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Up for some interaction with characters from the multiverse? Well hey there friends, it’s your friendly neighborhood Raccoon, here with a fancy new MULTIMUSE, full of four characters I’ve played and one who’s BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW, here for all your musing pleasure!

Indie TMNT multimuse featuring: Karai, Kitsune, Casey Jones, Shadow Jones, Harold Lillja!

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My Introduction to the Lifestyle

Part 2: Opening My Eyes

…As she was sliding down my boxers I could feel my heart racing with anticipation (I couldn’t believe I had met this sexy MILF at the gym and now she was about to suck my cock). She finally slid my boxers all the way down and as the waistband slid down my thighs my erect cock sprung back into full attention. This is the first time she had seen it in the flesh and upon putting her eyes on it she said “I knew I liked you for a reason” (I have been told that I am above average length and well above average girth. I have thought about posting a photo, but decided against it because I was unsure if everyone would want to see it. If you would like a photo please request and if there is enough demand I will post one or two). She then began to give me my first “real” blowjob. All that I had gotten to that point were from girls who didn’t really know what they were doing (teeth, etc) this was on a whole new level. She was slobbering all over it and using her hand as a secondary source of stimulation by performing a twisting motion on every up and down stroke, she was also playing with my balls at the same time. She would go down as far as she could until the point of almost choking and then lift up at the last moment. It felt amazing and we had gotten to that rare place where she was turned on by how much I enjoyed it and I was becoming even more turned on by how much she was enjoying it, this became cyclical and just kept feeding itself. Meanwhile her husband is sitting in the corner taking the whole scene in and has taking his phone out and begun taking pictures (he later showed them too me to verify that my face was not in them). After a time I could feel the familiar sensation that occurs when I begin to want to cum, I told her I was getting close; she responded “good, I want you to cum for me. Cum all over my face and tits. Cum for me baby” she kept sucking and stroking only more intensely because of the excitement of me shooting my cum all over her. That’s when I felt it, the unmistakable feeling of an orgasm building inside of me, she could see it in my face, so she scooted back a few inches and began to stroke my rock hard cock furiously, then bam, convulsions overtook my body as I shot the first, then the second, then the third, then the fourth, then the fifth, and finally the last bit in the sixth rope all over her face, in her mouth, and all over her tits. When I had finished she sucked my cock a few more strokes to be sure she had gotten all that she could from me. Her husband walked over and began taking photos of her covered in my cum. She then begun to wipe it off her face with her hands and lick it because she “didn’t want to waste it”. She then stood up and walked over to me to give me a hug. On her way I exclaimed “Oh no, were not even close to done” I grabbed her and threw her down on the couch facing me, I spread her legs apart and plunged my face into her pussy. She was already very turned on and dripping wet. She instantly began crawling away from me as I lapped up every inch of her sporadically while making her swollen clit my main focus. While I was licking her clit I plunged 2 fingers into her soaked pussy and began to play with her G Spot (it’s amazing what you can learn on the internet) she began to arch her back and her legs began shaking wildly I could feel her dig her fingernails to my left arm and she grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head. She then arched her head back and let out a primal scream as she came with my tongue on her clit. I then made my way up towards her her breasts and kissed, licked, sucked her nipples. After this pitstop I teased her neck and ears before kissing her passionately. I was rock hard again and ready for more and I could feel her body inviting me to slide my cock in her…

End of Part 2.

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MIDI Monday: Linkin Park -One Step Closer

It's Monday here and we’ve decided it’s time to channel our inner angry 15 year old circa 2001. You know our parents just don’t understand us and teachers are just mindless drones and isn’t this shirt I got at hot topic just speak to my rage and originality? I’m going to go and get a pretzel and stare at all the mindless losers at the mall while listening to Korn on my discman player. LATER ASSHOLES.