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Going along with what the other person said about gulf war syndrome (and what you said about PTSD) – thrill seeking can be a symptom of PTSD, so sort of like the opposite of what’s written in the show (oh John’s trauma is magically alleviated because adventures!) In my mind thrill seeking goes hand in hand with self injurous behavior. This coming from someone who has PTSD and has gone through having thrill seeking urges/self injurous behavior.

That’s a really good point, especially as the show portrays it as healthy/John’s innate personality.

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Alright. So as i told you guys before, i’m entering a  contest for a “ so you want to be a superhero?” type show that will be on spike tv. My super hero is Super Bro! The man who upholds the bro code and justice to his full potential being a citizen of Bromania, like a cross of Superman, Barney Stinson, and Ron Swanson. now i have to submit an essay ( which is already done) but i also need to submit a picture with it. and i decided to get dressed up and cosplay as Super Bro. Which ones do you guys think i should send in?

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maybe look up alexithymia? i have it minor but i think it might be relevant

i looked it up and read a litle bit about it, and some of it seems to describe me pretty well while other things are way off (like “constricted imaginal processes” is absolutely not true for me). i’ll keep reading though. thank you for bringing it up c:

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oh my god for real that is why the little sister part of bioshock 2 is my favorite and the most terrifying part of the games for me

yeahhh i was confused at first but then when you see the flashes of reality it’s like. shit. like the prisoner grabbing your/her arm. but oh man i was so relieved that nothing bad happens? and that eleanor saves her afterwards ;-; very emotional gah. also the end scene w/eleanor and all the little sisters together (groans and weeps for a long time)