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Nora gave me her OK to make charms, so I wanna gauge the interest for some characters I had in mind via this nifty poll:

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the difference between take and give in Andrew and Neil’s secret trading game, when it comes to negotiating terms. At least the way I read theseThree specific instances in The King’s Men that I want to talk about.

First, Andrew’s use of give when asking for what Neil is willing to offer. –>

“What will you give me in exchange for my cooperation?” Andrew asked.

And later, Andrew’s use of take in reference the secret he himself will be providing. Andrew, who is used to people taking things from him, whether or not it is something he is willing to give up. And Neil, there to counter him, asking Andrew to chose for himself what he is willing to trade. –>

Andrew tipped his head to one side, considering that. “What would you take for it?”
“What would you give me?” Neil asked.
“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to." 

And a third exchange, mirroring the second, and at least in part, Neil throwing Andrew’s words back at him. Yet they do not necessarily mean the same thing. And Andrew, again, as always, careful in what he asks from Neil. –>

"But after that?” Neil asked. “I have no secrets left to trade.”
“Come up with something else.”
“What would you take?”
“What would you give me?”
“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to,” Neil said.

Take, Andrew –> definition: to seize or capture, with a connotation of sacrifice, of loss

Take, Neil –> definition: to accept and receive willingly (something given or offered)


hand holding and pet names feat. these two assholes

Neil is calling Andrew an endearment form of “gold nugget” and Andrew’s calling Neil a “little fox”??

EDIT: thank you to @nniehaus for fixing the translation!

after a crazy night of going back and forth i think four times? on whether or not i was going to grandmas… i went to bed thinking i wasnt, mom woke me up at 6 am and said “pack ur bag lets go” so… HERE I AM, I HAVE INTERNET LOL 

bluejayfic  asked:

For the DVD commentary meme - Chapter 7 of the Courting Dance (the wedding scene).

For @bluejayfic, for the Fic DVD Commentary Meme (which is still open, fyi! just drop me an ask) 

The Courting Dance: Marriage is a bit more complicated than quarreling and making it up again, especially for the crown prince of Archenland and an exiled Calormene Tarkheena. (21,000 words) 

Chapter 7 - The Beating of Our Hearts: Running from your problems is rarely a good long-term solution, but sometimes the change in environment can be helpful – especially now that Aravis and Cor are on the same page. (1,600 words) 

As @bluejayfic mentioned, this chapter is the one with the wedding scene. What was I thinking, putting the wedding halfway through the story? Well, I was thinking that the plot is as much about politics and worldbuilding as it is about romance, and the wedding is a major symbol of Aravis and Cor deciding to commit to each other despite various obstacles. Also, while it resolves their interpersonal problems, it doesn’t resolve their external problems at all – in fact, it makes some of them worse. So I figured it would make a good central turning point, where we switch from Aravis and Cor being pissed off at each other to standing back-to-back against the world. 

Chapter 7 - The Beating of Our Hearts, with commentary

Aravis disliked the journey into Narnia, though she had gone willingly five times during her first year in the north, so that she might speak to Queen Lucy and spend a week or two in a place where her role was clearly defined. The Narnians treated guests nobly and never begrudged her origin, despite Queen Susan’s ordeal, whereas the Archens held ancient enmity with Calormen and were rarely sure what to make of her status – something partway between king’s ward, long-term guest, and unofficial hostage. 

This is a little repetitive in terms of story arc – we get it; Archenland has ISSUES with Calormen – but I needed to explicitly establish that Narnia, despite the Rabadash incident, doesn’t really share them. That will be important in future chapters. 

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Scammer was scammed herself, court told

A woman who scammed a friend out of $25,000 was also being scammed herself and was sending the cash to Nigeria to a romantic interest she met over the internet, a court has heard.

Daisy Zielonka borrowed the money from a male friend over a six-month period, telling him she needed it to help her family in the Philippines and to also help pay for her husband’s funeral expenses.

