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This New Years I resolve to not deliver anything to an I.C. Wiener, Pepe Roni, Seymour Butts, Tim Mara, Anita Bath, or Mike Rotch again. Fool me four times, shame on… something.

~ Philip J Fry, Futurama

internet genres #1: lo-fi beat tapes

featuring 15-20 minutes of:

  • weed references
  • all lowercase song titles
  • every song is some jazz or synth sample looped for 4 bars with a vinyl crack, maybe there’s a few word cut of some rap lyrics every 16ish bars
  • now every song has a drum machine with the sample rate turned way the fuck down, also everything is off by like a 32nd note and the kicks are probably sidechained

and then the bonus round:

  • random homage to J Dilla or Nujabes
  • out of context film dialogue sample that sounds really sexual or like complete nonsense
  • every song fades in and out

yesterday i meet my best friend delynn ( @catearsandflannels ) for the first time ever after three years of communicating online and wow.. we had such an amazing time in new york city. i am so happy this happened and expect a ton of photos on here in the near future, but i love ya delynn and our pb&j friendship. 💙🖤

Hi!! Let's be friends!!

ok, i get nervous, but let’s start!!
i’m Jane. 15 yr old. i sometimes speak English, because it isn’t my native language, so sorry me, if i will make mistakes.
i’m interested in:
• music (Fall out boy, Imagine Dragons, Alt-J, Foster the People, Mac DeMarco, Gorillaz)
• books (Jack London, sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie)
• movies (historical is my favorite genre)
• anime (Yuri on Ice, No. 6, Kiznaiver, Mirai Nikki)
• tv (Skam, Sherlock)
• art (tbh i’m crazy about Van Gogh)

i need someone, who wants to be my friend. i don’t care about ur age, gender, sexual orientation and etc. just be my friend.