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Ability Headcanons

I thought it would be good to share what powers I think the egos have

Dark- Manipulation 

  • He can manipulate people and reality, bending things to suit himself 
  • His voice is almost like a siren, luring people in until it’s too late 
  • His sweet compliments and encouraging speeches are like drugs that can destroy someone’s sanity
  • His grey aura, the reason that colour drains from any room he’s in, can physically wrap around someone, forcing them under his control

Will and Bim- Reality Bender

  • They doesn’t just twist the environment, they change it completely, like the ‘special effect’ of Hire My Ass
  • They can manifest items out of thin air 
  • Will has his own void which he can shape into anything he desires, although it’s usually a sickly, spinning, disorientating open space that only he enjoys
  • Will can change timelines, causing events to be rewritten or even disguising a murder spree as a sketch for a video (*cough* The Warfstahce/Ned Affair *cough*)
  • Bim struggles to control his power and usually shows his abilities accidentally when he’s very emotional
  • Bim’s only success has been turning the roof into his personal garden with a separate atmosphere to aid the plants’ survival

Googles and Bing- Hackers

  • they have access to everything on the internet, so their knowledge is infinite
  • they can hack into or possess any piece of technology within range, or access any device connected to the Egos Inc WiFi
  • they cannot be hacked themselves unless they show some sort of weakness

Dr Iplier and The Jims- Foreshadowing

  • they can usually sense bad events and sometimes even see it in the form of visions 
  • Dr Iplier can see a death clock of how long someone has left, usually only if the person is either dying or an incident is quickly approaching that could end their life, like a car crash
  • The Jims experience visions in first person view, witnessing newsworthy tragedies or natural disasters that they would later have to report about

The Host- Narrating

  • he can ‘see’ with the power of his words, giving him near perfect vision in areas he’s comfortable with and a basic outline of the room in areas he isn’t
  • the narrations, if enough power if put into them, can be manipulative and control people or events, just the same as The Author
  • he sometimes has brief visions, maximum of half an hour ahead of time, allowing him to narrate and predict actions in the immediate future

King- Animal Acceptance

  • regardless of the animal, he is always accepted and trusted
  • he can talk to some animals, especially his squirrels, and always knows what they want
  • no one other than King considers this an ability, but to King, it means the world to him to be able to understand his squirrels

Silver, Ed, Bop and Yandere- No Abilities

  • all of the Markisonas have some sort of power, but a few haven’t yet discovered it
  • Ed would rather stay as he is since he doesn’t want any sort of strange ability to effect his perfect life, although some would say his ability lies with manipulation since he can sell almost anything (except his own son apparently) but Ed insists it’s just good sales tactics
  • Silver and Bop hope they’ll someday wake up and find out they can do something cool, Silver mainly because he wants so be a ‘proper hero’
  • Yandere believes he doesn’t need any abilities to be a psychopath, so he’s happy as he is, but most would argue that his killer spark is his ability since he can kill quickly, effectively and without being caught
ID #70000

Name: Emma
Age: 20
Country: Finland

My home town is quite small (only around 7000 people) so I’ve never really had more than maybe two or three friends at the same time. Though this can probably also be attributed to my introverted nature. Despite my lack of friends I am always curious to find out about different cultures and world views, especially the reasons and causes behind them. I hope to broaden my horizon and learn to look at things from new perspectives. This is why I’m looking for a pen pal.

Now, a little about me. I always have trouble to describe myself. I enjoy spending time reading, on my computer, cycling or going on a jog (i.e being by myself). However, I am a very outspoken person with strong opinions which has caused my friends and family to call me stubborn. I also have a very sarcastic and at time dark sense of humor. My greatest vices would be my somewhat pessimistic ( I prefer realistic.) view of life and my lack of interest for typical topics of conversation (gossips, small talk). My greatest virtue is my thirst for knowledge and also openness to any sexuality or gender.

My interest include, but are not limited to, deep conversations about life (morals, society, history, culture, objective rights and wrongs, religion, and anything else you want to talk about), music, I listen to P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Kpop( EXO, Got7, BTS, BigBang mostly),80’s music and musical soundtracks. I am interested in astrology and all sorts of other methods that would help me understand myself better, but my knowledge in those fields is pretty non-existent, so it would be great if you knew/or were interested in them.

