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So I love the lore about SOULS in Undertale, and how each color has their own virtue. That led me to think of corrupted SOULS, such as Chara might be, would their soul still hold the same virtue and the same color, or would that too be corrupted? 

Some SOUL theory under the cut!

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halcyonglaze  asked:

Omg I saw the Pharmercy pun image ages ago but never actually found your blog! Your art is so adorable, I'm glad I found the source of my favorite ship~

i am the source of many things.

Alright, since I finished my homework before midnight, I decided to treat myself by sketching Yoosung… yes. He’s holding a finger gun up. Yes. He’s the type to say “You’re under arrest… For stealing my heart.” 

A brief interlude from gays in space for some classic antique gay. 

 Heronstairs, based on Alan Foster’s The Fall.

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What Do I Post About: Miraculous Ladybug primarily ;v; I’m into a lot of anime and manga, and a handful of cartoons too, most of which I plan to list in the About Page that I’m still working on

Do I Get Asks On Regular Basis: No ;~; plz ask me things I love talking

Aesthetic: Cool pastels, art, the occasional meme; a lot of things, really

Favorite Band/Artist: Ingrid Michaelson and Priscilla Ahn right now

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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

is it better to make an art blog as a side blog or should i make it a whole separate blog using some different email address??

So I was on the Dangan Ronpa Wiki, and I found that Ibuki has had some...interesting beta designs.

Okay, cool, a little calm for Ibuki but okay.

Getting a bit of a Maizono vibe here, which doesn’t suit her very well, IMO. She does seem to have stolen…whatever is going on with her hair from Tsumiki.  

Is this Dangan Ronpa or Astro Boy?


(All credit goes to whoever originally posted these images and to the artists.)

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