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Tumblr can't just buy a couple Republicans for net neutrality. Every major social media platform is urging their participants to help because it's our duty. We are the people that use the internet in our everyday lives and we have a voice. They aren't idiots and it's our duty. They're fighting too, but it's not only their responsibility.

tumblr doesnt actually care

tumblr, the company, has absolutely no interest in keeping net neutrality a thing. they aren’t joining other tech companies to speak out and in general this situation makes me feel the same range of impotent frustration i feel when i see articles about how the average person can help combat climate change by setting the ac a little lower. this is a problem that exists way above our head and is motivated entirely by profit. it cant be solved by an internet petition and its importance wont be understood fully by the dinosaurs in congress who right now refuse to learn anything about computers.


My top 10 albums of 2015 so far (in no particular order, as this will change so much the rest of the year):

Beach House- Depression Cherry

Sufjan Stevens- Carrie & Lowell 

Tame Impala- Currents

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly

Courtney Barnett- Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit

Roisin Murphy- Hairless Toys

Shamir- Ratchet 

Bjork- Vulnicura

Jamie xx - In Colour 

Tove Styrke- Kiddo


Honorable Mentions to: 

Torres- Sprinter

Nao- February 15

Susanne Sundfor- Ten Love Songs

Dawn Richard- Blackheart

Sleater-Kinney- No Cities to Love

Petite Noir- The King of Anxiety 

Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color

The Internet- Ego Death


Net neutrality. It’s a good thing and it’s a really important issue.

Right now, if you pay for the internet, you get the whole internet. They can’t exclude YouTube or Imgur. Every website gets the same treatment. On the other hand, if you have cable, you don’t get every channel ever. You get basic cable. However, you could pay your cable provider more to get, say, HBO. No matter what provider you choose, though, you’ll never get every channel. Taking away net neutrality makes the internet more like cable. Internet service providers (ISPs) can give preference to certain sites to make them load faster and run more smoothly while making you pay for different sites. The only ones this really benefits are the ISPs.

Basically, we need to do something if we want to continue to have full access to the internet. Sign a petition! Sign ANOTHER petition! Even better, call or send an email/handwritten letter to your house representative! (It’s already passed in the Senate.) Even better, write a not-lengthy, but researched, letter to your local newspaper! Even better, call into your local radio program! Do whatever you can.

This is not a partisan issue, and it WILL affect you, especially if you’re low-income or live in a rural area.

COPY THIS AND SPREAD IT, this is and important issue, and I know if your on tumblr right now, you love your internet the way it is. Thank you for reading this all the way, please take action!

“Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool to have a boyfriend in the next film”

Anyone else want to start a petition for it to be Spider-Man? 

There is now a petition against the new designs. Oye. I’m sorry, but.. when has an internet petition ever done anything? Especially one over aesthetic changes in a children’s cartoon. What has happened to convince people that these can possibly work?


YOU are being paranoid.

In kindergarten, the Power Rangers were all the rage. But I was told that I could never be the pink ranger because I wasn’t white by my fellow classmates. I am being paranoid.

Before leaving elementary school, I learned what the phrase “spic” and “wetback” meant by reading legal papers my dad had in hand explaining why the people at his work didn’t like him being there. I am being paranoid.

In middle school I learned from many chapters in our history books about the triumphant and courageous birth of America. Featuring less than three paragraphs on the struggles of the slaves that built the roads and buildings that are now founding landmarks. I am being paranoid.

My first year of high school, a white teacher called my name during attendance and saw my face and said “Who let Al Qaeda in school.” I walked out and told my principal, and I was assured “he didn’t mean it that way” and was excused for that class period. I am being paranoid.

I enter college and get a job, and I find that I was chosen for the position so the company could get a tax break. “It’s good for us to have ONE of YOU here.” I am being paranoid.

Years later I go shopping, and I am verbally attacked by a white man in the middle of a grocery store. He called me a “dumb brown b*tch” and said he would “come see me outside, where the cameras aren’t around to catch it.” All of the stores patrons didn’t even glance up. They walked by to grab the chicken thighs that were on sale, rather than rallying for my safety. I am being paranoid.

An old customer of mine boasts about how Mexicans need to be deported from our country. That I was “okay” because I’m legal. I mention that the Europeans who came to this land originally didn’t worry about whose land this belonged to first. That the men who nurtured this land since the dawn of time, wanted them to go back to their country and I’m met with an eye roll. I am being paranoid.

I see the news and kids who look like the boys and girls I grew up with are being killed “justly” by the men who are supposed to serve and protect us. And then I’m told it was their fault, that they just should have listened. Following that post is an outcry of injustice for the death of a gorilla. Wakes and petitions. An Internet mausoleum to an animal, whose name they only learned yesterday. I am being paranoid.

I wake up to the results of an election, and right below that post is an image of the KKK celebrating and parading our new president. I am being paranoid.

I go to Target and see a woman tell her daughters in Hijabs, to wear hoodies over their heads until they get to their own car. The kids were so warm, but the mother did not feel safe. I am being paranoid.

I scroll and see hundreds of posts of people crying out “I fear for my safety! Please Help!” That are only met with scoffs and dismissal. WE are being paranoid.

Elected officials. I want you to show me, that I am TRULY being paranoid. That the people you’ve alienated just to get to where you are, really do matter. Prove me wrong. I hope you do.

  • me: *thinks about detentionaire*
  • me: nice
  • me: *remembers that there's not going to be a season 5*
  • me: why do i do this why do i always fall for these dumb cartoons that keep getting cancelled my heart can't take it anymore no i will not sign your internet petition to the network just let me smash my hopes in peace i had faith and i was scorned and nielsen laughed

Important thoughts on white feminism and the age of online petition activism.

“I was just jerking off my soul, trying to glean a smug self satisfaction from other people’s pain. I convinced myself I was doing good, but really I was just using other people’s pain as an accessory to make me look cool and nice[…]”