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Do you know the ohjoysextoy webcomic? It's part sex ed, part sex toy review, part guests drawing about kinks and I think you would like it.

I remembered reading it back when it was like in it’s early days… haven’t kept up with it but I did really enjoy it and do need to go back and go through the achieve + actually loyally keep up with it.

Last night I got to see Gloria Steinem and Roxane Gay speak during Steinem’s tour for her new book, My Life on the Road. (spoiler: they were brilliant) They did a signing afterward and when it was my turn, I said, “I have a super dorky request. I run this tumblr called Feminist Lisa Frank and I was wondering if you’d mind signing one of my memes?”

And Roxane Gay said, “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that! I’m excited I get to meet you! My friends are going to be so jealous that I met the girl who makes these.”

So that sound you’ve been hearing is me squealing forever. Sorry about that.

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Dear Miru, why is there a lack of fem!SwissAus on the Internet? Thank you, oh goddess of goats and adorable ships.

My dear child I do not know, I guess it has to do with Switzy not having an official nyo!design and the alignment of the stars or some obscure BS like that.


I will gladly accept the title of Goddess of the Goats. Bring forth my golden goat waggon and let me ride into the sunset.


Melanin Crush Monday

Kings and Queens… Gods & Goddesses… This is the type of elegance, creativity, power and strength I want to exhibit at my wedding. Dancing through the streets with sparklers in celebration with friends and family? LOVE…

Aside from the custom Kenzo dress, who were the other contributors to the wedding of the year? Was the rest the work of Mama Tina?

Break the internet.

UPDATE: Solange and her son, Juelz, turn up to No Flex Zone