Majlinda Kelmendi made history at the Rio Games on Sunday as she took gold in judo to become the first athlete from Kosovo to win an Olympic medal, a feeling she said she would not trade for any amount of money in the world.

Rio marks the first Olympics at which athletes are competing under the flag of Kosovo, which proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008.

Many competitors from the small Balkan country, which was accepted as a member of the International Olympic Committee in 2014, had previously participated under another country’s flag including Kelmendi herself.

The twice world champion, who was Kosovo’s flag bearer at Friday’s opening ceremony and was competing in the -52kg category, represented Albania at the London Games in 2012 but went home without a medal that time.

“I have lived four years for this day, for this moment, and I felt so happy there at the podium when I saw my flag and when I heard my anthem,” she told reporters.


Brb, crying. 

Jongens (Boys) - 2014

So currently I am taking advantage of a free Netflix trial and after watching the Brazilian film, Netflix recommended me this Dutch film. I have never watched a film from the Netherlands before so I thought why not and the fact it is a coming of age young gay romance made me even more inclined to watch it. 

I have mixed feeling about this film. I loved 95% of the film however, I did not like how it ended. It’s not that the ending was sad or something. In fact, it is a film with happy ending. However, I did not like the fact the Marc forgives Sieger so easily. 

The reason behind why I loved 95% of the film is the fact that it is a very beautifully shot film. There is a lot of natural imagery and if you put a gay couple against natural backdrop then you have my love very easily! I don’t know why but I really like films or scenes from films where a gay couple is against a natural backdrop. One of my favourite scenes is from Brideshead Revisited where Charles and Sebastian are sitting under a tree and ‘Always summer’ plays in the background or for that matter the scene in Christopher and his Kind where they are relaxing near a lake. Perhaps I like these imagery of nature because of growing up with Bollywood where romance often plays out in beautiful landscapes. Another reason is the fact that I like the symbolism of harmony it creates. One associates nature with harmony and since homosexuality is often claimed as unnatural by the haters, I think it makes for a refreshing change when you see a gay couple making love amidst the natural backdrop and thereby giving an impression that they’re as natural as the nature itself. 

I also liked how the film had a widowed father who was raising two sons; the elder one being a bit difficult with his teenage tantrums. I haven’t seen many movies where the single parent is male so it was nice to see this. On a random note, I find the dutch pronunciation of ‘sorry’ funny. It was interesting to hear Dutch as well because it is similar to English. The actors were just adorable. I liked that them so much that I googled afterwards to learn more about them. 

Overall it is a good film barring the ending but I think that’s just more of my personal preference. Most people would be satisfied with the ending. I would recommend watching this film. :-)

And they all lived happily ever after...

…or: What becomes of princes when they grow up?

Please note: if the year of the retirement is e.g. 2010 that doesn’t necesarilly mean they played for germany all this time. Just like the retirement wasn’t always done as freely as it was by Basti and Lukas this year. And of course not all of the players share what they are currently doing with the world. So this list doesn’t enforce claim of completeness

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