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Onision fans, do you finally fucking get why that scumbag is hated?

No more bullshit about how he’s “brutally honest”, no more bullshit about what a ‘nice guy’ he is, no more bullshit about how he’s a loving, caring father.

He is an abuser, manipulator, liar, and a cheater. If you still think highly of him after his recent stunt, you need to get off the internet and graduate middle school first.

Pro tip: choosing a DN character as a life inspiration will probably bite you in the ass and depress you at some point, trust me


I reject your thesis because the very term “post-colonial” presupposes that colonization ever stopped.  When in fact colonization has grown even more insidious with it’s invisible push through the borders of the conscious into the sacred precincts of the heart and into the fragile machinery of this world’s geometry.