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There are certain aspects of Tumblr culture that I find really creepy. 

Pulling receipts on people is one of them. 

Even creepier, the people who go out of their way to send asks like “Just so you know, you reblogged so-and-so and they said something homophobic three years ago.” 

Okay? So? I’m just here reblogging dog pictures and funny screen caps from trash tv shows. I don’t really care what so-and-so said three years ago. 

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? Me. 

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? You, probably. 

I mean, if I reblog something from someone who is actively, currently, human garbage… like if I reblog something from someone who is on par with Donald Trump, go ahead and tell me. 

Otherwise, maybe just let it go and stop pouring so much energy into policing the internet. Most of the people here are in their teens and early twenties. They are going to say ignorant shit that they regret!

If you are currently in your teens and twenties and you’re bristling at the idea that you too may be saying ignorant shit that you are going to regret, just you wait and see. 

Growing up is a constant progression of looking back at your past self and thinking “Oh god, what the fuck was wrong with me?” 

The Three Laws of Fandom

If you wish to take part in any fandom, you need to accept and respect these three laws.

If you aren’t able to do that, then you need to realise that your actions are making fandom unsafe for creators. That you are stifling creativity.

Like vaccination, fandom only works if everyone respects these rules. Creators need to be free to make their fanart, fanfics and all other content without fear of being harassed or concern-trolled for their creative choices, no matter whether you happen to like that content or not.

The First Law of Fandom

Don’t Like; Don’t Read (DL;DR)

It is up to you what you see online. It is not anyone else’s place to tell you what you should or should not consume in terms of content; it is not up to anyone else to police the internet so that you do not see things you do not like. At the same time, it is not up to YOU to police fandom to protect yourself or anyone else, real or hypothetical.

There are tools out there to help protect you if you have triggers or squicks. Learn to use them, and to take care of your own mental health. If you are consuming fan-made content and you find that you are disliking it - STOP.

The Second Law of Fandom

Your Kink Is Not My Kink (YKINMK)

Simply put, this means that everyone likes different things. It’s not up to you to determine what creators are allowed to create. It’s not up to you to police fandom

If you don’t like something, you can post meta about it or create contrarian content yourself, seek to convert other fans to your way of thinking.  

But you have no right to say to any creator “I do not like this, therefore you should not create it. Nobody should like this. It should not exist.”

It’s not up to you to decide what other people are allowed to like or not like, to create or not to create. That’s censorship. Don’t do it.

The Third Law of Fandom

Ship And Let Ship (SALS)

Much (though not all) fandom is about shipping. There are as many possible ships as there are fans, maybe more. You may have an OTP (One True Pairing), you may have a NOTP, that pairing that makes you want to barf at the very thought of its existence.

It’s not up to you to police ships or to determine what other people are allowed to ship. Just because you find that one particular ship problematic or disgusting, does not mean that other people are not allowed to explore its possibilities in their fanworks.

You are free to create contrarian content, to write meta about why a particular ship is repulsive, to discuss it endlessly on your private blog with like-minded persons.

It is not appropriate to harass creators about their ships, it is not appropriate to demand they do not create any more fanworks about those ships, or that they create fanwork only in a manner that you deem appropriate.

These three laws add up to the following:

You are not paying for fanworks content, and you have no rights to it other than to choose to consume it, or not consume it. If you do choose to consume it, do not then attack the creator if it wasn’t to your taste. That’s the height of bad manners.

Be courteous in fandom. It makes the whole experience better for all of us.

People who ruin fandoms...

1. The Headcanon Police. The ones who freak out over someone’s interpretation of a character and then go out of their way to harass them. Even if it’s something completely miniscule.

2. The Erasure Police. The ones that jump through hoops to turn every little think into an erasure issue. Known for harassing fan art artists and fanfiction writers for creating content they think “erases” a character’s quality and therefore the penalty is getting bullied off of the internet.

3. The Shipping Police. The ones who are “don’t look at me, don’t follow me, don’t talk to me, don’t even breathe in my general direction if you ship (insert ship here)!!!!!” Oddly enough these are usually the ones that will go on anon and harass those that do ship the forbidden pairing. Can also be a hybrid from the Erasure Police.

Fandoms should not be a place where people’s ideas are censored. Be nice, don’t be an ass. Don’t be one of the Fandom Police.