Instead, the 58-year-old was sending the money to Africa to a man she believed was British and who had fallen on hard times.

Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis said Zielonka had gone online after the death of her husband seeking companionship to help deal with her loneliness and isolation.

She took advantage of her friend’s kindness to borrow $25,100 - money he would not have given her had he known where it was going.

Zielonka has since paid all the money back but pleaded guilty to 17 counts of obtaining a benefit dishonestly between November 2015 and April 2016.

Ms Panagiotidis said the woman’s offending could partly be explained by her isolation.

“However, offending of this nature is serious and it’s not just the issue of how it affects you or how it affects this victim that I have to consider,” she said.

“I have to deter others from taking advantage of elderly people who, out of kindness, part with their money easily.”

The magistrate jailed Zielonka for one year, two months and three weeks with a non-parole period of seven months.

But she suspended both terms, placing her on an 18-month, good behaviour bond.

welp Rev is feeling sappy (no judging allowed kiddos)

When I first met PJ, well, he was the very first addition to my new internet family, the angst court. But, for awhile, it was just him and I, and then we met Sophie, but anyway.

When I first met PJ, he’d just followed prinxietyhell. And this doesn’t seem like it’d be significant, but his main blog? Well, I’d followed it for a long time. He was one of my internet idols. I screamed, and with persuasion from another of my friends, Jax, I messaged him. We stayed up until the early hours of the morning, just talking, and that spelled out a pattern that would soon become commonplace. And he didn’t even know what SPC was, ironically.

Now, this man is one of my best friends in the world. My big brother. (He’s given my boyfriend the ‘older brother talk’, even, much to my embarrassment and screams of terror). Now, I know you’re there for me whenever, and I hope you know the same of me. You even sang me to sleep once. It was three a.m. for me, four for you. You didn’t care. And, and, you’ve helped me chase writers block away so many times its not even funny. You became the coauthor of my literary baby. You’ve helped me so, so much, (because writer’s block isn’t the only thing of mine you’ve chased away) and I can only hope I’ve helped you even a fraction as much.

When I first met Sophie, it was because… well, I don’t even remember, but we became good friends fairly quickly. we screamed at each other about story ideas, and eventually, you wrote the only story in existence that’s ever made me cry. Ever. You’re obscenely proud of this, and honestly, it’s amazing. You’re amazing. Back then, we followed the ‘fluff’ ask circle fairly closely, and I remember the first time your anons made an appearance. It was right after those characters went dark for a night, and honestly, it was such a good night. Such a good time. Also, I spoiled the entirety of SPC to you because I have zero (0) self control and I wanted to see if I could make you cry back. I couldn’t. I’m still laughing about it.

Now, you’re my big sib. And we chill on calls all the time, we laugh together all the time, we tease each other and we make sure we’re okay. We’re family,  and anyone who crosses us has hell to pay, from both of us. You spam puppy pictures and space pictures whenever anyone’s upset and it’s adorable. You’re adorable, and you may deny it but it’s true and it always will be.

When I first met Carolina, it was on a google hangout call in the middle of the night with my parents in the other room. I had to be quiet, I had to whisper, but there was no way in hell I was going to miss that call. Because on that call, you were doing a dramatic reading of all of SPC so far, and PJ was there, and I was cackling the whole time, because oh children, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I think that was my first ever call with PJ, too, but hey. This part is about you, my dear. I gained so much that night, and an unexpected and amazing friend was definitely not the least of it (in fact, it was the best of it).

Now? Now, you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met, ever in my whole life. Just, what, a month? into our friendship, you sent me this submission post into my main blog and God I remember the moment I first read it so vividly- I’d needed it, and I don’t know how you always know these things but you do. And I’m still working on that payback project, damnit! And you mysteriously enjoy my singing, and you let me rant about my writings even though they’re all so gosh-darn angsty it hurts. I have so many feelings. You make me feel so safe it’s unreal.

