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So I love the lore about SOULS in Undertale, and how each color has their own virtue. That led me to think of corrupted SOULS, such as Chara might be, would their soul still hold the same virtue and the same color, or would that too be corrupted? 

Some SOUL theory under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

hi there! one of my best friends showed me your blog and i fell in love with your pixel art to the point where a few days ago i started drawing my own despite not having much artistic talent. do you have any tips for a beginner looking to transition from tiny-small canvases to something bigger? this seems like such an easy thing to do but i've been struggling for some reason,

hi! thanks so much for your question!

I did this kind of canvas transition after high school. up until then I mostly did very small things, (Deep cut time!!)

but I slowly allowed myself to get bigger. Now I usually work around 100 x 100.

I think the biggest difference for me was focusing more on the overall shape and silhouette of art. Maybe what you are struggling with is suddenly things look lopsided or weirdly shaped? the smaller the canvas, the less possibilities for shape there are, which means it is quicker to come across a shape that looks natural, I think.

It might help to practice making bigger versions of your already existing art, by expanding the small version of the art by a couple hundred percent, and using that as a guide for the proportions you want to achieve with the bigger version. think of your self as a wood carver, maybe? whittling down on those edges til you get the shape you were looking for.

One other thing I think helps is to focus on drawing line art.

Pixel art, especially gaming art, is often done in blocks of colors without outline, but I found that focusing on the lines that make up the shape helps in improving the overall look. that means practicing smooth curves, paying close attention to how corners look, looking for orphaned pixels or inconsistency in lines, etc. those things can make a big difference!

I sometimes write about how I draw and tag it with the #about tag, so check there if youd like to find out more!

halcyonglaze  asked:

Omg I saw the Pharmercy pun image ages ago but never actually found your blog! Your art is so adorable, I'm glad I found the source of my favorite ship~

i am the source of many things.

Alright, since I finished my homework before midnight, I decided to treat myself by sketching Yoosung… yes. He’s holding a finger gun up. Yes. He’s the type to say “You’re under arrest… For stealing my heart.” 

                               ‘ Tonights the night. I have to stop this. ‘

Don’t ask. I’m still not sure how to explain this other the some AU - Blue coat!Yomiel where he’s the good guy and not out for revenge ? He didn’t end up falling into a spiral and was able to do ‘ good ‘ with these ghost powers of his.

It was s far as I got other the the ideas that Jowd or Cabanela become the ‘ d guy ‘ ( More so, I was leaning towards Cabanela. As if he lost his job because of the use of his gun etc. One thing leads to another and hes going to ‘ remove the stain on his record ‘.

A brief interlude from gays in space for some classic antique gay. 

 Heronstairs, based on Alan Foster’s The Fall.


Waahh!! You guys!! Thank you so very much for the 1000+ followers! So uummm, I drew Elise and Sakura to celebrate! I’ll do my best to get better. I still have a lot to learn after all..! 

(I wish I could hug every single one of you…)

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”