Seeing a pretty Klance fanart: ❤💕💕👏😩💘😍👌👌💯👏👬💗🌈😎💞👍

Noticing that Lance is whitewashed: 👎😒🚫😤🙅❌😡💥🙈👊😕💢🚫👋

Okay so I feel like people really do not understand fetishization.  Like, accusing KS of that is Wrong??  Like, listen, I’m a queer girl (so don’t bother dumping that straight people BS on me), and I have read a lot of yaoi, BL, yuri, GL, etc. and let me tell you something.  KS is the least sexual BL/yaoi I’ve ever read, barring the like super cutesy and fluffy kind.

That’s right.  You heard me.  It is almost entirely unsexy, and the only scenes of sexual content are either interrupted, extremely brief, or focusing on the developing dependence between them rather than the act itself.  The sexual content is not “fetishy” and the manhwa isn’t “porn with plot.”  I mean, there have been a handful of scenes with sexual content, but they were hardly what I would call explicit.  I mean, have you read a yaoi lately?  I’m guessing not.

This manhwa was certainly not written by a 13yo and frankly?  I’m actually offended on the author’s behalf.  How dare you.  You owe the author an apology for that.  The writing of this manhwa is better than half the things I’ve read lately.  It’s consistent and well-paced, not to mention suspenseful without being frustrating.  The dark themes are extremely well-handled and are probably more the reason for the rating than the barely their sexual content.

Do me a favor and read through some of Blood Bank (great manhwa, btw) and compare them.  THAT reads more as porn with plot to me, though the tone is shifting by the later chapters.  The beginning has some kind of sexual content in nearly every chapter, enough that the plot is actually slowed down considerably.

You CHOSE to read a manhwa called KILLING STALKING and expected what?  Some kind of healthy little romance?  Really?  You thought it wouldn’t be dark and potentially upsetting?  If you’re so against it, then why did you waste your own damn time reading it??

Personally, I am fascinated by Killing Stalking.  As a writer, I’m amazed with the characters and the little details that have been used to build the world.  I’m amazed that the author can write something so dark with such consistency and flare, not to mention grace.  The relationship building is deeply flawed and unhealthy.  Obviously.  The two main characters are a serial killer and a stalker.  If their relationship was healthy, I’d be disappointed.  The complexities of their choices and their motives is what draws me in in the first place.

How do you feel about people who enjoy Dext/er, I wonder?  Or Break/ing Bad?  What about The Sopr/anos?  Hann/ibal?  Or any other show about criminals?  Are they also sick and horrible?  Or is it just because the relationship is abusive that you have a problem?  Is it the inclusion of abuse and sex in the context of a relationship between two men?  Do you really think that enjoying reading about criminals is something new??  People are always fascinated by the darker side of things.  It’s why film noir and true crime and detective fiction in general is still so popular.

Scared they may be, but people are still fascinated by the dark and what lurks within it.  If you’re having nightmares or panic attacks, obviously you should stop reading it.  Don’t read things you find that scary.  For me, I only have trouble with supernatural horror, so this kind of thing is really interesting and intense.  I enjoy reading it.  I’m on the edge of my seat with every new chapter I read, wondering what’s going to happen next.  Finding a story the captures my attention so fully is extremely rare for me, and frankly nothing anyone says will convince me not to keep reading.

If you want to try, you’re welcome to.  I won’t stop you or even bother to block you.  Hell, I’ll engage if you want.  But no one’s ever taken me up on the invitation before, so I doubt anyone’ll bother now.
Say hello to our newest addition: The Dossier.

We at OFA are pleased to introduce a brand new expansion of our blog:

The Dossier, our open-source intelligence hub for the activist community.

It’s a kind of mini-wiki, if you will. An index of places all over the web that we think activists should be familiar with.

Here you’ll find over 200 sources of info on:

  • White supremacists and other Hate Groups,
  • Antifa,
  • Cyber Security Research,
  • Dank Web (our term for clearnet sites like 4chan. not darknet. but stll shady)
  • Dark Web and Deep Web,
  • Fake News / Propaganda,
  • Real News / Not-Propaganda,
  • Governance and Policy,
  • Gun Culture (especially in the US),
  • Human Rights,
  • Internet Freedom,
  • Information Security News,
  • Notable Hackers and Technologists,
  • Tech News,
  • Law Enforcement and Police,
  • Government Transparancy,
  • Military Affairs,
  • “Patriot” Militia Groups,
  • Private Intelligence Companies,
  • and a smattering of US Intelligence Agencies.

