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Sarah Manguso, The Two Kinds of Decay: A Memoir

Grace and Frankie, explained
  • Friend: Is "Grace and Frankie" good?
  • Me: Oh yeah it's really cute u should totally watch it on Netflix
  • My Brain: GOOD?! It's a meditation on learning to expect the unexpected. It's about how you might be seventy years old and still searching for yourself and that's okay. It's about how life doesn't end until death, and how you never age out of the rich complexities of existence. It's about the pain and joy of family, unapologetically juxtaposed with the ins and outs of creating and marketing a progressive alternative to the mainstream sex toy industry. (There's an extended masturbation subplot.) It's about getting high with your best friend, who makes you laugh more than everyone else you've ever known combined. On that topic: although the canon gay characters are men, there's an undeniable queer intimacy (what's "queer intimacy," you ask? tumblr dot com user starchasertonight has an excellent post about it, so get thee to the discourse) between the title characters, played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. In fact, the three-season arc aired thus far reads like the gentle unfurling of a timeless love story. I'm in the process of preparing myself emotionally for the fourth season even though it won't air until 2018. If you consider that good, then yes, the show is good and u should totally watch it on Netflix

favorite character meme → [2/2] relationships
↳ sanji & zoro

“Zoro doesn’t care about Sanji and Sanji doesn’t care about Zoro. They don’t get along, and they’re incapable of having civil conversations with each other. Despite being of the same age group and having joined in early on, coupled with similarities in their personalities and roles as protectors and main fighters of the Strawhats, they cannot relate to each other at all. Their friendship is literally just about rivalry. Seriously, they hate each other.” – someone who hasn’t read/watched one piece properly, probably

One synapse, by itself, is more like a microprocessor–with both memory-storage and information-processing elements–than a mere on/off switch. In fact, one synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches. A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth.
—  Stephen Smith

Sigyn’s newest random headcanon:

Edward Nygma says ‘you love me’ more often than he says ‘I love you’.

Doesn’t matter who you ship him with or which universe you’re drawing from, I reckon it’d be the same for most romantic relationships he could be in, and the logic is twofold so bare with me here.

First off, 'you love me’:
- There are a thousand different reasons he says this but most of the time it’s teasing, answering 'because you love me’ when his partner asks why they should bother doing something for him. Or sometimes it’s just a general 'haha you love me’ whenever there’s a little bit of frustration between them (which will either de-escalate the situation perfectly, or make it a LOT worse).
- Sometimes though, it’s insecurity, but of course he’ll never admit that. It’ll be a hidden question, checking for clarification that he is actually loved, just some form of proof that it
is still there and he’s not just imagining it because it’s easy to get paranoid when you’ve known so little love in your life. It won’t be obvious, but his partner will know what he’s searching for and the moment he gets the evidence he needs, he’ll close that vulnerability back up again and probably try and laugh it off like it never happened.

Second part, 'I love you’:
- The main reason he doesn’t say this as often, is because Ed would always far rather SHOW his love than just state it. He will take any opportunity to perform some elaborate act to demonstrate his feelings, because for a performer like Ed, that three word sentence just isn’t enough to get the point across.
- As for the last little sliver of a reason, well, he also might try and claim it doesn’t really fit with his image. He’ll say it’s because The Riddler isn’t the sort of man to go around acting all gooey and sentimental. Truth is he’s just a little bit scared. In so many cases, love is a weakness, and one which can have horrible withdrawal symptoms (and in a lot of his universes he’s already experienced how devastating losing it can be). So denying he’s fallen prey to such a thing or at least not admitting it out loud too often offers him some imaginary protection against that. 
- The only time you’ll hear him say it then, is in a very quiet, very subdued, very private situation, where those words declare strength instead of proclaiming weakness.

All in all, it means he says ‘you love me’ a little more than the average person, and ‘I love you’ a little less. Which is not important information for anyone really, I just like writing about Eddie so je ne regrette rien.

Honeymoon Theory

In the “pre-comeback drama” a lot of people were saying that it “felt like b.a.p’s last comeback” and how “b.a.p is ending”.

Honeymoon came earlier today and we got this scene:

Yongguk pouring wine in the B.A.P tombstone.

While I saw interpretations that this means the old b.a.p is dead or the sad b.a.p is dead, my view is:

This scene actually means that B.A.P ain’t dead and won’t die. The kings are back with great music as always and will continue to do so.

He is pouring wine in the tombstone because the “b.a.p is ending” is nonsense.

And they’re all cheering because they agree with him.

Conclusion: Stan B.A.P & go watch Honeymoon

I had a fucking test today and my brain decided to troll me and all i could remember were the lyrics to all star -_- 

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