I would prefer email or possibly kik and tumblr. If you want to recommend bands, books, movies, artists, hobbies, or anything really to me I would be happy. I feel like I’m still looking for my own thing.

Preferences: I would prefer someone around my age or older, but if you really feel a connection I’m willing to make an exception. Any gender, ethnicity or sexuality is fine. Also, at the moment I only speak Finnish and English, so there’s that.

I must say, Clarke, this internet is truly fascinating

Clarke hasn’t seen Lexa since she discovered this new technology … 

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why do people hate you guys so much? all you're doing is documenting memes. it's sociology.

I think some people don’t like when memes are explained because when people use memes, there is, I sense, a sort of indexical function where usage of a meme indicates being a hip Internet-savvy memer.

Which is why there’s a sense that it’s sort of embarrassing when, say, a politician tries to use memes but then uses a meme from five months ago. Despite their attempt to seem hip and Internet-savvy, they are doing just to opposite and coming across as dated.

Anyway, so I think when there’s a resource that explains memes, some people feel like their special knowledge of Internet culture becomes more mainstream, and therefore, it ruins their enjoyment of the meme. You see this a lot in places like the subreddit /r/MemeEconomy, where people talk about “investing” in memes but “selling” them once “normies” get their hands on them.


Blow your mind with these 50 facts about Universe
  • Saturn would float if you would put it in water.
  • If you would place a pinhead sized piece of the Sun on the Earth you would die from standing within 145 km (90 miles) from it.
  • Space is not a complete vacuum, there are about 3 atoms per cubic meter of space.
  • Only 5% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy.
  • Neutron stars are so dense that a teaspoon of them would be equal to the weight of the entire Earth’s population.
  • The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon but is 400 times further away from Earth making them appear the same size.
  • The star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus is a huge cosmic diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.
  • Seasons last 21 years on Uranus while each pole has 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness….

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Can I get TFP Optimus, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Ratchet reacting to their human friend saying "I can get it, just don't ask how though," when they said they needed something as a joke?

Bulkhead one day tells you that if Cybertronians had birthdays, he would wish for a way to turn back time to prevent the war, or just to save and fix a bunch of things that went wrong in the course of the war instead. When you tell him it’s achievable but not to tell anyone about it, he first takes it as you playing along with his joke. When he realizes how serious you are, he ends up staring off into space in silence for a long while, it scares you.

Arcee once joked during a mission that she’d love to have a gun that could always lock onto Starscream’s face with 100% accuracy, you took it literally and admitted that you could make some calls and have it within the week. Arcee to this day will not stop interrogating you about it. She even tries to monitor your outgoing and incoming calls, as well as your internet usage without your knowledge. 

Ratchet, in a fit of rage, mentions that he could definitely use about 10 thousand tonnes of explosives if he ever managed to decrypt the location of the Nemesis. Without skipping a beat, wearing a stone-cold expression, you say: “If and when you do, I can get it, just don’t ask how though.” Ratchet sputters for a good minute and a half, he doesn’t dare probe you further about it.

The one time Optimus attempts humour with you to defuse a tense situation, an old translated joke about needing the wisdom of the Primes and at least 10 tonnes of high-grade to win this war, you attempt to reciprocate the joke by saying that if he already had the matrix you could definitely could supply the high-grade, just not to ask you how. Concerned dad™ Optimus made you sit down to have a discussion with him about the dangers of drinking and trying to awkwardly connect high-grade dependency and human alcoholism by way of confusing anecdotes.

