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DarkSkin + 4C Hair

  • MC: There are seven chairs and ten kids, what do you do?
  • Sayori: Have everyone stand!
  • Yuri: Bring three more chairs.
  • Natsuki: The best seven of the lot can sit down.
  • Monika: Kill three.

Happy Free! Season 3!
“For the Future.”


DΞΔN feat. Syd - Love | A COLORS SHOW

In need of internet friends

I’m a socially awkward person who only has 2 friends. If you are also a socially awkward person (or not) then message me and we shall become friends.

True Otaku Group chat?

I really wanna make a group chat. Just for true anime lovers. So that. No matter where you are, you will always have someone to talk to. This can be the birth of true friendship. Even if it’s online. So. If you want to be involved. Just reblog this. Cause sometimes. Just having someone to talk to about things you love, can be the sole thing that makes your day brighter ❤

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