When I first met my 小妹,Sun, it was because you were getting (surprise, surprise) hate. And it made me so angry, oh my word! Because you, at that point, were one of the only angst writers in this fandom besides me and I absolutely loved all of your writings. So I went into your inbox and fought the haters for awhile, and we started talking. I think the first call I ever had with you was because of that really bad hate incident, do you remember? PJ and I got so pissed at that person, and we wanted to make sure you were alright so we invited you into the call. PJ exposed that person, and goodness, we took a bad night and turned it good. 

Now, you’re my amazing and beautiful little sister. We’ve even met IRL, and it was pretty much the best two days of my life so far! We know we can turn to each other for anything at all, and we’re not afraid to trip ( ;)) around one another, because we know we’ll pick each other right back up. Sometimes we’ll get on calls with just us, and not say anything at all because even silence together is comforting. You’re a confidant, and family, and we switch into Chinese sometimes solely to be the annoying little siblings we are. Also, I now sleep with Dusk more than I do Squirtle.

When I first met Mira, it was because they were a main anon on my roleplay blog, and I’d messaged them because their character was hard-core compartmentalizing, and I’d wanted to make sure the mun wasn’t doing the same. Because that shit ain’t good for anyone. Turns out, they were; but only slightly, and we haven’t stopped talking since. It felt like we were meant to be friends, like we’ve known each other all our lives, like it was destiny. Fate.

Now, oh now, you’re my amazing lil sib, my hatchling, and I’d do anything to keep you safe, anything at all. You’re one of the safest presences I know, and Lord, we’ve had some times. There are stories I’ve told you that I don’t tell anyone else. You’re amazing, you really, really are.

And when I first met Lana, I don’t really remember how- hold up, I just scrolled up to the top of our conversation and it looks like I have yet another thing to thank SPC for- you!! I’ve met so many good people off of that fic, oh my word. In the beginning, we just messaged on tumblr about stories and ideas and generally screamed at each other and we became real close real fast.

Now, you’re a part of my huge and ever expanding internet family. You’re friends with my friends, we talk on discord all the time, and you follow our angsty roleplay blogs and it’s amazing, and we have such fun. Red Feels Day is a phrase that sparks immediate reaction from you and I laugh every time You're… you’re my sister now and honestly? I’m so glad we met. I am so glad and grateful to whatever force of fate pushed us together.

When I first met Fluff, I was messaging you on tumblr because you managed to guess pretty much the rest of the SPC plotline in one fell swoop. We stopped talking for awhile, but then one day you messaged me about the SPC comic, and then we started talking in earnest. And you made the angst court discord server, and that brought our relationship to a whole new level.

Now, you’re my adorable lil sibling, for always. You always have my back and I’ll always have yours, we’re family now. We all are and we always will be. I’m so proud of you, lil one. We talk daily and I love it.

Long story short, guys, you’re my family. I love you all so, so much. So much more than I could ever hope to tell you. God, I didn’t even know that this feeling was possible before you all.

Just remember, lovelies: I love you more than the moon, than all the stars, more than the icy cold that makes me feel alive, more than flight and more than anything. And that won’t change. I love you.



Matt Drudge: a Supreme Court Justice told me to my face, “It’s over for you.”

I don’t usually make a habit of posting material from Alex Jones’s Info Wars because they’re always the first to float the “false flag” conspiracy theories that range from the absurd all the way to downright offensive. However, I was fascinated to listen to Matt Drudge (proprietor of the incredible Drudge Report) do a very rare interview with Alex Jones. 

During the interview, Drudge made a startling claim that a Supreme Court Justice told him to his face that, “It’s over for you,” referencing new copyright laws that would shut him down by making it illegal to quote a headline.

here’s the video:

I have to say here, while I admire Drudge, and I love his website, he does sound just a tad on the conspiratorial side, especially when he scoffs at technology like Google News, Facebook, and Twitter.  Those are all useful tools if used correctly, and there’s a very simple solution to avoiding their power vacuum: just don’t use them!