We hope we’ve given your bookmarks menu and twitter feed a boost. And maybe on one of those far-right hate sites you’ll find something you can use against them.

We make no claims to completeness. In fact, you can help us make it better. Message us and let us know what we missed.

“Know your enemy. Know yourself. One hundred battles; one hundred victories.” - Sun Tzu

Yours in solidarity,


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In light of this YOI “shit list” drama:

(This is copied from my own tweet thread on this subject. My personal thoughts on being blacklisted are at the very bottom. )

Something like this happened at my high school, and I’ll tell you what it did.

Some seniors in the two graduating classes before mine kept something called the “Senior Hit List.” Sounds horrible, right? It was a google doc full of people’s names. I never had access or had this list explained to me, but it was there and it existed.

Apparently it was just full of people these seniors didn’t like, for really any reason. Those people were ignored and occasionally bullied (on a minor scale, nothing huge. Rich people school.)

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PSA for the Voltron fandom - PLEASE READ COMPLETELY

please PLEASE do not become the next Steven Universe fandom disaster, or the latest Gravity Falls implosion. I worry about all of you, especially your health and mental health during this really, really trying time.

I have watched full, amazingly talented sections of fanart and fanfiction die, people shamed out of their hobbies & coping mechanisms because they aren’t “suffering” enough or don’t write with everyone and their triggers in mind.

(I’m looking at you, Dirty Laundry discourse. I honestly do not care your argument, nothing, NOTHING gives you the right to bully someone into almost hiding because you’re dissatisfied with someone’s work)


Constructive criticism is not shaming into hiding, it is something positive that doesn’t make the artist/writer want to harm themselves, and does not deserve hate or harassment. And yes, that includes mental harm and “protecting the writer”.

Please, I’m begging you all. If you are a minor, please please please stay safe and BLOCK things you don’t want to see. And on the flipside of that coin, do NOT go calling others names or pedophiles (which is an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS term when thrown around carelessly, and can cause people to lose their jobs and even lives if pushed enough, and being an accessory to ruining someone’s life is NOT FUNNY or ‘JUSTICE’) when you are talking about fiction.

Stay out of the ship tags/fandom tags you don’t like.
It’s really that simple. 

Don’t police the internet, it will drain you and every user you interact with who decides your side of the argument is wrong. I nearly died doing that this last year, and I’m on the long road to recovery JUST from being on the outskirts of the Gravity Falls discourse.

If you, yourself, go into the tag ON PURPOSE and see triggering content, it’s a simple enough solution to BLOCK the poster or tag entirely if you are uncomfortable. You are ultimately responsible for any content you see, it is the entire basis of the internet. It’s why there’s stupid porn bots and Tumblr’s done nothing to fix that. YOU are your own filter, not the internet.

And if you were triggered by any content, I hope you have the strength/ability to come to me and talk to me because it always helps to have someone to talk to about discomforts and panic/anxiety attacks (believe me, I have them often) & dissociation.


It’s as if you were in primary school and some kid was playing Yu-Gi-Oh and you ripped up their deck because you thought it was a bad game that only bad kids play. It’s childish and stupid.

You wouldn’t harass someone in person to their face, do not do it with their fanworks or to them online.

Thank you for reading, stay safe fellow Paladins <3


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast pallet ♥ 

I dearly hope the spring has been a pleasant time for you all. There are so many ways to enjoy it from days in the park with the family, getting a start on that garden, and a somewhat sneezy, somewhat breezy commute to work while listening to a new podcast.

Take a long trip by car or sea, remember your keys, and sit back in the theater for sci-fi shenigans because I have a new list of shows in store to keep us blooming through the rest of spring until the summer starts.

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love.


An alternate reality game about a dispossessed spy sending distress calls to her former team. Help Holly survive homelessness and assassins by sending money or advice

Incoming transmission from OAKPODCAST, a new interactive medium created by the mad geniuses at Crossroad Stations. OAK is an excellent choice for listeners with a taste for personable and emotional tension all beautifully performed by lead Regan Adler.

If you’re enthralled by the drama of Rover Red, this show’s fondness for audience participation will be an instant fave for you. So study your morse code and listen closely. 

2. Lake Clarity

Five teens head up to Camp Clarity to celebrate their last summer together, but little do they know they’re about to stumble on dark secrets that surround the lake.

Get around the campfire and listen to Camp Clarity’s horror tale. On these grounds, there’s more to fear than mosquito bites as our leads Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon get wrapped up in the mystery of why their beloved camp shut down.

