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yesterday i meet my best friend delynn ( @catearsandflannels ) for the first time ever after three years of communicating online and wow.. we had such an amazing time in new york city. i am so happy this happened and expect a ton of photos on here in the near future, but i love ya delynn and our pb&j friendship. 💙🖤

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What are some of your favorite yoonseok moments or gifs?? Btw I really enjoy your blog + your theme is very nice🌸🌸

first i’m so sorry this took me so long to answer this 

my favorite yoonseok moments there are loads of yoonseok moments i love its hard to pick these are not gonna be in order

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there was so many more yoonseok gifsbut i had to stop myself at these and its still alot 


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thank you so much for your kind words 

Internet Friends AU masterlist


1 Where Jungkook and Jimin are internet friends and Jimin accidentally shows his interest

2 Where Jungkook and Jimin are about to see each other for the first time

3 Where Jungkook loves his chameleon way too much

4 Where Jungkook is cold and Jikook are fanboys of Big Bang (how not)

5 Where Jimin dyes his hair orange

6 Where Jimin wants to see Jungkook faprap

7 Where Jungkook accidentally gets drunk in the morning

8 Where Jimin steals Jungkook’s red beanie

9 Where Jikook are on a date(?) and Tae is bored

10 Where Jimin decides on pranking Jungkook before his surprise visit

11 Where Jimin is a model and Suga knows Hobi

EXTRA Where Jungkook is in love

12 Where Jungkook gets recognised on the street

13 Where Jimin wants to find a job

13 BONUS Where Jimin’s stripper nickname gets popular

14 Where Jimin has a bad day

15 Where Jimin gets into a modelling agency

16 Where Jungkook and Yoonseok decide to pull a prank on Jimin

17 Where Jungkook has the flu

18 Where Jimin watches an horror movie

19 Where Jimin and Jungkook meet online

20 Where Jungkook goes exploring in L.A

21 Where is their 6 months anniversary

22 Where Jikook talk about their first kiss

23 Where Jimin has a secret admirer

24 Where Jungkook is going to Jimin’s dance practice

25 Where Jimin is tired of Jungkook’s jealousy pt1 pt2

26 Where Jikook talk about sex (m? just mentions of sex)

27 Where Jimin (+Tae) is drunk and he confesses something to Jungkook

28 Where Jimin gets hate

29 Where Jimin wants to “dominate” Jungkook (mentions of sex)

30 Where Jikook are going to a Bigbang concert

31 Where Jungkook is starting college

32 Where it’s Jungkook’s birthday

33 Where Jikook talk about Jimin’s ex

34 Where Jimin got his wisdom tooth out and is high asf

35 Where Jimin gets drunk (again)

36 Where Jimin does the song lyric prank on kook (and kook is cheesy)

37  Where Jungkook finds Jimin’s doppelgänger (or not)


1 Where Yoongi confesses to Hobi

2 Where Yoonseok meet

3 Where Yoonseok roast each other

4 Where Yoongi gets drunk

5 Where Yoonseok meet in person

6 Where Yoongi wants to stay at Jin’s place


1 Where Namjoon needs to move out to Seokjin’s 

Every youtuber: “I hate to be that youtuber that talks about something but can’t tell you anything about it buuut..”

Every youtuber: Is that youtuber that talks about something but can’t tell you anything about it