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disliking sally donovan: a discussion of misogyny and racism

DISCLAIMER: this post is basically the same as this post. I felt the need to put it in my own words, but the other post obviously came first and is more thorough. I realize now that making this post without any credit to the original author was essentially plagiarism. go reblog meghan’s post, please.

if you hate sally donovan, i want you to think about why you hate her. you’ll probably answer “she calls sherlock a freak, she’s the reason he ended up getting arrested!” okay. those are both true. and calling sherlock a freak is definitely ableist. but anderson treated him exactly the same and almost everyone accepted him as a good character as soon as it was shown that he believed sherlock was alive. anderson, who cheated on his wife and basically refused to let a teenage girl tell her version of what happened in reichenbach, who effectively silenced her and told her that her idea was ridiculous. the fandom seems to have forgotten about those little tidbits. 

if you hate sally donovan, you’re hating a woman who hasn’t been rude to a single other character in the entire show; a woman who has faced racism and sexism her entire life, and fought against it to get where she is now; a woman who is cheerful and driven and assertive; a woman who was just doing her job when she reported her suspicions about sherlock (which, by the way, was the result of manipulation by moriarty, and if you blame her for that then you really don’t understand what happened in TRF); a woman who is shamed for her sex life the very first time we meet her. 

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Alright. So as i told you guys before, i’m entering a  contest for a “ so you want to be a superhero?” type show that will be on spike tv. My super hero is Super Bro! The man who upholds the bro code and justice to his full potential being a citizen of Bromania, like a cross of Superman, Barney Stinson, and Ron Swanson. now i have to submit an essay ( which is already done) but i also need to submit a picture with it. and i decided to get dressed up and cosplay as Super Bro. Which ones do you guys think i should send in?

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1. What’s your favorite book(s) and why?

top three bcuz…The Great Gatsby, The Circle of Magic, any Discworld book don’t make me choose.

2. Favorite historical figure? Why?

anne boleyn like whoa

3. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

hmm…don’t have one.

4. Your favorite movie in general?

AMELIE except the ending who cares about boys

5. A country whose history you really want to learn about if you had the time?

can i say the entire middle east

6. What’s a language/languages that you’ve always wanted to learn?

Well, french, but i’m learning german now and that’s cool.

7. What’s your OTP? (hehehe)

right now i’m rly into katniss/joanna

8. All time favorite show/shows?

Xena, Buffy, Parks and Rec, Pushing Daisies…all my comfort shows basically,

9. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

im rly good at dealing with my emotions.

10. What annoys you/makes you angry?


11. Your hogwarts house — why do you think it’s an apt reflection of who you are?


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interndana replied to your post: anonymous asked:psst what do u th…

I feel p much the same tbh. idk. I think it’s best to err on the side of inclusion, if that makes sense?

yeah, and there are so few avenues for non binary representation already. Whether or not an event that seems like it was created for binary female characters–not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, just a fact–should include non binary characters, I don’t know, but I do agree that trying to be as inclusive as possible is generally a good thing, especially given that this is an event for marginalized characters.

interndana replied to your post

caleb seems to still be ok after like 4 seasons but yeah lol every other guy on the show not so much. they STILL haven’t really acknowledged that aria/ezra was creepy as shit but maybe they will soon, idk

‘was creepy’