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What made you decide to document "playing from another room" audio posts as memes? In my opinion, it seems more of an editing aesthetic/trend and seems like it's lacking or very weak in some of the core characteristics of a meme pointed out on your page: showing implicit internet culture knowledge (most, if not all, the example posts have the caption that it's simulating being played from another room, which is enough explanation for someone unfamiliar with the edit style to (pt 1)


to appreciate it, “quality to produce derivatives” (the examples i’ve seen* don’t change much beyond choosing a different song to edit), and the humor* (unless the trend of playing from another room itself is amusing enough, which, hey, could be).  *As I was typing this up, the amendment to the meme with the possible precursor mentioned by shanetherockjohnson was added. Adding different sound effects to the point where the location from which a user “hears” the music seems like the natural (pt2)             

progression for the meme to reach more creative and absurd/ridiculous levels that memes typically reach, but the “Smash Mouth Plays From The Depths Of Hell” audio post seems not to have been derived by the “playing from another room” format. Just wanted to put some thoughts about this meme out there. Thanks for doing such great work for memes!    

Hello, thanks for your message about the playing from another room meme!

We appreciate that you went through the time to read our “What’s a meme?” essay and that you have sent us such a thoughtful response!

As we’ve stated in the essay, “These are not necessarily the be-all and end-all for defining a meme but rather simply guidelines that help us to decide what constitutes a meme on the Internet.” So naturally, a certain phenomenon on the Internet may be sit in a meme grey area. Also, something to note about our essay is that it is descriptive, not prescriptive. We were just describing how many memes are, not necessarily how memes ought to be.

We’ll try to respond to your points and explain why we ended up documenting this meme.

  • Does the meme involve “implicit Internet culture knowledge”? We would argue yes. Although you are right in saying that most posts explain what the audio is, to better understand such a post involves knowing that this is a trend in the first place. If a user had only ever seen one example of the meme on their dash, it would seem strange. The user may ask themselves why someone would make such an edit. Thus, understanding the meme involves knowing that there is an established trend of making such an edit to a song.
  • Does the meme possess the “quality to produce derivatives”? We would also argue yes in this regard. Although you seem to regard the use of different songs to not really be derivatives, we do consider them to be derivatives. Many memes seem to involve simply changing a small aspect of an original idea and running with it.
  • Is the meme “humorous”? As you seem to acknowledge, it could be! Humour is subjective, so we’re not one to say, but personally, although “humorous” might not be the right word, I find the meme to be entertaining!

Hope this clears up your concerns!

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So you really think it's necessary for someone to understand astrology more to read books (not just Internet) do you have recommendations? which books have you read/do you own? sorry if too many questions thank you

tbh currently, yes. we’re always learning when it comes to something as big as astrology but I don’t know anyone who has a well rounded (? Idk, I can’t think of the right word…) knowledge of astrology that has only used Internet resources. the knowledge available to us on the Internet is ever expanding so maybe this statement will be irrelevant in a few years once more and more people add to the information available but I definitely think people should borrow/buy astrology books when they can if they’re serious about it.

I’m completely going on a tangent here but on tumblr there seems to be this belief almost that astrology is a subjective study, which is just isn’t. there are many facts and straight forward answers and sometimes I’ll see fantastic blogs who obviously know a great deal still get basic things wrong? and i always find that they say things like “oh I actually haven’t read any astro books” or something similar etc. I mean there’s a reason astrologers write thousands of pages and sell them - the information is just so much richer in books than blogposts or forums, you know what I mean? that being said, there is some subjectivity to astrology. like if you asked an astrologer what sun sign would make the best actor it would completely depend on what the astrologer associated with good acting. some might say pisces because they’re chameleons, but then another might say scorpio because they have great natural psychological understanding etc…

if I was going to suggest only a few books for someone to buy they would probably be: astrology for dummies, the only astrology book you’ll ever need, depth astrology & llewllyns complete book of astrology. they’re not overly descriptive (except for maybe depth astrology) but they’re all encompassing.

this ask is already so long and I get asked all the time which books I actually own so I might as well just say now lol, (although I have read more than I own since I’ve borrowed some ((like for example, a lot of liz greene because her are so expensive) but these are the ones I own)):

