Productivity Resource List!*

*All these are free. Just sayin’.


Blank Slate  // Lets you type notes straight into your browser. Can save notes, export into Google Docs or pdf. Recommend pinning as a tab so it’s always available for a quick note.

Convert Files // Convert files online to a different file type.

PDFescape // PDF editor. Can edit files online, directly in browser or can download Windows program.

Pocket [also on Android and iOS] // Lets you save all your bookmarks in one place. Uses a tagging system to keep track of bookmarks. Automatically filters bookmarks by article, video, images.  Recommend for those of us who have multiple platforms to work on (ex, I own Apple, Android and Windows products), easy access to bookmarks if tablets/phones have trouble running Chrome or similar web browsers, and for bookmarks that can fall into multiple categories.

Pushbullet [also on Android and iOS] // Syncs devices in real-time. Send items from your computer to phone and vice versa. No compatibility between iPhones to Windows for text messages (assuming same goes for Android/Mac). Most effective for those who use one singular platform (if your computer + phone are both by Apple, and if you own an Android + Windows).

Pixel Thoughts // 1 minute meditation website. Watch your worries shrink, then float away (literally). 

Pomotodo [also on Android and iOS] // Simple, yet very effective. Tracks Pomodoros for those who use the Pomodoro technique. Includes to-do list. Charts completed pomodoros and shows graphs when pomodoros take place. // Fix your sleeping schedule.

Cold Turkey + SelfControl // Block yourself from using specific Internet websites for a time period.

Coffitivity // Ambient coffee shop noise.

TitanPad // Multiple people working on one document simultaneously (pretty much same as Google Docs).

HabitRPG [also on Android and iOS] // Treat habits like leveling up in a video game.

Chrome Extensions

Prioritab  // Very simple interface. Shows daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists. Replaces the new tab page.

Overtask // Organize and save tabs into folders, which then can be opened at any time as needed without losing those tabs. Uses a tagging system, priority ranking and has a deadline alert feature. Recommended for when multiple projects are coming up and need to keep track of different websites for different things, or to group large amounts tabs into different sections. Replaces the new tab page.

Momentum // Shows weather, photography background, quote, goal for the day and has a to-do list feature. Replaces the new tab page.

New Tab Redirect // Replace the default new tab with a page of your choice.

Be Limitless // Photography background, goal for the day, a notepad feature with countdown and reminders. Shows how much time is spent on certain types of websites (shopping, social, etc) and most visited sites. Replaces the new tab page.

Cool Clock // Includes stopwatch, alarm and timer functions straight in your browser. Hourly pop-up alerts. Has to-do list function. Can be synced to Google Calendar. Can replace the new tab page.

Polar Clock // Simple, futuristic-looking clock. Shows the year by month, day, hours, minutes, seconds etc. Colors are customizable. Replaces the new tab page.

Black Menu for Google // At the click of a button, all (and I mean all, even the obscure ones no one knows about) of Google’s websites are a click away. This includes everything from YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Maps, etc.

Hola Better Internet  [also on Play Store, App store. Firefox maybe?] // Free VPN proxy service. 


Flat Tomato [iOS] // Pomodoro app. Minimalist design. Includes calendar function.

Focus Now [iOS] // Free version of Forest app. A few translations errors.

Forest [Android, iOS] // Free on Android. $0.99 on iOS.

Timeful [iOS] // Smart calendar app. Schedules reminders, project time blocks, to-dos, habits and everything for you. Integrates with multiple calendar platforms, Google Calendar included.

30/30 [iOS] // Schedule your tasks into time blocks, and alerts you when your time is up.

SolCalendar [Android] // Calendar app with color-coding, stickers and widgets available. Can sync to different calendar platforms, Google Calendar included.

Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone [Android] // Simple to-do list app app. Can organize by priority, type and reminders are included.

AirDroid [Android] // Sync your Android phone to your computer in real-time, wirelessly. Respond to texts, emails, and transfer files between the two without needing a cable.

I’m growing very tired of how it’s becoming “cool” to hate white people on tumblr. This doesn’t concern actually funny posts, this concerns genuine, unbridled hatred of white people, simply because they’re white. I don’t believe in “reverse-racism”, but I do believe that speech or actions fueled by hatred towards someone, due to solely to their race, IS RACIST.

I understand what is going on in our country right now, but that doesn’t automatically justify this notion that “all white people are the problem” or whatever this new mob mentality is. I know this is a very unpopular opinion, or at least it is in contrast to my dashboard.

Hi, quick follow up to the DMCA takedown situation

Tumblr sent an email that says: “We’ve investigated and found that although the DMCA notice we received was valid, your content was removed in error. We are currently working to restore this media to your blog.” I asked if they could clarify the nature of the error but haven’t heard back yet. 

A reporter from The Daily Dot contacted a spokesperson for Bashar whom also claims it’s some kind of error. (That article also has one of my favorite Bashar videos wherein he explains how he moved his spaceship from what we Earthlings call Cairo to what we Earthlings call Sedona. Fascinating.) 

So anyway, both Tumblr and Bashar say it was each other’s fault. I think? Meanwhile, my post is still gone. The internet is weird. 

I wish Tumblr would stop it with this obsession it has with books.

Yes, books are great. That I am not disputing. I love having the written word there for me in old school form, as volumes I can display on a shelf, the authentic smell of old books, and not having to rely on technology for something.

However what kind of bugs me is this elitist attitude people have with books, in regards that you’re seemly special, or a better or smarter person than someone else because you like BOOKS and they don’t, and thus you are more cultured than them. It’s not cute or adorable, it is pretentious as fuck. Half the people who do it probably either don’t read actual books. They probably watch the films first, download PDF files of content, or maybe even use a kindle instead, just like the rest of us… it’s just they would never want to admit it. People prefer to act out this pretend online life, where they power through about 5 novels per week casually.

So yup, I’m calling people out on it. You don’t actually do that, you probably haven’t picked up an actual book, sat down, and read it in about a month or two (or longer)… and you are an uncultured heathen just like the rest of us normal folk (no matter how ‘smart’ you wish to appear on the Internet).

I like books, but I’m not going to pretend I have this constant attention span where I’m absorbed in books each and every day for 12 hours. Because that would be, simply put, a lie.

Twitter Can Be Early Warning System for Drug Interactions

A team of scientists has invented a new technique for discovering potentially dangerous drug interactions and unknown side-effects — before they show up in medical databases, like PubMed, or even before doctors and researchers have heard of them at all.

The far-seeing tool? A computer program that can efficiently search millions of tweets on Twitter for the names of many drugs and medicines — and build a map of how they’re connected, using the hashtags that link them.

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