internet based art

“Look into the lens, darling”

I imagine human Daddy Bog and his little girl using a Polaroid camera to capture a selfie/wefie cos Bog’s old school that way.

In my head, their first child will always be a daughter. She has Daddy’s blue eyes and mum’s unruly brown hair. She can be sweet and charming but also stands up to bullies at school.

For those who requested for more Human Daddy Bog, I hope you like this!

Update: Mummy Marianne and child, a companion Polaroid piece.

A “What if”…

What if Adrien really did go to shower during the Jackady episode and Ladybug just totally opened up the door…

As some of you can probably see, my Nextbook has been a little friendly with me… Though I have to restart the art program here and there because screw you Daemon.

The idea came to me, oddly enough, when I was drawing my avatar from Gaia… It was the Pose I drew it in that did it though, and I of course decided to use almost the same pose only because it is sexy shower time.


I sketched it based on a base art a friend tossed to me but apparently, again I forgot that base art, but that base art was taken from another art and I would rather link that one than anything else.

I don’t know who the original artist is, since this image has been spammed all over the internet. The base art I used was based off this image here.

If you can find the original somewhere, please feel free to throw it at me so I can link that one instead.

Thank you @lxckylxdy