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People who didn’t live pre-Internet can’t grasp how devoid of ideas life in my hometown was. The only bookstores sold Bibles the size of coffee tables and dashboard Virgin Marys that glowed in the dark. I stopped in the middle of the SAT to memorize a poem, because I thought, This is a great work of art and I’ll never see it again.
—  Mary Karr, The Paris Review Art of Memoir No. 1

DarkSkin + 4C Hair



I presented Rosie with Christmas lights and she was very perturbed by them 😂

Also, as of yesterday, it has been 2 full months since we adopted her squishy little toothless face 😍♥️

  • Atsushi: By day, I am a regular loser.
  • Atsushi: By night...
  • Atsushi: I am the same loser, only it’s nighttime.

Huge thank you to everyone who sent me photos and participated in this Lovestreams Smiley portrait project!  It was a lot of fun getting to draw 50 of these for a bunch of friends, acquaintances and strangers.  I’m a big fan of the independent animation community, it’s an extremely supportive bunch and I’m very happy to be surrounded by so many smart, funny & talented folks.  I hope we can fight the good fight and make some tight stuff in 2017 :)

Mom? I don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s approximately 86 seconds after you usually feed me and my bowl is still empty, sooooo…you gonna do something about that?

  • Tsubaki: [has been giggling profusely for no reason for the last five minutes]
  • Sakuya:
  • Sakuya: You know Tsubaki-san, you bring everyone a lot of joy...
  • Tsubaki: Oh yeah?
  • Sakuya: when you leave the room.

Every time Rosie gets a little bit closer to me on the couch when she naps or she butts her head against my hand when I stop petting her or brushes up against my legs when she wants attention, it just makes my heart so happy.

Because it’s like…this baby who probably had a home with people she loved for a long time but was then ripped away from them and spent half a year in an animal shelter is slowly starting to accept me as her mama. She had a mom once who betrayed her trust and she’s letting me fill that spot and I just feel so lucky and full of love for this sweet little dump truck of a cat.

Seriously, guys. Adopt shelter animals. They need homes so badly and your heart will never be more full.