internet is srs business

This image came up during my search for Respawn Jesus. Yes, I did get distracted and just looked at Raptor Jesus memes for a while. Anyway, the following conversation then took place:

Me: Also, everyone knows about Raptor Jesus, but apparently there is also Allahsaurus. So thanks for that Google Image Search.

Chris: Oh nice! I’ve never seen Allahsaurus.

Me: Probably because of the whole “Extremists will kill you for mocking Allah” thing.

Chris: Oh yeah, the bomb turban that he’s wearing comes from that danish political cartoon drawing of the prophet Mohammed.

Me: There appears to only be the one too. Oh! I just realized why Raptor Jesus is more prevalent. Christians gave us more source material. After all, Raptor Jesus is just Jesus with a PS head on it. Allahsaurus is more meta because you can’t find drawings of Allah.

Chris: Yeah, I think it could be argued that Muslim-targeting blasphemy is taken more seriously than Christian-targeting blasphemy. Within each community there are those who would be really offended, and others that aren’t so much. But as a whole, American society has had less exposure to Islam, and devout Muslims have had less exposure to American secular culture.

Me: True facts. There is like a meme dissertation in there somewhere. I need a monocle and bubble pipe for this conversation.