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"And what are your plans today?", As he flips a new pancake. Apparently, he found the mix and the box were extremely helpful.... So, is the internet.

His arched a brow leaning next to Mahaad. “Mmmm, I haven’t made any plans yet.” He took a sip of his coffee. “And since when did you learn to make breakfast.” It was strange to watch him cook, but heartwarming. “Did you have anything you desired to do?” It was strange to be able to do whatever they wanted, but one of the most wonderful feelings. 

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MIDI Monday: Linkin Park -One Step Closer

It's Monday here and we’ve decided it’s time to channel our inner angry 15 year old circa 2001. You know our parents just don’t understand us and teachers are just mindless drones and isn’t this shirt I got at hot topic just speak to my rage and originality? I’m going to go and get a pretzel and stare at all the mindless losers at the mall while listening to Korn on my discman player. LATER ASSHOLES.