For those looking for a good old fashion summer story, Lake Clarity’s fondness for caves, concrete structures and chaotic forces of evil might be up your alley. So pack up and stay up late to follow them on their trail.

3. Big Data

What if someone stole the internet? This comedy caper takes 100% real concepts, like the seven keys to the internet, cyber police, relay calls, photocopier black boxes, 419 scams, and more, and turn it into an anthology of nerdy crime stories tied together by a global plan to end the internet. it’s a series of heists ranging from hijacking top secret military satellites, to stealing a dude’s pants.

Comic artist Ryan Estrada gives us Big Data, a crime-comedy spectacular dabbling into the absurdity of the internet. Based in part by real events and the inspiration of Estrada’s own imagination comes a fun and funny story for those looking for a good time and good case to keep you tuned in.

Be on the look out for multiple actors in the podcast scene known worldwide such as  Paul F. Tompkins, Felicia Day, Cecil Baldwin, and Lauren Shippen. Make a big deal about Big Data and get logged in today. 

4. The Theatre of Tomorrow  

A sentient ship stolen in the night! A private eye chases corruption on the moon! Hear an interview with a man from the afterlife! Anything you can imagine is on stage at The Theatre of Tomorrow!

The theatre is open and has plenty of stories to share for audio drama fans. In this collection of short stories covering sci-fi to mystery with just the right amount of laughs, the audience will be spoiled by excellent audio editing, acting, and a variety of formats and tales to unwind.

As far as recommendations go, Hadron Gospel Hour fans who love inspired and varied takes on multiple genres and homages to some of the best in the business will be quickly enamored. So take a seat and enjoy the show.

5. Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer

Jack Tracer is a hard-boiled private eye out to solve the strange cases of Neon City, but under these bright lights, darkness looms.

Mystery with a supernatural twist! Be it the Man in Black or the House of Joy, this private eye has the wits and tools to crack any case and crack your boredom with story after story of suspense and drama.

Fans of The Penumbra who can’t get enough of Juno Steel’s adventures will easily fall in love with our caped caper catcher Jack Tracer. And if you’re just a fan of the noire aesthetic, Neon Nights has plenty of style to spare. 

6. Passage

150 years ago, the S.S. Cumberland disappeared in the Pacific Northwest. A lifeboat from the ship with four skeletons inside just mysteriously showed up in Marrow Passage. Reporter Daisy Bonham attempts to solve the mystery and find out what other secrets are lurking just below the surface.

It’s time to set sails with Passage, this cryptic tale into the deep secrets of the S.S. Cumberland and the reporter dedicated to cracking the case. With just the right amount of creepy with a touch of comedy, Throw’m In The Puget Productions has an interesting tale to spin.

If you like The Bridge and suddenly can’t get enough shows about seaside themed mysteries, but a touch more British, then Passage will eagerly let you aboard.

now, get to listening.
The Antidote to Authoritarianism
Without the open internet, Americans lose an essential tool in the fight against discriminatory mass surveillance.
By Malkia A. Cyril

“Our survival, and our democracy, requires us to reject high-tech policing and usher in the strongest net neutrality rules available. The open internet can represent the future of digital democracy, or we can use technology to continue encoding inequality into our modern world.“

anonymous asked:

Who died and made you internet police? Who the hell do you think you are to tell people what to do with the pictures they get from the internet? Its their page! Their blog! Their website! Their account! They're free to do what they want with it regardless of your butthurt opinions. The internet is a free place! Stop ruining it with your morals!

Shit got too real today and I'm not ready to handle this.

I went out to buy some things because my mom said “You should make pizza” so I went to get the cheese and shit… When I got to the supermarket, sitting on the stairs there was a woman (about 30) and she stopped me and asked me to buy her a pack of cookies or something to take home to her kids because she didn’t have anything to feed them or money to buy.
Now, I know Venezuela was not a perfect place before and there was a lot of poor people, but as long as you worked you still could have a decent life and feed your children. And I could tell she had been without eating for a while, because her lips were chapped and the only thought in my head is that if I’m over here thinking how I wish I could have done more for her I can’t imagine how she’s feeling at not being able to feed her children.
When I got home I told my mom and I started to cry because no one deserves to live like that, is not about not having a job, she probably does. Is that you work and work and work and still don’t make enough money to feed your children and then you have to go in the internet and see police officers and National Guards tying up kids and firing tear gas bombs at their backs and burning those kids with it. Is that for more than a decade they tried to feed people the idea that they were buying all those weapons because “The gringos will invade us and take away our oil and kill us” and now they have stole so much that they’re starving little children and killing us on the streets because no one is happy about it.
Fuck that shit. I feel so bad right now, because I was thinking “Oh, of I get that job at Bershka maybe I can buy some more clothes and start my fashion blog while I work there” and it seems so stupid.
I’m just trying to not to cry, because I know that I have no right to cry about something that is not happening to me, I know this isn’t about me and crying over it is stupid and selfish. But I wish I would have been able to buy something more than a pack of cookies, but I didn’t have any money.

