Open starter...??????

Ivan just sat there at a table, trying to think of words that would come to him naturally. No such luck. He whimpered a little bit as he crumpled up another piece of paper and through it in the trash. He stared at the blank paper. The boy was trying to write a romantic poem but nothing was coming to him, also his English was terrible when he was writing it so it would make no sense on paper. He at least started to try and write something, he was never good at writing things.

Dear Sirius,

Ever since I have talked to you in observatory I have been in the interested with you.

Maybe my life would be better with you.

Your light shines bright like the brightest star in sky-

Ivan sighed and slammed his pencil down on the table and just put his head down, too frustrated to do anything about it. Romance was dumb and stupid. He had called his sister for advice and she told him to write something romantic which he was failing at. He just groaned and sat there with his head down, not saying a word.

Open Starter

Ivan clapped his hands together as he finished putting the portable telescope together outside of his cabin. This was great! The school gave him a portable telescope to use. Ivan decided to wear his favorite turtleneck and lab coat, if course he also had that special scarf his big sister made him. He pulled a law chair up and started to stargaze through the telescope. It wasn’t as good as the large one in the observatory, but it worked. Ivan continued to write things down on a piece of paper after periods of looking through the glass. Ivan was so wrapped up in what he was doing he didn’t notice anyone come up to him, and when someone touched his shoulder he jumped.