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I reject your thesis because the very term “post-colonial” presupposes that colonization ever stopped.  When in fact colonization has grown even more insidious with it’s invisible push through the borders of the conscious into the sacred precincts of the heart and into the fragile machinery of this world’s geometry.

Nerd art is the new soviet realism, possibly

Link and Zelda kissing or watercolor Superman crying after sept. 11th 2001.  This is what I am talking about.  Anecdotally.  I haven’t done the research yet to prove this.  Call it a gambler’s hunch.  The kind a gambler gets from leaning over the table to watch the dice.

Seriously.  The cloying sentimentalism, the appeal to the authority of shared existence/experience.  The teleology design/becoming in capitalism(?)(not fixing this sentence, you know what I mean),  It’s all there.  If you are a grad student fucking take this shit and run with it, you can have that.

I got other theses.