However, if what Drudge said about a Supreme Court Justice essentially threatening him over his 1st Amendment right to propagate information, that is truly terrifying! I wish Drudge had been willing to name a name here, but because he didn’t, I’m left with no choice but to file this away for future reference.

It doesn’t hurt to keep your guard up.  These are crazy, dangerous times we’re living in.  If there’s one thing we know for sure around here, it’s that government always tries to devour individual liberty. Whether or not I agree personally with Drudge or somebody like Alex Jones is irrelevant.  I will fight for their civil right to say whatever they want to say, however they want to say it.  After all, if we won’t defend the liberty of people we disagree with, who will defend our liberty when the tides turn?

shiratorizawa at the park
  • semi dares shirabu to jump form the swing at a really high point
  • needless to say shirabu fell on his face, semi was laughing so hard that he scared away the children
  • goshiki gets invited into a game of tag with a bunch of kindergarteners and starts crying when he’s the first one out 
  •  tendou tries to convince the shiratorizawa team to  play a game of wood chips
  • they all say no (except for ushijima)
  • tendou tries to get out of playing by fake tripping, only he actually ends up falling on his face like a loser (he’s still my fav tho)
  • yamagata is having the time of his life b/c he’s being greeted by all these cute dogs nd stuff
  • reon is stressing out b/c most of the team is either injured or out of sight
  • reon needs a vacation
  • srsly tho pls give him a vacation
  • kawanishi doesn’t want to be there, so upon arriving he decides to go for a walk and gets lost deep in the woods (someone save him pls, he doesn’t know how to function outside of the internet and the volleyball court)
  • just because i love ushiten
  • after tendou gets hurt ushijima gives him a piggy back ride to a store to get bandaids, but then they get lost (b/c ushi has no sense of direction) cue adorable ushiten date complete with ice cream and kittens
  • kawanishi finds them and dies of cuteness 
  • they have to drag him back with them
  • reon finds them all (eventually)
  • they agree to never go back and reon gets his vacation
BREAKING: Net Neutrality Rules Upheld by Federal Court
An appeals court panel affirmed the Federal Communications Commission’s rules, including the definition of high-speed internet providers as utilities.
By Cecilia Kang

WASHINGTON — High-speed internet service can be defined as a utility, a federal court has ruled, a decision clearing the way for more rigorous policing of broadband providers and greater protections for web users.

The decision from a three-judge panel at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday comes in a case about rules applying to a doctrine known as net neutrality, which prohibit broadband companies from blocking or slowing the delivery of internet content to consumers.

Those rules, created by the Federal Communications Commission in early 2015, started a huge legal battle as cable, telecom and wireless internet providers sued to overturn regulations that they said went far beyond the F.C.C.’s authority and would hurt their businesses.

The court’s decision upholds the F.C.C. on the declaration of broadband as a utility, the most significant aspect of the rules. That has broad-reaching implications for web and telecommunications companies and signals a shift in the government’s view of broadband as a service that should be equally accessible to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision.

The ruling may open a path for new limits on broadband providers. Google and Netflix support net neutrality rules and have warned government officials that without regulatory limits, broadband providers would have an incentive to create business models that could harm consumers. They argue that broadband providers could degrade the quality of downloads and streams of online services to extract tolls from web companies or to promote unfairly their own competing services or the content of partners.

The court’s ruling was a slam-dunk for the F.C.C. The panel of three judges who heard the case late last year agreed that wireless broadband services were also common carrier utility services subject to anti-blocking and discrimination rules, a decision protested by wireless carriers including AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

“This is an enormous win for consumers,” said Gene Kimmelman, president of the public interest group Public Knowledge. “It ensures the right to an open internet with no gatekeepers.”