one of the excuses i see for rude “humor” (this is where a person has crossed a certain boundary, and it’s no longer funny) is that the targeted person is an adult and that they can handle themselves. yes, that’s partially true. there’s no need for us to be protective parents over someone who has way more experiences with life. but that doesn’t erase human emotions. words can hurt someone a lot, especially if they’re already down. 

know when you’ve gone too far and it’s time to stop. 

the ‘fault in our internet’ is honestly the fact that we’re all separated by a screen. it doesn’t always connect that the people behind the screen go through real-life issues or that there’s more to a person than the happy front we usually see. they all have human emotions just like anybody else who can experience empathy. we don’t always know exactly how someone feels, or what their true opinion on a particular subject is. and just because someone understands a joke and are okay with it doesn’t mean it can’t ever bother them. 

‘rude humor’ is a thing people can enjoy, i understand that, but it can be offensive in so many ways. there’s definitely a line and when people start to cross that, feelings can get hurt and confidence can get ruined. so please, be careful with your words. nobody can know for sure how someone feels about anything unless they tell you straight up themselves. 

My internet connection here at college is decent, but while I’m playing TF2 there’s about a 70% chance that I’ll keep experiencing connection hangs for a few seconds at a time.

I suspect that within a month or two, I’ll have created a whole set of cargo-cult rituals and superstitions in the hopes of not dying a completely preventable death at the hands of some bullshit or another.