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Don’t judge a Book by its cover.

You know the society you live in is really fucked up, when a stranger can judge another person based off of their portrayal of and them relating to a fictional character; when ALL the evidence points against them being a bad person and more likely you not knowing what you’re talking about.

That a person whose shown to be selfless, kind, hard-working, funny and humble can be debased by some fuckers pathetically cruel and idiotically nasty take - cause they think they know best due to his personality not conforming with societies boring bullshit and him acting differently towards people cause he’s doing his job and getting into character to give us the best performance possible, just cause he’s not being happy go lucky with every single person on set (even though Adam ‘I hate hugs’ Driver allowed John to continue hugging him even though he must have felt uncomfortable) especially the OT actors like Mark cause you’re a die-hard “fan” and can’t imagine why somebody wouldn’t… ugh.

There’s a reason Adam has social anxiety, and went/goes through depression, that he’s humble to the point of being heartbreakingly self-deprecating or that he doesn’t like physical contact- it’s judgmental fuckers like the ones going against every great thing the SW cast has said about him and in general what the themes of SW actually are - just cause they can’t get their ignorant heads out of their own backsides. It’s not a hat honey. It’s sickening, and disgusting, and it doesn’t just happen to Adam, but so many other people too. My friend’s little brother is autistic, and he is one of the smartest most awesome little lads I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing - yet people treat him differently just because he’s different from them - it makes me so angry sometimes, and sad.

I don’t like hugs, I’m introverted, I’d prefer an interesting book and a good cup of tea over conversing with other people most days; I don’t need to explain myself just to satisfy peoples self-righteous egos nor do they have a right to judge me - a person they know fuck all about or why I am the way I am.

It has become normal in our society for us to have to explain ourselves on anything and everything we say or do. Why the fuck should we have to explain ourselves? What right do you have to judge us? People, not all, have lost the ability to respect their fellow human, that we are complex creatures and you must first learn before you judge - otherwise it’s just a cycle of judgment and segregation and misinterpretation…it leads to walls between people, this can lead to hate and we all know where that leads to…suffering.

Until I was about 7, I didn’t actually know that racism, or sexism, or homophobia or discrimination or anything like that existed. It never crossed my mind, I’d always treated everyone equally and I never judged somebody on their skin color or their sexual preference/gender or the way they acted - I’m not saying I was perfect, cause I’m not believe me - I’m just saying those things weren’t concepts to me, they never crossed my mind. I found out through a history lesson on the Holocaust. Yeah. It left me baffled, asking why are humans seemingly so eager to hate one another for reasons that seemed so pointless to me? I’m still baffled to this day.

Star Wars especially has always been about hope, forgiveness and most importantly love. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. It’s about people coming together, about transcending those walls, and finding hope there in the darkness of our own reality. It’s fiction, yes, a story - but to every story there is always some truth. Our spec of time in infinity is not worth wasting on pettiness and judgmental hate. I know I’m a nobody, that my voice is just a soundless plea echoing into the endless void, but please. PLEASE. don’t be a puppet of ignorance. Our lives are our own stories and in the most basic way possible what I’m trying to say is…

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  


If you got to the end of this little rant of mine, bless you for having the patience to deal with my tired queer mind. I don’t know I just thought about all the stuff going around about Adam being creepy and BS assumptions of Adam from the VF interviews, and my sadness at the hate from some antis in the tags (especially as a Reylo shipper), and needed to just release my inner rantersaurus-rex. So thank you, and I hope you took something from this that wasn’t 'wtf is this weirdo going on about?’ X) and I hope you have a lovely day and know that for all the hate in the world, there will always, ALWAYS, be people who understand and are kind. Damn that was some heavy shit, sorry guys I’m not usually like that, lmao. 

May the force be with you. 

lmao when you are so away from fandoms (and follow chill and good ppl) you hardly heard of the embarrasing things fandoms do

Let’s play a game! Are americans becoming more racist or am I just encountering worse people?


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

So I actually have a story behind this gif….when I was still new to the fandom side of the internet I saw this exact gif post and I though “why does anyone even care about these so called Internet friends? There is NO WAY you can be close to people you have never met…how can you even trust them?” But now, many months later, I have a close Internet friend who means more to me than many things in life and I don’t know where I’d be without her….I hope someday I will be able to hug her and tell her how much she means to me…


TFC Phone Charms

Nora gave me her OK to make charms, so I wanna gauge the interest for some characters I had in mind via this nifty poll:

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You can find more info in the descr.

Reblogs are appreciated! The more people vote, the more likely these charms will be made, haha.

“Why go for ten thousand when we can go for a lifetime?”

“Is that a yes?”

“It is.”

Taking Chances Finale - Chapter 37 


I Met you through Taking Chances, Andrea, and to have it end is bittersweet but being able to read/work on/finish this fic MAKES ME TEAR UP BECAUSE IT’S PRETTY MUCH THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FRIENDSHIP WHICH IS CRAZY!!!!!(ch!23)!1!!!


Sangwoo/Killing Stalking

* murders people*
* torture them*
* mentally/physically abuses Yoonbum*
* used Yoonbum body LITERALLY to kill a person *
* is forcing Yoonbum to kill another innocent person*

People: Sangwoo daddy-
Sangwoo and Yoonbum are going to be fore-


Shoutout to tumblr users without internet friends.

Shoutout to tumblr users who are still trying to figure out aspects of tumblr.

Shoutout to tumblr users who for whatever reason feel excluded from fandoms/other communities.

Shoutout to tumblr users who feel lonely.

Shoutout to tumblr users who feel like everyone else on tumblr is cooler or smarter or better than them.

I’m prayin for us to overcome self-consciousness, shyness, whatever is in our way. You’re not defined by your blog or your online presence. I love you and know you can do anything.

Elantris is the Internet

You guys, Elantris is about what would happen if the internet stopped working:  The internet stopped working and everyone was in agony. And nobody could remember how the internet was put together and worked anymore, so it stayed broken. Little did they know that the internet is connected by cables and all they had to do was plug in the piece that got disconnected. And of course, without the internet to look up how to fix the internet… the people continued to wallow in pain and withdrawals from social media etc. 

Of course, you can still type in Google searches, or ask Siri a question, or draft that Twitter post… but without the internet in functioning order? It’s just a glowing screen in front of your face… no results. You’re stuck playing the dinosaur on the cannot connect page. 

So, then time goes by and people only remember the stories of the internet it seems… all the knowledge and progression we made by being connected all around the world… stagnant. Until someone figures it out. Until someone goes to a library and actually finds a book about how the internet was made to begin with… and they finally find out where the connection broke, and they plug it back in. 

And that’s it. The problem was never that big. We just didn’t know what it was and had to figure it out without the internet. It was tough, but the fix only took a second and all everyone had to do then was charge their devices and click send on all those drafted messages and posts. After that, the internet wasn’t too much to get back to. Sure, people had to relearn how to code and manage cyber security, but that’s it. All was well again.

You guys. Brandon Sanderson wrote a book about what would happen to society if the internet stopped working. 

I really want a fandom internet friend. So we can fangirl together, facetime and talk about our problems. I want to talk to a person from a different counrty so I can learn about them. I want to feel like I should just get to a plain and see them.