internet and its memes

plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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davekat au: dave has a youtube channel where he reviews things. just… things. his most popular video is 17 minutes of him eating an apple in slow-mo, occasionally pausing to describe the precise details of the apple experience. he’s so deadpan that no one can tell if it’s a joke or not. karkat binge-watches his videos in an exhausted, insomniac haze at 3 in the morning, and then sends him an exhaustive 10-page mostly incoherent rant about how his channel is confusing and pointless in all caps. karkat promptly passes out and, the next morning, assumes it was all a strange and elaborate dream, until dave’s next video is a totally deadpan “review” of karkat’s “concerns.” the video gets over 100,000 views and its own meme. it launches dave into internet fame. karkat has never been more infuriated in his life. he rage-messages terezi, who owns a popular shitpost blog, who says OH Y34H 1M MUTU4LS W1TH H1M and then copypastes dave’s url. fast-forward 5 months and they’re dating



  • Dazai: How are you going to impress me on our first date? ;)
  • Chuuya: How about this: I'll actually show up.
  • Bob Ross: There, all done - and I knew you could do it.
  • Me, teary-eyed while eating a mango on my couch without a canvas or paint brush in sight: THANK YOU.

we already knew that once an internet meme makes its way to the general public rather than staying within relatively small online circles, there are always gonna be some people who will hold onto it for months after it stops being funny (case in point: the doge meme in 2013) but the fact that people still thought harambe was funny in November 2016 enough to write his fucking name on a real life ballot is rlly beyond me, Personally

i think its really weird and inappropriate when people use internet memes involving little kids (like gavin) for i guess “adult-themed” jokes about sex/nudes/dick pics or whatever