internet birth

pinof 8 in a nutshell

-bork, borf, boof, heck

-oOOOOoo jeremy

-dan screaming each time phil touched him with the sharpie

- (quietly) yaaaaaaAAAs

-whisked up

-dan trying to draw on phil’s face 


-live birth of a spork

-phil going deep in dan(’s dimple)

-stress relief screaming


-pillow spanks

-sexy dapgo reading

-dan and phil adopt a dog

-butts or foots


-jazzy “internet is here”

-give birth

-phil’s diss track

-now you can ride and charge at the same time

-dan x moth fic


-try to pick each other up

-oh no not again

Heyy, my name’s Prerna, I’m Indian and I live in Dubai. Surprise surprise but the LGBT scene here is far from existent, so I was hoping to meet some rad people on here. Even though the internet is the birth place of creepers, I’d like to give this a shot, lol. Hit me up if you’re hating on life and could do with a day off! x 


Instagram: prernamenon