internet boyfriend art


Half of my followers will be face palming, the other half are probably giddy with delight :B I can’t apologize for this though, this game is beautiful. I enjoyed it as a gamer, but from a design perspective this game is a masterpiece. One of the best games I have played. PERIOD. I’m extremely grateful for my friend  @ahappypichu-mod getting the game for me

Anyways, here’s a massive sketch dump of me trying to get a handle on drawing the skeleton bros. Can’t help but loves these two dorks. I’m still seriously geeking out over this game!! Gyahhhhh!!! 83

(chara-sans by @chibiluka and also helped with cool-muscles papyrus drawing pffft)


there’s nothing like condensing a year’s worth of work into 30 seconds. here’s to a blinkin’ good new year!