So i had the following ask, and although i am going to reply privately, i am also going to take the askers details out and post here as i think its important to have this out in the open:

Hi, I was wondering if I could ask some advice regarding your 18+ policy ? I have a side blog where I post my writing, some of its smut but there is a lot of fluff. I recently got an ask from a 17 year old asking for smut and after i said no and that she shouldnt be reading it Ive had loads of messages saying its not against the law and that im over reacting because its not illegal. Sorry about the rambling but i just wondered if you had any advice x p.s can you respond privately

The absolute short and definitive answer is that is IS ILLEGAL. It has nothing to do with the age of consent etc, it is the fact that you would be actively providing a minor with pornography which is an arrest-able offence in 99% of the civilised world.

You are not overreacting, and if i received that kind of harassment i would block that blog. In my opinion i am not here to police the internet. I was reading porn when i was 16 (which is also the age of consent here in the UK), but i highly doubt my parents knew about it at the time. With the advancements of the internet and digital age in the 21 years since then it is no longer just a case of seeing a old copy of Playboy or a newspaper with a girl with her boobs out, now you can search whatever you want and find everything from softcore lovemaking to hardcore gang rape on the internet, for free and unfiltered. 

I don’t take requests, but anytime someone asks to go on my tag list i check their blog to see if they say how old they are, even going as far as scrolling through a couple of days worth of posts just to have a general idea of what they post about and if there are any indicators that they are under 18 (mentions of High School, ‘School’ in general, talking about anything that may indicate how old they are). If i’m unsure i will reply and ask. 

I hope this has answered your question.

Pls guys his name is Tonic and he is 16 and the fastest, he can teleport like silver he is really smart smarter than tails and he is stronger than knuckles and he is shadows rival but they r twins and don’t know it’s a seperated at birth AU also sonamy is best ship (except tonic x me xd lol) all u haters out there stop shipping sonic x Sally it’s beastiality and I don’t like Sally she is a whore

working on the yuri fucks a hockey team fic rn so if anyone has a description/reference of a type of dude you want yuri to get wrecked up let me know. alternatively if u have any requests for sex positions or kinks or anything u can also message or reply. if it’s non-anon i will reply privately unless you state it can be published!

This is 100% my feelings exactly. People are totally allowed to talk about and criticize stuff, I’m like not trying to be the internet police and tell people to not hurt “my precious” Steven Universe because how dare you hate on a show I like. I just have a problem with the unnecessary and down right bitter commentary towards even the smallest flaws with the show.

It’s boring, brings an unwanted negative atmosphere to enjoying the show, and it’s all stuff everyone’s heard a hundred times over.

More specific stuff I have an issue with is people complaining about the changing heights (a valid point but it’s a dead horse at this point), blaming Lauren Zuke for everything wrong ever, and now currently people feeling the need to try to tear the promo to shreds and judge the new episodes before they’re even out yet. People couldn’t even wait until the episodes where out yet before starting to dump all over su again.

I just want me and others to continue to have a positive experience with the show without the constant bombardment of complaints and the overall aggressive attitude of SU critical.

Please talk and criticize stuff, but don’t do it to the point it becomes annoying and leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

(Btw, @aquamarineasgardian or @steamedbunns if you don’t want your comments on here let me know and I’ll just make a separate text post with all this junk)


Smile for the Bouncing Ball

If you make your living in a dangerous profession like the military, police or disaster response, knowing what’s around the corner can mean the difference between life and death. 

An MIT-hatched startup called Bounce Imaging has developed a new technology to put eyes on areas that are too dangerous to enter blind. The device is called Explorer. It is a softball-sized orb that holds a camera with six lenses pointed in different directions and either visible-light or near-infrared LEDs. Read more and see video of the device in action below.

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