your Facebook profile enraged. It was no secret to the rest of the country that you were a bit of a Social Justice Warrior. You couldn’t really help yourself. Like the leader of the Avengers and your personal mentor, Captain America, you absolutely had to say something when you noticed an injustice. And like Steve, your big mouth tended to get you in trouble.

This time, it was something you had said at a feminism rally that you, Natashia and Wanda had all attended together. The three of you had thought, and been encouraged by Tony, that it might be inspiring for the women across the country to see that the female Avengers stood with them. Overall you think your participation had a positive impact on the rally. But the event had ended more than a week ago and people on Social Media still couldn’t seem to let some of your comments go.

“If you don’t like this country, move somewhere else.”

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spaci1701 replied to your post “Oh shit, it’s Tuesday”

I can’t help but think that the class you need to take is titled ‘What Not to Cook’. Or, 'Oh Holy Hell, That’s Not Actually Food, What The Hell Are You Thinking, Stop Eating That!!!’

Aw, no! 90% of what I cook is delightful, and the other 10% is either a calculated risk or cookies. 

spaci1701 replied to your post “Hello, Sam! I’m curious - what didn’t you like about Monstrous…”

Not having read the book, it occurs to me that your issue with it may have been because of your familiarity with the trope - what’s new and interesting for newcomers to the concept may just have bored you because you already knew that part of the idea and were just looking for the new take.

What’s interesting is that Pterry arguably deepened the trope – he took it from the realm of a woman either playing a prank or making a strategic defensive move, and shifted it into women actually going to war. In the folk songs, that’s semi-rare – the woman sometimes becomes a military leader after killing her unfaithful husband/boyfriend when she discovers he’s been fucking around on her, but usually the story ends with lulz, not combat. And it wasn’t so much that I didn’t want that deepening, it’s just that the way in which he did it I found very tedious. It was like for a significant portion of the book he was searching for a plot, and in the meantime the characters just sort of ran around. 

I think he just…happened to use a trope I love in a book he really struggled with. (He has talked in interviews about how Monstrous Regiment was a real departure for him, a very different book to the rest of Discworld.) 

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Sounds like the cold open of a Doctor Who episode, the elevator phone ringing like that. Did you look for the TARDIS outside?

I looked for a security guard to report the problem to outside, which doesn’t bode well for my future ability to follow the Doctor unquestioningly, I suppose :D 

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Everything companies do to modify a phone number and how it sends or receives calls costs money. That’s pretty much all you need to know about telecommunications. ;-)

Ohhhh. Now it all makes sense….

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Ok, are you actually the star of a Truman Show-esque series? Between the pratfalls, large internet following, punching a bird, and now this, I’m not sure. 10/10 would watch a show about a golden retriever prospect researcher.

A few years ago I did invent a sitcom about myself. I called it Sam Squared. :D 

i've realized something about homestuck

so… I haven’t read homestuck or been in the fandom since middle school. and what i’ve realized is that as much of a mess as the comic is, as much as it’s been designated some kind of internet punching bag, it’s not Problematic™. it doesn’t glorify anything awful like cheating or abuse or homophobia. 

when there is violence – and there will be bc it’s a fantasy/scifi/adventure webcomic – it’s not “this character is so cool and badass for doing this violent thing”. either they’re a villain and distinctly portrayed as such (ie, caliborn) or they’re a good/neutral character who doesn’t want to be doing it but has to. shit’s going down either way, but i don’t remember a single instance in which homestuck actually pushed violence as being good. 

even dave and dirk do not actually want to be violent, terrible people. I don’t remember much about the older brother, but dave is  just a kid with a fucked up childhood who likes martial arts. violence was definitely more a part of his life than of, like… john’s. and he hated it. 

yes, sure, gamzee was blatantly violent and abusive, and the comic depicted several arcs/instances in which other characters were fucked over by his actions. even the people who genuinely cared about him didn’t condone what he did. he wasn’t shown to be cool at all for that, but… he was mentally ill. he had a breakdown. that was also addressed, I don’t remember if/how it was resolved, but they really showed how dangerous illness & violent urges are when left untreated. if he’d gotten help or talked to his friends, he’d have been fine. 

nor did the comic take a gross turn and villify gamzee or any other mentally ill antagoist for their illness – they were considered villains because they worked against the “good guys”. that’s kinda the point of villains. 

then there’s elitism/classism shown in eridan and feferi being dickwads bc “fish are better” or whatever. eridan was… from what I remember, just a dick. more of a malicious “racist” (for lack of a beter word, i know it’s just a comic) — than feferi, who was for the most part going along with what she’d been taught. both types of ignorance are shitty, feferi wasn’t depicted as “better” than eridan, both eventually learned  they were being awful. 

and it damn well could have been ableist with tavros being in a wheelchair and mituna (right? don’t remember well) being mentally disabled. tavros being kind of a pushover was just him; it didn’t have anything to do with his legs. his disability wasn’t used as a pity device, and he wasn’t pressued (too much) to forgive vriska for putting him in that situation. when their sprites fused or joined or whatever, it wasn’t fun for either of them. they didn’t like each other and they didn’t have to like each other. and sure, mituna was weird, but the joke wasn’t that his disability made him weird. he was just awkward and it was more like “lol mituna is strange but we still like him”. i don’t remember anything about them shunning, hating, or judging him for his disability. and of course there’s terezi too, for whom blindness wasn’t a pity device either, and it wasn’t some giant “i hate myself” arc that she had to overcome. honestly she was my favorite back when I actually was a fan of homestuck. there were several jokes that hinged on her not being able to see, but they were'n’t ableist – they were more along the lines of her falling off the wall into a pitcher of koolaid and screaming “fuck” or some shit. she was weird on purpose, and no one connected the weirdness to her blindness. 

like… i could keep going on about all of this, but the bottom line is that i think we should all have an appreciation for how homestuck did not push shitty values, stereoptypes, violence, and discrimination. when those things were shown, they were distinctly shown as bad. characters who did them were called out. those characters either grew and were accepted, or didn’t change and kept being villains. we can make fun of homestuck all we want, but we should keep this in mind.