astrology for dummies by rae orion
the secret language of astrology by roy gillett
the secret language of birthdays by gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the secret language of relationships by gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the secret language of destiny but gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the everything astrology book by trish macgregor
the inner planets by liz greene and howard sasporatas
aspects in astrology by sue tompkins
alan oken’s complete astrology
depth astrology vol. 1-4 by gargatholil
astrology for the soul by jan spiller
sun sign, moon sign by charles and suzi harvey
karmic astrology by martin schulman
sun sign secrets by amy zerner and monte farber
planets in play by laurence hillman
llewlleyns complete book of astrology by kris brandt riske
linda goodman’s sun signs
the element encyclopaedia is birthdays by theresa cheung
the only astrology book you’ll ever need by joanna martine woolf
moon signs by donna cunningham
an astrological guide to self-awareness by donna cunningham
moon signs by donna cunningham
house of the horoscope by alan oken
aspect pattern astrology by bruno huber
essential astrology by amy herringr
astrology and the authentic self by demetra george
astrological insights into personality by betty lundsted
the twelve houses by howard sasporatas

We are only what we know, and I wished to be much more than I was, sorely.
—  Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

•he can teleport
•it’s handy for popping in to get groceries
•or to do simple calls like kitten in a tree
•or to grab one of the younger boys if they’re in a bad situation
•when he’s angry, he teleports accidentally
•he gone to Spain before, Russia, Hawaii
•he’s the one who got this ragtag group together
•he found them and made a hero group
•he mostly helps civilians but if necessary he can kick villain but
•and look good doing it

•he has ice powers
•he legitimately can freeze people
•jungkook tells him that he needs a catchphrase
•"how about ‘FREEZE’ or ‘CHILL OUT’?“
•yoongi will stick with freezing people thank you very much
•if you don’t know yoongi, you’d think his personality matched his power
•but nope, he soft
•so soft
•his gummy smile could unfreeze people
•he lets jungkook tag along for his own entertainment
•but he really doesn’t mind him
•even if he acts like he does

•has the ability to control fire
•it’s strange, but he and yoongi get along well
•you might think they’re rivals, but you’re wrong
•he just wants to help people
•in the winter, he’ll go around to help the poorer people get heat
•he also likes to volunteer at a circus
•he has a big heart
•but when he gets too excited, he sets himself on fire
•so the boys keep a fire extinguisher on hand
•just in case
•(catchphrase is “its lit or I’m on fire”.)

•his power is complicated
•He can plug himself into the internet and take the knowledge from it
•so he’s able to be as smart as a computer but he also questions the world
•so he has a lot of riddles
•he’s like the puppeteer, he tells the other boys where to go
•he’s the leader of the team, even if you don’t see him
•people ask him how he found out his power
•cause he has to stick a finger into the technology source
•the answer is that he was helping his grandma with her computer
•and now he has an extensive knowledge of knitting and embroidery

•he can manipulate reality
•making his own dimensions to bring people into
•it works with villains
•and civilians
•he’s been asked before to create a dimension of people who have passed
•he tried, but if he hasn’t seen them he can’t create a realm with them in it
•he often pushes himself too hard, making tae stop him
•he only joined because of taehyung, who he met when he was living on the street
•the younger gave him shelter, ever since jimin has protected him

•he can shapeshift
•his favorite thing to turn into is a tiger
•so most of the time, a tiger is lounging around around
•he’s partners with jimin, and he gladly takes on the role of sidekick
•he much prefers to hang out as a tiger than fight crime
•he sometimes goes with Hobi to the circus
•hobi as the ringleader/ fire breather and tae as a tiger or elephant
•he realized he could shape shift when he was watching Pokémon one day and wanted to look like ash
•he was ash, well he looked like ash
•and then he turned into a tiger, and ran amuck

•he has super strength!
•he can lift up a truck with ease
•The others don’t like it when he fights villains, since he doesn’t have a plan
•he just goes in head first
•But he wants to be a hero so he tags along with Jin or yoongi
•he wants a sidekick when he becomes a hero
•(the boys tease him, saying that he’ll be the sidekick)

I would just like to give a shout out to all of those witches who make masterposts, post tips for beginners, warn us of dangers, and make lists of resources like books or links to helpful sites. You are wonderful and while I do my own research, your work makes it 100000% faster to find out this information. Thank you. I wasn’t born in to witchcraft so I only have the internet for knowledge. You have made it so much easier for me to start learning on my own. I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

we are still in a long transitional phase between these two eras, and that so-called ‘information overload’ is one of the many unfortunate but temporary consequences of being in this interim state of flux.