Robert Downey Jr reacting to Avengers: Age of Ultron footage at SDCC 2014. (x)

“I really don’t see things as a director when I’m wearing my actor’s hat—that’s a stupid expression, but you get it. I would never dare disrespect an artist by telling him, ‘Have you thought about putting your camera there?’ I’m interested in being good and being credible. If ever I felt like there was a directing choice that would damage the quality of acting, I would probably ask questions.” — Xavier Dolan

Shot by Caitlin Cronenberg x W Magazine


Welcome to Night Vale - Interns United Only at Midoricon 2014 (September 5-7, 2014 at Maumee Bay State Park, Ohio)

“Hello, Night Vale.” as our favorite Cecil would say. Prepare to offer up your lives in forfeit to our beloved radio station in a most heinous fan tribute. If you love Welcome to Night Vale, you might want to consider joining this event as an intern. 

Submit here: and be sure to share with other potentials. The studio goes through interns quickly, you know.