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You've not been bleh!!! I screenshot your stories so I can read them at school where I don't have internet, and I always want to leave comments about how good they are but I forget cuz I have to wait till there is internet 😭 I love your writing, it makes my day, and brings joy to my life, and your nic names for them (Tommy and Mar-Mar) make me want to cry with joy!!! I keep wanting to request a story but haven't thought of an idea yet...

You like Mar-Mar? Yay! I was worried it was dumb haha. But I’m glad you like it. And thank you for all the nice messages. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow. Right now my cat is sitting on my lap and she won’t let me get up to brush my teeth

this is sappy but honestly….im so glad i made internet friends? like i love all of them and i want to hug everyone and give em cookies or something

Ghibli Movies according to the Internet (SPOILERS)

When Marnie was there: When Anna was Accidentally Gay for her Grandma

My Neighbour Totoro: 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Spirited Away: 2nd 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Princess Mononoke: Scary Deer Jesus

Pom Poko: Balls

The Cat Returns: Everyone’s Unexpected Furry Awakening

From Up On Poppy Hill: You May be My Brother But I’d Totally Do You

Ponyo: The Little Mermaid But With Kindergartners

Grave of the Fireflies: Greatest Movie Ever Made That You’ll Never Watch Again

Only Yesterday: Greatest Ghibli Movie Ever Made That Barely Anyone Has Ever Watched (j/k: Best Ending Ever)

Whisper of the Heart: I Wish My Teenage Life Was This Idyllic

Kiki’s Delivery Service: Too Many Bloomer Shots

Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Falling From Terrifying Heights: The Movie

Howl’s Moving Castle: The One With The Hot Bishounen

Tale of the Princess Kaguya: Fucking Moon People

Friendly reminder that asexuals are accepted in almost every official LGBT+ organization and there is absolutely nothing ace exclusionists and gatekeepers can do about it 🏳️‍🌈♠️💜🌈

Santana Lopez, the shipper